Mercury Retrograde – Slow The Heck Down!

It’s A Complex Time

They say the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. I literally just experienced a 1000-mile journey, leaving my home in San Diego for my new life in Portland. And yet, before I left, I had thought that I would pick my life up exactly where I had left it.

The Universe thought that was hilarious.

My internet doesn’t get installed until the end of next week.

Right now, I’m in an empty house, sleeping on an air mattress with no other furniture. My belongings don’t arrive for several more days. And yet, this month is probably THE most complicated of the year astrologically.

As much as I would have loved to do a video for you, I’m grateful that I didn’t have the opportunity. Of course, I could push myself and find a way. But that’s not the lesson here. Life is complex now, with many changes for all of us.

Sometimes if you get too much information at once, or try to do everything at once, that’s when the trickster energy of Mercury Retrograde happens. Mercury is in a backwards phase now, right in the middle of eclipse season.


Slow Down

There are so many revelations coming to light, you would do yourself a great disservice, forging ahead with your life as if everything is normal. Things are not normal.

Things can be extraordinary if you allow your life to unfold in divine and perfect timing. This requires depth processing. You need to slow down and take in your Intuitive information.

Everything around you and within you is speaking to you. Loudly and quietly. You need to pay attention to it all.

You might recognize your need for more respect, or be re-evaluating your passions and relationships. Perhaps you have rekindled an interest in a desire you tucked away before you had time. Now you have time. Make the time.

I’m grateful I get to type these musings and missives on my phone as they come to me.

I’m grateful I get to experience a month of sharing these insights with you in a written format, bit by bit.

It feels like a delicious meal with many courses.

Savor every minute.

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