Soul Healing Courses

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    Instant Download: Masterclass and Guided Healing

    Soulful Money Mastery: Open Your Heart to Prosperity & Worth

    Uncover the hidden beliefs and karmic patterns that may be influencing your relationship with money, success, and material abundance

    1 hour 50 min Masterclass


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    Soul Salon: Free Your Spirit. Feed Your Mind

    Experience a six-month healing journey to release yourself from limiting circumstances and gain a deeper understanding of your choices from a soul perspective. Resolve deep-seated patterns at the source.


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    Your Soul Purpose: Discover Your Life’s Plan

    There’s more to your existence than meets the eye. Tune into your deeper calling that’s waiting to be discovered. Delve into the depth of your soul’s intentions beyond the mundane.

    Your purpose is more than a career; it’s an understanding of your life’s karmic patterns and fulfilling pre-birth agreements that shape your path.

    90 min Masterclass


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    Instant Download • Audio Course

    The Soul of Wealth: Clear Your Money Karma

    Clear your money karma on a soul level, so you can receive abundance in all areas of your life. You will experience a soul-level energy clearing to heal you of past life poverty vows, so you can finally receive the wealth and abundance you deserve.

    80 minute MP3


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