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June 2022 Astrology Forecast – LOVE & HARMONY Restored

In this June 2022 astrology forecast, I share with you three action steps to luxuriate in this month’s loving vibes so you can make the most of it.

Our June astrology forecast shows sunny celestial skies! After a whirlwind month, you can find your footing again. Eclipse season is behind us. And PHEW! Mercury stations direct in Taurus on June 3, helping you gain traction on your plans.

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You Were Born For A Reason

You were born for a reason. Here are some helpful tips to remember when you are feeling helpless that you can do to change the world.

The world is a challenging place. There are so many external factors too big for one person to change that you may wonder how you can make a difference. At one point in our lives, most of us have thought, “What is the point of everything? Does what I am doing even make a difference?” I want to remind you that YES! You do make a difference.

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How To Calm Your Anxiety

The world can feel overwhelming, especially with access to social media. You can calm your anxiety with these six easy, energetic techniques.

You can calm your anxiety with these easy energetic techniques. The key is to be consistent. The more you incorporate these stress-relieving tools, you can become more grounded and at peace.

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Can you Manifest Anything You Want?

Here are some simple steps to ensure you are co-creating your future from a soulful place, rather than your ego.

As you receive your vision from your future from your Higher Self and listen to your true heart’s desires, you can co-create a future that feels fulfilling that also benefits the greater good. When you align with your purpose and have the courage, dedication, and persistence to pursue your passions, that’s when opportunities abound!

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