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February 2023 Astrology Forecast – Full Speed Ahead!

In this February 2023 Forecast, find out how the stars will align for you to make the most of this auspicious time.

With the Sun in Aquarius and Pluto in Aquarius next month, expect innovation, creativity, and forward movement in your life. This month, the skies are also free of retrogrades, providing a clear path forward. This creates a sense of momentum and energy in the heavens, and you can expect to feel a boost in your personal growth and development.

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Aquarius Astrology

Aquarius is the change-maker and trailblazer. Often embodying the archetype of the revolutionary, or rebel, they tend to tread their own path.

Aquarius is known as the humanitarians of the zodiac – offering innovative ideas that will benefit society as a whole. Freedom is their hallmark. They want to avoid being defined by other people’s ideals

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2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

In this 2023 YEAR AHEAD ASTROLOGY FORECAST, I share THREE ESSENTIAL KEYS TO HAPPINESS and what it means to be in a 7 Universal Year.

Looking to the stars for guidance?

It’s 2023 – an exciting time to be alive! We are in the middle of a seismic shift in our society, and it’s only natural to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the changes.

But fear not! You can use astrology and numerology to make sense of it all.

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You Were Born For A Reason

You were born for a reason. Here are some helpful tips to remember when you are feeling helpless that you can do to change the world.

The world is a challenging place. There are so many external factors too big for one person to change that you may wonder how you can make a difference. At one point in our lives, most of us have thought, “What is the point of everything? Does what I am doing even make a difference?” I want to remind you that YES! You do make a difference.

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