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April Energy Forecast – New Opportunities Abound!

Awesome April is here! In this forecast, I share with you how to tap into this potent energy to propel your life forward.

It’s GO time! April’s astrology is FULL SPEED AHEAD! We have no planetary retrogrades. The skies are free and clear. Everything you’ve put on the back burner can now get your attention. You’ll feel the fire beneath your feet with an abundance of planets in Aries.

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Moon Phase Astrology – Your Soul’s Purpose Illuminated

What's your moon phase?

You know your Sun Sign, but your Moon Sign is just as important. AND, the phase of your moon at birth gives insight into your soul’s purpose.

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March Energy Forecast – Heal Your Heart & Soul

Magical March is here! Our Sun is moving through mystical Pisces until our enchanting equinox on March 20th.

Venus and Neptune will be in the sensitive sign of Pisces. This will open your heart and connect your deepest desires. With these dreamy planets in the same sign as the Sun, the sky is the limit for you to pursue your passions. Progress is inevitable in the 8 Universal Month. 8 is the number of abundance, strength, and expansion. With no planets retrograde, it’s an opportune time to act toward your goals.


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Our Dreamiest New Moon This Year

The Sun and Moon, our celestial luminaries met in the sky this morning the sweetest New Moon of the year. They are connecting in dreamy Pisces.

Venus and Neptune are joining them in the sensitive sign.⁠⁠ New Moons are always a fertile time for setting intentions. As the Moon’s light waxes, your wishes gain momentum.⁠⁠ Pisces is a sign of dreams, imagination and connection.⁠⁠ Neptune is currently in Pisces. Neptune is Pisces’ ruling planet.⁠

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