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October 2021 Astrology Forecast – Beautifying Your Relationships

Buckle up! October Astrology brings a wealth of surprises. We begin the month with SIX planets in retrograde - plus Chiron (an asteroid known as the wounded healer).

Our main mischief-maker Mercury will be retrograde. He’s in his backspin until October 18th. There’s always a two-week shadow period after Mercury goes direct. This allows you to process the many lessons you received. We have a predominance of planets in air signs. This makes for indecisiveness, over-thinking, and feeling anxious. It is helpful to ground yourself every day to stay calm and centered.

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How To Protect Your Energy From Other People

How do you protect your energy from other people? You need energy management tools that empower you.

I want to share with you a simple technique that can change your life for the better. If you are an empath, you can feel particularly vulnerable to other people’s energy. Instead of feeling drained by others, you can feel strong and empowered.

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Numerology Guide To Mercury Retrograde – Revisioning Your Life Path

Mercury Retrograde is a gift to your soul!

That’s probably not what you’d expect to hear about this infamous transit in astrology. Yet, the Universe is truly offering you the most benevolent love-tap when your computer goes haywire and all your communications go amiss.

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