What happens when Mercury is retrograde?

Kari Interview - Mercury Retrograde

There's so much mystery around Mercury Retrograde. That's why I was THRILLED to share the positive aspects of this transit (and so much more) in my TV interview.

For my first TV appearance, I could not have asked for a kinder or wiser host. Kara Sundlun is a two-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, and a remarkable person.

She wants truly wants to help people. That’s why she has a special segment called Kara’s Cures that explores ways for people to lead a happy and healthy life with experts on the leading edge of wellness.

I know you’ll love this interview! You’ll discover surprising aspects about your connection to the cosmos, how to be in tune with the Universe, and practical guidance you can use to live your dreams.

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Mercury Retrograde Dates in 2023

Mercury Retrograde

Mark your calendar! The best way to prepare for Mercury Retrograde is to plan ahead. If you have the dates on your calendar, you'll know not to schedule anything where you're taking on too much or starting new projects.

You may discover insights that have previously been overlooked. It is an opportunity to gather information to make optimal decisions for your future. You will have more clarity after Mercury goes direct. You can re-evaluate your intentions to ensure your actions align with your authentic truth. If you make any important decisions during the retrograde period, you may have to make adjustments or clarifications later.

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