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Your Natal Chart is a map of the sky when you were born. Knowing your birth chart reveals your keys to happiness and success. You can learn to understand your inclinations and personality traits as well as your gifts and talents.

If you want to know your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, North Node, Rising Sign, Ascendant, or all the planets of your birth chart, you can find out using this free tool.

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Astrology Reports

Your astrological report is a beautiful way to become acquainted with your unique soul’s blueprint. You can learn about your spiritual lessons, inner resources, and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead.

Daily Astrology Forecast Report

The Astro-Calendar astrology report pinpoints influences on your personal birth chart over a 3-month period.

Essential Year Ahead Report

This prediction report accurately forecasts important changes in seven major areas in your life from career to romance.

The Sky Within Report

Your natal chart report is like a conversation with a very close trusted friend. It reveals your inner longings, desires, spiritual gifts, and karmic patterns.

Astrology Courses

In this forecast and healing event, you will receive practical and spiritual tools for 2022, including divination for the entire year and a month-by-month forecast.
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The stars aligned at your birth to create the chemistry for you to succeed. Learn how your Sun Sign illuminates your path to happiness.
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Understanding the Moon in your birth chart reveals your deepest emotional needs and inner desires. You can also harness the Moon's power to fulfill your intentions with divine timing.
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Blog Posts to explore Astrology

Sagittarius Astrology

Sagittarius are known as the philosophers of the zodiac. Their nature is to explore other cultures and expand their hearts and minds.

Mutable signs are born during the third and final month of the season. Just as the seasons change, mutable signs are learning flexibility and adaptation. They are learning to let go and adapt to change.

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Scorpio Astrology

Scorpio can use profound emotional intelligence to create loving relationships and embody the healing power of their heart.

Fixed signs are born in the second month of a season. Their role is to stabilize and concentrate the energy that was initiated by the cardinal signs. Water has no natural boundaries. It takes the shape of its container. When a person looks into the water, their image is reflected back to them.

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Libra Astrology

The first day of Libra is the Equinox. This is when the day and night are of equal measure. Discover the astrology of Libra.

Libras crave balance in all things, especially relationships. This doesn’t mean they are inherently balanced. Like the scales that represent this sign, they can feel off-kilter when not in a romantic partnership.

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