Divine Timing – Trusting The Universe In Your Transformation

I feel like I’ve waited my whole life to fulfill my soul’s purpose

Have you ever thought about divine timing and what it’s like to be a caterpillar? Explore the transformation and live your dreams.

My transformation was part of my calling.

I knew that I had much to share. There was something in me that had to be expressed.

My dream of teaching people around the world about intuition, angels and the magic of the Universe seemed distant at times. I came close to giving up. I wondered if I would make it out of my office and routine of doing readings and healings after work.

And yet I always knew I would one day share my messages with thousands of people. It felt more like destiny than a desire.

A Butterfly’s Journey Of Wings

You’re most likely very familiar with the metaphor of the metamorphosis of the butterfly. We always focus on the beauty and grace of the butterfly. But, have you ever thought about what it’s like to be the caterpillar? They crawl and crave food, then suspended themselves in a chrysalis and completely change every cell in their body. They rearrange their entire being in preparation for a miraculous transformation.

How scary would it be during that process? I’m sure if the caterpillar wasn’t connected to its divine timing and nature, it would say, “get me outta here!”

You may feel like a caterpillar now. And yet, perhaps you don’t always trust your divine timing or perfection of your transformation.

You are in an amazing period of growth. You are shedding those parts of yourself that have conformed to other people’s definitions of you, demanding more from your life and relationships, and expressing parts of yourself that have been buried for ages.  That’s why it’s so important that you find nourishment and support from others.

Magical Imaginal Cells and Transformation

How cool is that? They resonate at a different frequency. At first, the immune system of the caterpillar attempts to destroy the unrecognized imaginal cells. Then something amazing happens, the imaginal cells start to congregate into friendly groups, all resonating at the same frequency, passing information from one to another there inside the chrysalis.

Isn’t that magical?

This is such a beautiful reminder of how we need to support each other through our growth and transformation. One of the most amazing sources of spiritual nourishment I discovered years ago was a series called, Healing with the Masters.

I spent hours listening to spiritual teachers, intuitives and healers around the world offering their uplifting inspiring messages, wisdom and healing. It sparked something deep within me. I felt immense gratitude that I could experience these masterclasses for free, and that this community was available to me.

You know deep within divine timing where you belong

There was something in me at the time that knew one day, I was meant to be there too.

I’m thrilled to share that I was one of the 20 expert speakers on the live workshop series of Healing with the Masters!

This free series has consistently brought hundreds of thousands (over 750,000 to date, myself included!) into new levels of clarity. It has given comfort, healing, trust, abundance and even grace in the midst any life circumstance… even the unexpected.

It”s amazing to me that I’ll be joining the likes of Lynne Twist who worked closely with leaders like Mother Theresa, The Dalai Lama; famed intuitive teacher Sonia Choquette, the “Miracle Worker,” Jo Dunning and the renowned psychic medium Colette Baron-Reid

Your transformation and divine timing

It thrills me beyond measure to share this with you. Please let this inspire you to remember that no matter where you are in your life, you can totally transform and live your dreams.

I trust we receive what we need in divine timing. Being an imaginal cell may seem difficult at times. I’d love to support you as you morph into your most brilliant, divine expression. If you’re interested in joining this extraordinary series, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

I look forward to witnessing your transformation and divine timing!

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