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Change your DNA for wealth and health – interview with Dawn Clark

Change your DNA for wealth and health – interview with Dawn Clark

I cried happy tears when I met her!

There are some people you meet that make your whole energy light up! When I met Dawn Clark, and saw what she was bringing to the world, I actually cried happy tears. Not just for a moment. I had to step away for about 10 because I was so moved by the healing she was offering humanity.

The way Dawn sees the world, and how she’s used that to help people is absolutely awe-inspiring. She grew up the daughter of a spy (yup) which honed her ability to read people’s energy, because it was the only way she could trust whether or not the people who walked through the door wanted to kill her and her family. (Could you imagine?).

Combine that with multiple near-death experiences, visits to the Other Side and back, and she continued to develop an extraordinary ability to see patterns in people’s energy fields, and more importantly ways to heal those patterns.

What’s beautiful is that Dawn has managed to bridge science with spirituality. Her work is quantifiable through science, and has received a million dollar grant to support her research. Amazeballs.

You can listen to my interview with Dawn below. And make sure to get a copy of her free book by clicking here. She’s also hosting a LIVE WEBINAR and video series.

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