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2021 YEAR AHEAD ENERGY FORECAST – New Frontiers Await You!

In this 2021 Forecast I explore why this dynamic year will be full of excitement and transformational change.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021 is finally here! Get ready! 2021 will be a wild ride! This dynamic year will be full of excitement and transformational change. As the calendar turns annually, it ushers in a new Universal Year in numerology. The spiritual lessons and vibrational shift depicted by the Universal Year Number are experienced globally.

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2021 intentions – feeling uncertain about your future

In this vast universe full of possibilities, you shine like a star in the heavens.

Your unique role is essential to light up this often dark world. You can feel that you’re meant for bigger and brighter experiences. You incarnated for a reason.

There is pressure to set your goals at the top of every year, to clarify your intentions, and set your sights high. Yet, this year feels different. Why?

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A Return to Light – Brighter Days Ahead

A new era of hope is here.

We celebrate our solstice tomorrow,(December 21) marking the return of light in the northern hemisphere, while southern neighbors will have warmer days.

What a bright future is ahead of us!

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Are You Ready For A Revolution?

Are you ready for a revolution?

Change is coming. Buckle up! This week brings all the fireworks. It began with the New Moon Solar eclipse in Sagittarius.

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