How To Use A Gratitude Journal To Save Your Life

gratitude journal

Gratitude sends a positive message to the Universe

Starting a gratitude journal goes far beyond writing down the things you’re thankful for in a journal or notebook. It’s a practice that has the potential to powerfully shift your physical, emotional, and spiritual being into higher, more enriched levels of fulfillment.

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Gratitude And the Law Of Attraction- A Joyful Way To Manifest


Gratitude is an energy that returns to you magnified.

The law of attraction, in its simplest form, states that what you put into this world is what you will get out of it. Some examples of this are blatant; If you eat junk food every day and never exercise, chances are you will be overweight and ill. If you eat healthy foods, stay fit and take care of yourself, you will look and feel good in return.

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How To Attract Love And Prosperity

attract love

Love is the strongest energy in the Universe.

Your heart has a magnetic force that attracts people and circumstances to you. If you want more love in your life, you must find love within. Your emotions have power. You can channel your passions in positive ways to attract all good things into your life.

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Staying Positive As A Sensitive Soul

staying positive

You don't need to be afraid of negativity!

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from the Archangels, is that the energy of LOVE is the strongest energy in the Universe.

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Love Your Body, Love Your Life – Interview With Sarah Jenks


Your body speaks your mind.

I’m thrilled that Sarah Jenks is teaching people how to love their body from the inside-out.

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Weight Issues Bringing You Down? Live More & Weigh Less with Sarah Jenks

sarah jenks

Do you feel heavy and burdened by your body?

In my recent interview with my friend Sarah Jenks, we discuss how you can completely transform your life and your body, with ease, joy and fun.

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Healers, Creatives & Sensitive Souls – Essential Steps For Success


If there's a dream in your heart, you're meant to fulfill it. It's your destiny.

Being sensitive means you are more finely tuned to the emotions of other people, which is what makes you a brilliant artist, healer or communicator.

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How To Make Money Doing What You Love

make money doing what you love

You're born for a reason.

Recently, I changed my world in a very important way by investing in myself.  I invested time and money  into coaching, training, business development, and my health.

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How Making Friends Will Help You Prosper

making friends

Friends are invaluable!

Everyone wants to make more money, contribute to society, and help make the world a better place. It’s a natural instinct to feel like you are using your life force to create a better life not only for yourself, but for others as well.

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