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Chart Your Destiny With These Oracles

The tools I’m about to share with you can change the course of your life forever.

I know that sounds dramatic, but that’s how strongly I feel.

If you want to know how to chart your destiny, you’ll need tools to navigate your journey. It’s just like how a GPS helps you get to your destination. And lucky for you these tools are easily available to you!

Since ancient times, people have relied on oracles and other divination tools to plan for success. The clarity of these tools often meant the difference between feast or famine. Since the dawn of time, farmers have been planting by the moon’s phases to ensure their crops are fruitful.

For centuries sailors have been using the stars for navigation and the moon’s cycles for predicting tides. So there’s really nothing new age about tapping into the Divine for guidance. These are age-old traditions.

Believe it or not, trends in your life can be predicted too. Just as a meteorologist looks at patterns of movement and energy to forecast weather trends, you can see energetic forces that will affect your life.

Ancient tools for the modern age

The three tools that I find most reliable to do this are astrology, numerology, and tarot. There’s a reason these tools have been around for centuries. They work. Using these divination tools is akin to checking the weather before going outside. You wouldn’t want to schedule a romantic picnic during a hurricane, would you?

When charting important events in your life, such as weddings, product launches, legal contracts, and even surgery, you’ll want to know that your plans are in harmony with the rhythm of the Universe. Otherwise, you can feel like you are constantly swimming upstream. However, you’ll always be in the flow if you’re aware of the best times to act, rest, recreate, and create.

If you are wondering how in the world you’re going to access these powerful divination tools, good news! You don’t need to go to Delphi to get oracles. I have some wonderful resources for you right here.


Each year can be extraordinary. The foundations you create now, you will build upon for years to come. It’s to your advantage to know which dates are best for prospering and which dates you absolutely want to avoid. Each can be a year of big gains OR big losses. I want to ensure you are riding the waves of prosperity and not getting lost at sea.

I’ve created a course with an astrology overview of the entire year. Plus, I’m going to help you raise your vibration so you can attract love, money, and all good things into your life! Check out details about my course here. I know this will help you have one of the best years ever.


You’re really in luck! My friends over at have a comprehensive free numerology profile for you.  This will reveal A LOT about your life’s purpose and soul’s gifts.  I can’t recommend this amazingly comprehensive report enough.

And if you haven’t done so already, make sure you have a copy of my Numerology Guide to a Happy Life ebook. It’s got everything you need there to help you start using the power of numbers to help you prosper.


Tarot is a tool I recommend the most for people who want to connect with their spirit guides. I know it can feel overwhelming to learn the cards. Trust me, it’s easy!

If you want a super simple, profoundly effective way to learn tarot, my friend Brigit offers free tools to help you do profound readings in just five minutes. She offers a free guide on 5 Mistakes Tarot Beginners Make and the Secret Steps to Avoid Them. I have been following Brigit’s site since 1999 (yup, you read that right), so I know how much she has to offer. She can take you from beginner to professional, and she’s simply amazing.

Charting Your Course For Success With Oracles

Once you incorporate these tools into your life, I know you will experience more joy, ease, and opportunities than you could have imagined. You’re never alone. You have a Universe of possibilities available to you. You only need to open your eyes to the messages.

Love and cosmic dust,

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