Mercury Retrograde Dates in 2023

What is Mercury Retrograde?

For millennia, stargazers marveled at the cosmic dance in the heavens. They were able to observe the movement of the planets. They named the fastest-moving planet Mercury after the messenger of the Gods in mythology. Like quicksilver, Mercury speeds through its revolution around the Sun every 88 days. The Earth has a 365 (snd ¼) day cycle. Because it travels faster than the Earth, it’s usually in forward motion 80% of the time. While the term “retrograde” may suggest a backward movement, planets don’t travel in reverse. This peculiar phenomenon is known as ‘retrograde’ in astrology and ‘apparent retrograde motion’ by astronomers. It is an illusion, similar to a car passing another in an adjacent lane. From the perspective of the faster car, the one in the adjacent lane looks like it’s moving backward.

How often does Mercury go Retrograde?

Mercury is closest to Earth and the fastest-moving planet in the solar system. This heavenly body “appears” to move backward 3-4 times a year for approximately 3 weeks at a time. Since Mercury is our fastest-moving planet in the zodiac, these backward-moving retrograde cycles are designed to get you to s.l.o.w. down instead of forging ahead at lightning speed. The retrograde periods are an opportunity for you to attune to the rhythms of the Universe. Everything in nature has periods of rest and activity. Mercury retrograde times are ideal for catching up with your thoughts and reviewing your life.

What are the Mercury Retrograde dates in 2023?

The best way to prepare for Mercury Retrograde is to plan ahead. If you have the dates on your calendar, you’ll know not to schedule anything where you’re taking on too much or starting new projects.

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 18 in Capricorn

Apr 21 – May 14 in Taurus

Aug 23 – Sept 15 in Virgo

Dec 13 – Jan 18, 2024 in Capricorn / Sagittarius

What are the positive aspects of Mercury Retrograde?

As the ruler of the mind, when Mercury goes retrograde, it is an opportunity for you to catch up with information and intuitive messages previously overlooked. That’s why evaluating your options during Mercury retrograde is best before rushing to conclusions. You may discover insights that have previously been overlooked. It is an opportunity to gather information to make optimal decisions for your future. You will have more clarity after Mercury goes direct. This can be a time of tremendous healing if you are speaking your truth. If you have been hiding parts of yourself, it’s time to share who you truly are. If you’ve been holding back your feelings, now is the time to initiate a meaningful conversation. You can only be loved for who you are if you allow yourself to BE yourself.


You can re-evaluate your intentions to ensure your actions align with your authentic truth. You might recognize your need for more respect or re-evaluate your passions and relationships. Perhaps you have rekindled an interest in a desire you tucked away before you had time. Now you have time. Make the time. If you make any important decisions during the retrograde period, you may have to make adjustments or clarifications later. It is best to wait before signing contracts or buying significant purchases, especially electronics. You DO want to fix things that are broken, so if something breaks down, take care of it. Mercury retrograde is a time to return and REVISIT your communications. Keep these RE words in mind during these transits: Redo. Repair. Revisit. Revise. Re-evaluate. Relax. Renew. Rejoice. Rejuvenate. Rebuild. Reboot. Rearrange. Rebel. Receive. Recognize. Reinvent.

How do I avoid the challenges of Mercury Retrograde?

It’s best to check everything twice. Stay flexible to allow for unexpected delays. If you try to rush or force your plans, you can experience the trickster side of Mercury. Slow down and review your processes. Taking your time is more productive than speeding. Those days when your computer freezes and your hard drive fails, maybe it’s because YOU are in overdrive. Perhaps your computer is showing you that you need to shut down your technology, so you can get outside and reboot your soul. Mercury Retrograde makes you slow down. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. If you want to find out how to manage Mercury Retrograde better, check out my 5 Tips To Thrive During Mercury Retrograde.

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