Diving Deep Into Spiritual Waters

Spiritual Waters and the Moon

What a day for dreaming! Our Moon dips into the spiritual waters of Pisces today.

There are many other planets dipping into the stream of your psyche.

Mercury, the planet that governs your mind, is retrograding back into Cancer today and will remain there throughout the month.

Mercury is joining with the Sun, Venus, and the Moon’s North Node in Cancer. This might make you feel a bit moody.

The upside is that you’re swimming into the depths of your dreams.

You might resurrect some lost gifts and buried treasures.

You’re also processing some childhood emotions and ancestral wounds that need to be healed.

With 6 planets in retrograde now, you are most likely recovering some long-held desires but not necessarily making much progress in manifesting them.

You might uncover some family patterns or responsibilities that are slowing down ambitions.

That’s all part of the master plan

Cancer’s energy is helping you find the meaning behind your goals.

You’re discovering the balance between intentions and well-being.

Go with the flow, and don’t try to push your way through life.

Take time to go within.moon

This is a time of integrating, processing and reflection.

Certainly, during this moon eclipse season, you’ve recognized the need to release someone or something.

Perhaps you want to let go of a habit. Maybe it’s time to let go of what you think your life SHOULD be and accept what is.

Once I connected with my intuition and Spirit Guides, I learned that there’s always a spiritual lesson in our challenges that benefit our soul’s growth.

When you know how to connect with your intuition and higher guidance, you will always find a joyful path of fulfillment and prosperity.

Before I knew how to access my Guides and manage my energy, I was constantly picking up other people’s emotions and felt anxious and depressed all the time.

Tune into your natural gifts

I didn’t trust my life to work out well. I expected the worst and felt as if bad luck followed me everywhere.

Once I consciously paid attention to managing my energy by raising my vibration and intentionally connecting with my higher self, I learned how to tune into my intuitive wisdom and communicate with my guides.

Now I trust the process of life implicitly- expecting the best and receiving it.

I feel safe and protected. I have the higher perspective of my Guides directing my path, as they show me the best way forward.

I’ve learned that intuition isn’t a skill, it is a way of life. It’s your natural way of being. You can feel confident in your intuitive abilities too. You just need someone to remind you how to tune into your natural gifts.

~ Kari

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