Mercury Retrograde – Soul Lessons And Self Care

self care

Mercury Retrograde is a magical time!

The astrology of Mercury Retrograde is full of soul lessons. It’s so much more than communication snafus and computer malfunctions. You can receive intuitive insights and emotional clarity if you know how to navigate these energies. So, in this video, I share with you the soulful elements of Mercury Retrograde, and essential steps for self-care.

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Supermoon Eclipse Magic – For Intuitive Guidance And Success

The Universe has a map of the cosmos.

The patterns created by the planets and numbers are like a celestial navigation system.  They can guide you toward fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

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New Moon Eclipse Magic – Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

Supercharge your intentions with manifesting mojo!

Make magic in the New Year! This first New Moon of the year is a super-potent time for infusing the energy of 2019 with what you wish to create.

Join me and participants from around the world as we invite our Spirit Guides to assist us in creating a beautiful, fulfilling, and joyful year.

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Mercury Retrograde – Guide To Do’s And Don’ts


Mercury Retrograde is here! Don't fear!

It’s not the Universe trying to break your computers, and make you miscommunicate. The trickster transit is actually here to help you! In this video, I share with you insights about Mercury Retrograde you probably haven’t heard anywhere else, and answer some of your most pressing questions.

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How To Use A Gratitude Journal To Save Your Life

gratitude journal

Gratitude sends a positive message to the Universe

Starting a gratitude journal goes far beyond writing down the things you’re thankful for in a journal or notebook. It’s a practice that has the potential to powerfully shift your physical, emotional, and spiritual being into higher, more enriched levels of fulfillment.

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Gratitude And the Law Of Attraction- A Joyful Way To Manifest


Gratitude is an energy that returns to you magnified.

The law of attraction, in its simplest form, states that what you put into this world is what you will get out of it. Some examples of this are blatant; If you eat junk food every day and never exercise, chances are you will be overweight and ill. If you eat healthy foods, stay fit and take care of yourself, you will look and feel good in return.

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How To Attract Love And Prosperity

attract love

Love is the strongest energy in the Universe.

Your heart has a magnetic force that attracts people and circumstances to you. If you want more love in your life, you must find love within. Your emotions have power. You can channel your passions in positive ways to attract all good things into your life.

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Spiritual Books That Will Change Your Life

spiritual books

Oh, to get lost in a good book!

Almost everything I have learned about spirituality has been through self-study. ANYTHING is available for you to discover through spiritual books. There are a few absolutely pivotal books in my life that have changed me forever. These are must-reads. I’m sharing them with you here because I know they will change your life for the better too.

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How To Thrive (And Not Just Survive) During Mercury Retrograde

Taming the trickster planet transit is easy!

The mere mention of the two words “Mercury Retrograde” is enough to get even the toughest person into a tailspin. Visions of computer malfunctions, lost documents, and flight delays are sure to come into your mind, and start your heart racing.

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Staying Positive As A Sensitive Soul

staying positive

You don't need to be afraid of negativity!

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from the Archangels, is that the energy of LOVE is the strongest energy in the Universe.

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How To Be A Modern Mystic In The Real World


Are you having fun in your body?

Being an empath can be exhausting! If you’re sensitive to other people’s energy, you’re most likely wanting to please others at your own expense. You can spend so much time and energy doing things for other people, there’s no time left for yourself.

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Love Your Body, Love Your Life – Interview With Sarah Jenks


Your body speaks your mind.

I’m thrilled that Sarah Jenks is teaching people how to love their body from the inside-out.

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Weight Issues Bringing You Down? Live More & Weigh Less with Sarah Jenks

sarah jenks

Do you feel heavy and burdened by your body?

In my recent interview with my friend Sarah Jenks, we discuss how you can completely transform your life and your body, with ease, joy and fun.

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Change Your DNA For Wealth And Health – Interview With Dawn Clark


I cried happy tears when I met her!

There are some people you meet that make your whole energy light up! When I met Dawn Clark, and saw what she was bringing to the world, I actually cried happy tears. Not just for a moment. I had to step away for about 10 because I was so moved by the healing she was offering humanity.

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Shine Your Light! How To Act Like A Spirit Guide

connect with your spirit guides

Spirit Guides are hilarious!

I’m often amazed and delighted when my Spirit Guides show up during an intense reading to make me laugh. When my Spirit Guides lighten my heart, I can be a light for others.

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How To Make Money Doing What You Love

make money doing what you love

You're born for a reason.

Recently, I changed my world in a very important way by investing in myself.  I invested time and money  into coaching, training, business development, and my health.

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Take Back Your Divinity!

Trust your Divinity. Trust yourself.

I have often found that my clients reflect the very thoughts and feelings that are within me. My experience has shown that many of us are overcoming our issues simultaneously. It is as if through our collective consciousness, we are transcending the same lessons together as a group.

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The Art Of Inspired Living – Being Present

being present

All around you is a Universal Life force

Do you ever have that wonderful feeling that all is going well for you? That your life is completely in-sync and you are flooded with creativity and joy? That is the powerful feeling of having Spirit move through you and direct your life.

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Creating A Positive Self Image

positive self image

The Messages Around Us

I was on a road trip recently when I noticed the license plate in front of me. It was almost the same as mine. Take heed, I thought, your guides are trying to tell you something. Every time there is a recurrence of letters, numbers, or events, it signals a symbolic message from your Divine helpers.

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Are You Living Your Soul’s Purpose?


Am I Living My Soul's Purpose?

The question I get asked the most from clients is whether or not they are living their soul’s purpose. Sometimes people feel “off” in their life.  They feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled and sense that they are not fulfilling their soul’s purpose. And then…they panic.

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Having Healthy Boundaries – Are You Enabling Or Empowering Your Loved Ones?


Are You Enabling or Empowering Your Loved Ones?

If you are a kind, compassionate, sensitive person (which you most definitely are), you never want to see anyone suffer; especially someone you love.  It is natural to want to help someone avoid pain, challenges, and possibly deter them from making a wrong decision.

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How Making Friends Will Help You Prosper

making friends

Friends are invaluable!

Everyone wants to make more money, contribute to society, and help make the world a better place. It’s a natural instinct to feel like you are using your life force to create a better life not only for yourself, but for others as well.

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Eastern Mind Meets Western Medicine

western medicine

How I reconcile the emotional, the spiritual, and western medicine?

Recently I was asked by a client how I reconcile the emotional, the spiritual, and western medicine. For instance, if you have a broken leg, how do your emotions enter into that? Or you suffer from depression, isn’t that genetics? How does the spiritual enter into the equation?

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Why Being Nice Isn’t Always Good


Are you a nice person who doesn't always get treated well?

You probably consider yourself a nice person. But you might wonder when all of your good energy is going to help you create a better life. My clients tend to be extremely nice people, but often wind up in unhappy relationships. They do so much for everyone else and then feel stressed out at the end of the day.

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Being As Good To Yourself As You Are To Others


We don't always remember where we fit into the picture.

We in the Intuitive Development class that I teach, I often ask people to close their eyes and listen to their hearts instead of listening to their thoughts. So often we get wrapped up in all of our responsibilities and worries that we don’t even know what our own needs are.

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