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Learn how to tune into the messages of the Universe and receive guidance from the divine.

Your life can be illuminated

when you attune to the Divine and tune into your soul.

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Hi there, I'm Kari

As an Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach, my goal is to assist you in aligning with your soul's purpose, and clear away any beliefs that are limiting you, so you can truly love your life from the inside out.

You will be amazed at how quickly and profoundly you can transform your life. Your life is meant to be enjoyed, and I want to show you how to savor every moment. My passion is combining wit with wisdom, and entertainment with enlightenment. Once you discover your true purpose, you will wake up every morning filled with gratitude because you are thriving, prosperous, and doing what you love.

There is so much more to you than you ever imagined. It is a joy for me to use my gifts to help you discover yours.

I look forward to connecting with you!

My life's work is devoted to helping you

Live the life your soul intended

Your Life Purpose is to be Happy and Thrive

If you're not experiencing the emotional, spiritual, or financial fulfillment you desire, it's because you haven't received the necessary resources that you need as a gifted sensitive soul.

You can profoundly transform your life with a few simple essential empath empowerment tools.

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Kari is like a walking source of magic!

"Kari is like a walking source of magic! Every program and meditation i’ve gone through touches my heart and life in the most beautiful way. Her kindness, pure spirit and loving support is beyond priceless, and I cannot recommend her work highly enough. If you get a chance to experience her magic do it."

- Louise Danielle, Mindset Strategist

If you want to follow your spiritual path, Kari is your guide.

"First of All let me start off by saying I love Kari. Without knowing it she has been helping me for years through her different programs. All her programs are amazing. If you want to follow your spiritual path, Kari is your guide."

- Quianna Footman, Life Coach

Kari’s classes have transformed my life.

“Kari’s classes have transformed my life. She is a true soul of the light who is here to make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

-Robyn Sanders, Intuitive Counselor


October 2021 Astrology Forecast

Our main mischief-maker Mercury will be retrograde. He’s in his backspin until October 18th. There’s always a two-week shadow period after Mercury goes direct. This allows you to process the many lessons you received. We have a predominance of planets in air signs. This makes for indecisiveness, over-thinking, and feeling anxious. It is helpful to ground yourself every day to stay calm and centered.


Learn how to use YOUR personal numerology to manifest mojo during the trickster planet transit! Life Path Numbers each process intuitive information in their own unique way, in this guide you will find how to make the best use of the reflective energies of Mercury Retrograde for YOUR Life Path Number.