Step beyond manifestation myths and live your truth

Your Soul's Calling

Navigate Fate to Fulfill Your Destiny

Live Online Event: Thursday, September 19th at 1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern. Recorded for you to keep forever

Your Soul's Calling

There's more to co-creation than positive thoughts and visualization.

Discover the unseen forces shaping your life.

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The key to unlocking your true potential lies beyond manifesting with the Law of Attraction. The universe holds a grander plan, a blueprint waiting to be deciphered

Explore the intricate interplay of the universal laws, pre-birth agreements, and your soul's unique purpose.

Here’s what you will learn:

your soul's calling

  • Go Beyond the Law of Attraction: Understand the many universal laws that play a crucial role in shaping your reality.
  • Transform Challenges: Gain a perspective to see obstacles as opportunities designed by your soul for growth and evolution.
  • Harmonize Ego and Soul: Differentiate between the desires of the ego and the calling of the soul, leading to a life of depth and purpose.
  • See Through the Soul’s Lens: Adopt a new viewpoint on challenges as deliberate soul choices for your evolution, turning obstacles into stepping stones.
  • Core Lessons vs. Changeable Paths: Uncover which soul agreements are your life’s non-negotiable lessons and which ones you have the power to alter for a new direction.
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Nicole Goldsmith testimonial

Kari is a teacher, a healer, a spiritual coach and a master interpreter of past life, present circumstances and the enlightened “now” that your higher power has carved for you. She is a born healer with the mastery of shaman and the heart of an angel. Rarely have I found an intuitive so inspired and at the same to so accessible, witty and real. Kari is a phenom and her teachings are truly blessed. Nicole Goldsmit

Limited Time Bonus – Open Your Chakras Psychic Energy Attunement

Reprogram your subconscious mind so you can unlock your intuitive powers, and receive an unlimited flow of prosperity and divine guidance from your Spirit Guides and Angels.

When you open your chakras, you allow miraculous opportunities to flow into your life. Your chakras will be infused with divine life force energy, illuminating your inner world while expanding your outer world.

You will open yourself up to receive divine guidance.

This is unlike any meditation you’ve experienced before

Specifically designed to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can unlock your intuitive powers.

In this chakra healing activation, you will clear yourself of fears, and expand your energy for an unlimited flow of prosperity and divine guidance from your Spirit Guides and Angels.


Binaural beats are used in the background music for deep relaxation and healing. This assists your brainwaves to slow down and synchronize the two hemispheres of your brain. Theta waves are 4hz – 8hz, which what you experience before sleep. You can reprogram your subconscious more easily in a Theta state. You’ll feel blissful and relaxed as your chakras are energized.


Each chakra is infused with affirmations so you can reprogram your mind and your energy. As your brain entrains to the theta brainwave music, your subconscious can easily assimilate the empowering messages. You’ll feel confidence and fearless, so you can finally have the courage to shine more brightly and boldly share your gifts with the world.

Your Soul's Calling

Here’s what you will receive:

  • 90-minute video and audio recordings
  • Lifetime access: The course is yours to keep forever.
  • Deep Universal Insights: Gain clarity on universal laws and soul agreements that shape your destiny.
  • Personal Empowerment Tools: Designed for your growth and navigating life’s path with grace.
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Do you feel this product is perfect for a friend or a loved one? You can buy a gift card for this item!

Amber Webb testimonial

I have learned so much more about what makes me tick and how to be a better me for myself and those around me. My anxiety used to be very high. With the tools I learned from Kari, I now pause to check in with myself and build up my reserves of strength and resilience. Amber Webb

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