My Self-Worth Journey To Success

If you’re an empath or sensitive soul, you’re most likely an over-giver

If you’re reading this, most likely you are on a journey that allows you to feel a strong sense of purpose within you. As an empath, spiritual seeker, or sensitive soul, there’s a deep desire inside you to make this world better with your unique love and talents.

You are divinely designed to make this world more beautiful.

Your sensitive nature enables you to tune into others, know what can help them, and have the ability to make people happy.

I remind you, this is a gift.

Yet, sometimes, it can be a challenge. (And yes, before you know how to manage your energy and enrich your self-worth, it can feel like a curse.)

My self-worth journey toward being an empowered empath hasn’t always been easy.

Growing up in the Bronx, being a sensitive soul, I felt extremely awkward and out of place.

When I discovered my gifts as an intuitive, my whole life began making sense, and my world changed for the better.

When I began my business doing psychic readings and teaching, I had no idea how many more life-changing lessons were in store for me.

Having a business has taught me more about self-worth than relationships!

When I began charging clients for my services, even though they were life-changing, I felt extremely uncomfortable asking for money. I always gave too much and received too little.

I became exhausted, burnt out, and sick.

Having healthy boundaries. Realizing my self-worth. Receiving money for my gifts. My business taught me that I need to learn these skills, so I can actually help more people.

Now, I’m thrilled to say I have a prosperous thriving business where I can reach millions of people from around the world. I have financial freedom, a team that supports my business, and beautiful friends and colleagues that help me on my self-worth journey. It feels amazing.

The most important thing I learned on my self-worth journey is that you cannot walk this path alone.

You are energetically designed for community. That’s why your root chakra, which governs money, career and finance, is also connected to your sense of tribe and family (even if it’s your soul family, not your birth family.)

Having a loving, supportive community in this vast online world has made all the difference in my life.

So, if you’re wondering how to have more money, a better career, and feel more secure in your life, go out and find your community.  You are never alone.

I hope I’ve encouraged you to find your soul tribe and connect with like-hearted lovely people.

You have so much to share with the world! You have more support than you realize.

Sending you so much love,
~ Kari

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