Angels On Earth Swear Sometimes Too

Remember that, angel on earth. Do not seek approval. The only person you need to please is yourself. Shine on!

Swearing can be good for the soul, Angel on Earth!

So, it’s been an intense time. People are stressed. We have been feeling stressed, and there’s been all manner of snafus in communications.

I’ve heard from so many people that they have no idea why so much seems to be piling up on them all at once. Sometimes, you just want to throw your hands up at the Universe and yell, “What the f&*k!”

I felt like that too. This is precisely why I wrote my latest post, WTF is going on this month. Mind you, I didn’t curse at anyone, nor did I direct any negativity at any person. I actually didn’t even swear, unless you count acronyms. (Really, no toddlers’ innocent ears were harmed in that post).

I felt really good about sharing with people that they weren’t alone in their feelings. I find that SO helpful when you’re going through something difficult emotionally to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are never alone!

WTF was the best way of describing the energy. Truly. And yet, the night that I had the post scheduled, there was a little part of me that said people were going to be offended. I’m a spiritual teacher, I channel angels on earth and spirit guides.

There are expectations of me. Not everyone is into that kind of humor (really, I did find it funny myself.) So I said, screw it! If people didn’t like me for who I am, I won’t try to conform to their expectations of me.

So, of course, the next day, I got complaints from people saying they thought better of me. Ironically, some people even cursed at me. (Hello, irony!) And you know what? I felt great!

I like to drop the F Bomb

I’m from the Bronx. #Streetcred. It feels good sometimes to let off some steam by swearing. Not at people, just diffused in sentences to release tension. It’s part of who I am. I love angels on earth, and channel beings of light and that doesn’t mean I need to walk around with a halo over my head. (Although, I do love unicorns!).

In fact, one of the BIGGEST lessons the angels on earth and guides have taught me is that if you try to be perfect for other people, you can’t be yourself. If you spend your energy trying to live up to other people’s expectations, not only will some people dislike you anyway, but you’re actually rejecting YOURSELF, and that’s the biggest tragedy.

Angels on Earth don’t want you to be nice all the time

Archangel Michael carries a sword. He slays demons and doesn’t kindly escort them to the door. This Archangel sprays a can of whoop-ass on them. He certainly isn’t concerned about being liked. Angels on earth are here to empower us. Have healthy boundaries to be an empowered empath.

It requires you to be true to yourself, and have the courage and confidence to bring your unique light into the world regardless of what people think. In a world of darkness YOU need to be the one to lead the pack. That requires you being YOURSELF, earth angel, without the need for approval.

So when you’re making a decision about something and you’re wondering how others will react to you, you can redirect that energy. In that moment, you have the opportunity to ask yourself what’s right for YOU.

And if someone else doesn’t like you because of it, they will leave your life. And that’s a good thing. You’re just making room for someone who loves you more.

Remember that, angel on earth. Be yourself no matter what. The only person you need to please is yourself.

Shine on!

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