Venus in Virgo: Love And Relationships In A New Light

It’s time to redefine your definition of Love with Venus in Virgo.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty and attraction, is moving from lion-hearted Leo to discerning Virgo. She will remain in this perfectionist sign until September 14th.

Her celestial lover Mars will soon follow suit.

One by one, planets are leaving Leo and heading into Virgo.

Venus in Virgo brings a time for reflection.

Virgo’s energy is much more introverted than the exuberant Leo.

Being a Virgo myself, I can say this has it’s benefits!

It is the sign that teaches you to tune in to what is beneficial for you, while letting the rest go.

With Venus in Virgo in this laser-focused sign, she will teach you to love yourself first.  She will teach you to take care of your health and well being, take time to yourself, and let go of unhealthy relationships.

All relationships are a reflection of how you treat yourself.

Ask yourself if the people in your life are supporting your well being, or diminishing your power.

You decide who you let into your life, and how much time and energy you devote to them. See love and relationships in a new light.

Venus in Virgo Goddess is here to help you own your power.

Enjoy the energies!


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