Healers, Creatives & Sensitive Souls – Essential Steps For Success

If there’s a dream in your heart, you’re meant to fulfill it. It’s your destiny.

However, when you’re sensitive it can sometimes feel like it gets in your way of success.

Yes, it’s wonderful to be able to give helpful, spiritual, advice to friends (and sometimes strangers), to have creativity pouring from your pores, and intuitive insights that consistently amaze you and others. Yet that can be exhausting too.

Most sensitive souls struggle to make their passions a reality, and wind up working way too hard, receiving way too little for their efforts. And you know what, there’s a better way!

You can be a kind, loving, generous, compassionate person and also have a prosperous fulfilling life.

Being sensitive means you are more finely tuned to the emotions of other people, which is what makes you a brilliant artist, healer or communicator.

And yet, when it comes to putting yourself “out there” in the world, it can feel totally awkward! You promote others and usually not yourself. You also care what people think about you. This doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you! You are wired this way!

When you’re sensitive, it can be challenging because you can feel other people’s emotions, and can therefore pick up what they’re feeling about you! That can be make you want to hide and deny the world your light!

Once you learn how to channel all your brilliant sensitivity and insight into expressing your gifts in service, you will be unstoppable!

If you want to have the freedom and fulfillment of being in a livelihood you love, here are some essential steps to remember on your journey.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Other People

Every one of us has something unique to share, which means our paths are unique as well. We all have specific talents as well as spiritual lessons. You never know what a person’s been through to get where they are now (especially when you consider all the past lives they’ve had).

Trust and honor where you are now because from a soul’s perspective it is exactly where you need to be. Your soul is delighting in the experience.

Be Kind To Yourself

On a soul level you have accomplished so much! Think of all the spiritual lessons you’ve experienced, and all the love you’ve shared.

If you haven’t yet achieved everything you want in your career, you might be overcoming some major traumas in past lives. Healers and artists have had many past lives in the religious sectors where they renounced their material possessions and didn’t have much contact with the outside world.

And oftentimes, being involved in the spiritual arts didn’t always end well (burned at the stake, anyone?). Imagine what a brave soul you are to be pursuing your passions now. So give yourself some credit, and a big squishy compassionate hug while you’re at it!

Listen To Your Heart’s Desires

We live in a benevolent intelligent Universe.

You have desires and the means to express them. The whole Universe is supporting you in sharing your gifts.

When you have that feeling or idea that won’t go away, that’s your intuition speaking to you! The Universe chose you to be a recipient of that idea because you have all the tools inside of you to turn your ideas into a reality.

When you’re downloaded with these divine inspirations, they are clues to your destiny. Follow this guidance, and the Universe will support you in fulfilling your purpose.

Take The Road Less Traveled

You have unique gifts. If you look at the outer world for people who are doing what you’re doing, you might miss out on carving your niche.

Your intuition will often guide you toward the unconventional.

That’s how you know you’re on the right path!

You have gifts only you can bring into the world. That’s why you need to trust that sharing your unique talents is your key to success.

The world is waiting for you! People need that special gift that only you can share.

Follow your heart – it will always guide you!

I know from personal experience that your life can transform when you believe in yourself, and know you were given your desires for a reason. If there’s a longing in your heart and a dream of creating a career and life you love – you can!

I hope the information I shared with you today helps you believe in yourself and live your dreams with gusto!

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