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    Soul Healing Collection

    When you clear your past life vows, your life can transform dramatically. Healing doesn't need to be hard. You can stop attracting the same painful situations over and over and liberate your subconscious of negative programming. This Soul Healing Collection can free you from negative subconscious programming.

    3 Audio Course Bundle + Digital Downloads


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    Soulful Romance: Attract the Love You Desire

    Whether you're already in a romantic relationship or seeking one, this class will help you open your heart and let love in. Find love inside of you to attract loving, nourishing, healthy relationships.

    95 minute MP3


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    The Soul of Wealth: Clear Your Money Karma

    Clear your money karma on a soul level, so you can receive abundance in all areas of your life. You will experience a soul-level energy clearing to heal you of past life poverty vows, so you can finally receive the wealth and abundance you deserve.

    80 minute MP3


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