Intuitive Messages For You Are Everywhere!

Intuitive Messages

Intuitive messages are everywhere!

People often ask me how they can better hear their intuition.

I often hear people say, “I ask my Guides, but I cannot hear them!”.  My answer is always, “You’re trying too hard!”

Our intuition speaks to us every day, in every way. It is not everyone who can see or hear spirits like the way that they show on television. In fact, most professional psychics that I know, including myself, sense our intuition in very subtle ways. It is learning how to recognize and listen to these subtle messages that will give you the guidance that you seek.

You not only receive intuitive messages from within, you are also receiving messages all the time from the outside world. If there is an answer you seek, and you ask your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and/or Source for guidance, (and even if you don’t) you will receive messages in a variety of forms.

Your Guides are speaking to you all the time, and they will try everything they can to get a message through to you! Have you ever been thinking about going somewhere, and then all of a sudden, you hear people talk about that place in the grocery store or in a restaurant?

You can also receive answers through animals and nature. If you have an unusual sighting of an animal or insect, that is a message for you. For instance, the other day I was thinking about offering more online courses and programs to help people feel more confident about who they are and expressing their true colors.

Just a few minutes later, I walked outside into my yard and a butterfly landed on my finger! (You can’t make this stuff up, folks!). Of course, butterflies represent transformation, from being in a cocoon to metamorphosing into a free colorful creature that gives joy to others who benefit from its beauty. I took that as a sign for a definite YES!

My favorite book in this subject is Animal Speak, but Ted Andrews. He helps you interpret what these messages mean.

Your intuition will always speak to you in the ways you can understand

For instance, I love numerology. Numbers can be intuitive messages that speak to me. It’s a language I speak fluently. I so often see license plates that have a number or letter sequences that I interpret. If you’re a color person, your Guides will communicate with you through color. Whatever way you look at the world, that will be the avenue for your intuition. The more you learn something, the easier it is for you to interpret that intuitive language.

The whole world is a treasure hunt for you! There are clues everywhere for you to follow. Just like when you’re driving you’ll always see signs for your destination, the Universe will provide that for you too. If you truly watch and listen to the clues to see if you’re on the right path, everything will reveal itself to you.

Whether it’s synchronicity, repetition of the same topic that comes onto your radar, a dream, or even an actual billboard, you’ll receive insights about your path. Pay attention and you will see the Universe is alive with messages. It’s a magical way to live.

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