Eastern Mind Meets Western Medicine

Eastern Mind Meets Western Medicine

Recently I was asked by a client how I reconcile the emotional, the spiritual, and western medicine. For instance, if you have a broken leg, how do your emotions enter into that? Or you suffer from depression, isn’t that genetics? How does the spiritual enter into the equation?

This is something I think about all the time and am still learning. My understanding of this topic has grown primarily from my work as a spiritual counselor. I’ve read some amazing books by medical intuitives and listened with an open mind when they’ve spoken. So please understand this is my interpretation alone –I don’t claim it to be anything more.

Physical Care for Quantum Healing

I believe physical ailments have a cause on the spiritual, emotional, and physical level. If you look at this as energy, it would be quantum, subtle, and gross (material) energy.  As we learned in physics, energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed. A disharmony begins on the quantum (spiritual) level.

Let’s say that there is an experience that you need to learn a spiritual lesson from (quantum energy).  This causes you to have certain responses that are emotional (subtle energy). These emotions are stored in our subconscious minds until we learn the skills to process them.

Energy Flow

As well, energy flows through our acupuncture meridians. That energy is emotion, and different meridians channel different levels of emotion. So, when we have an experience with this backlog of emotions, the energy (emotions) doesn’t travel efficiently through our meridians.

This will also affect our choices (physical) about how we respond to and treat our bodies. If we have unhealthy impulses with food, relationships, or other behaviors, the energy will not properly flow through our meridians. We act more reflexively than consciously in those situations.

So, over time, when the energy isn’t flowing properly in our meridians, physical degeneration happens. And when that happens you need some physical help, like surgery, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Our Bodies Communicate to Us

My teacher of the LifeLine Technique, Darren Weissman says that symptoms are “gifts in strange wrapping paper.” Meaning, our ailments are how our body communicates subconscious patterns to our consciousness. It is the only way that we can bring to consciousness that which we were ignoring before.

Our bodies communicate on all three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. It is always important to treat the physical symptom first. Observing physical degeneration can be the first step to ascertaining what deeper habits and blocks exist.  And you absolutely cannot address your emotions when you are in physical pain! There is always more underneath that which needs to be healed. The physical is the most dense manifestation of an imbalance, but it always begins on a subtle emotional level.


Part of what I do is detect certain health problems and understanding the emotional and spiritual reasons behind them. I noticed I was consulting with several women who had thyroid issues. They were all very outspoken, felt comfortable communicating, and couldn’t understand why they were having issues in their throat chakra. All of them had creative/life purpose urges that they were repressing to accommodate the responsibilities of their family.

I guided them to a doctor to treat the condition, and I also encouraged them to pursue their creativity to heal the underlying cause. Because even if you heal the physical, the energy of the emotions underneath that are still looking for expression. For example, I also noticed that several clients with knee pain were afraid of making changes in their lives.  And I noticed that men with back pain often feel overwhelmed with their material responsibilities.

I see the western medicine as being an integral part of the healing process. In some cases, there is nothing better for treating the acute symptoms of imbalance – once it gets to that level. But treating the symptom is one part of the process.  You also want to clear the emotional and spiritual issues that led to the imbalance with physical changes as well.

So the next time you’re dealing with your chronic sciatica, by all means go to a doctor. But don’t forget that the sciatica, too, has a spiritual and emotional core, one that needs to be addressed if it is to be truly healed.

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