Discover how to harness the manifesting power of lunar influences

Moon Magic

Your Soul's Path Illuminated

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moon magic

The moon in your birth chart illuminates your soul's purpose.

You can learn how to harness the manifesting power of lunar influences.

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Your Moon at the time you were born reveals your inner life, your deepest emotional needs, and how you connect with others in relationships.

Your soul chose to incarnate during a specific celestial influence. Your soul's purpose is intrinsically designed to be in harmony with the moon's magnetic pull. Understanding the moon in your birth chart is a powerful tool for fulfilling your heart's desires.


moon magic

  • Divine timing for every aspect of your life including business, romance, and relationships
  • Your spiritual lessons and gifts associated with your moon’s sign and phase when you were born
  • How to manifest your intentions harnessing the moon’s powerful energy
  • The days you absolutely must avoid if you want your plans to succeed
  • Why you’re more emotional during a full moon and how you can use that for healing
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"Kari obviously want to impart to others how they can uplift their own everyday lives and make them almost magical. She is a superb teacher! I have been exposed to many teachers and I think Kari is one of the best, most encouraging teacher I have encountered. She knows how much her students' lives can change if they learn what you are teaching them and also put it into effect, and you she wants them to... and it shows!!!" - Johanna Sturlini, Spiritual Medium

Limited Time Bonus – Open Your Chakras Psychic Energy Attunement

Reprogram your subconscious mind so you can unlock your intuitive powers, and receive an unlimited flow of prosperity and divine guidance from your Spirit Guides and Angels.

When you open your chakras, you allow miraculous opportunities to flow into your life. Your chakras will be infused with divine life force energy, illuminating your inner world while expanding your outer world.

You will open yourself up to receive divine guidance.

This is unlike any meditation you’ve experienced before

Specifically designed to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can unlock your intuitive powers.

In this chakra healing activation, you will clear yourself of fears, and expand your energy for an unlimited flow of prosperity and divine guidance from your Spirit Guides and Angels.


Binaural beats are used in the background music for deep relaxation and healing. This assists your brainwaves to slow down and synchronize the two hemispheres of your brain. Theta waves are 4hz – 8hz, which what you experience before sleep. You can reprogram your subconscious more easily in a Theta state. You’ll feel blissful and relaxed as your chakras are energized.


Each chakra is infused with affirmations so you can reprogram your mind and your energy. As your brain entrains to the theta brainwave music, your subconscious can easily assimilate the empowering messages. You’ll feel confidence and fearless, so you can finally have the courage to shine more brightly and boldly share your gifts with the world.

moon magic

Here is exactly what you will receive:

  • 120 min MP3 where you will experience powerful guided meditation to manifest your soul’s intentions and heal your energy with the moon.
  • Delivered to you immediately after purchase as a digital download that can be listened to on your computer or any MP3 player

(Recording of a live teleclass)

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moon magic

"As a mindset coach, it’s imperative I help my clients achieve the best possible results. Knowing what’s happening on a personal, energetic and spiritual level throughout the year plays a vital role in maximizing success. This is exactly what Kari does in such a magical, relatable way". - Louise Danielle, Mindset Strategist and Coach

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