Love And The Art Of Boundaries

Boundaries Are Everywhere

Everything in nature has boundaries that act as a mechanism to keep the organism healthy. Take repotting a plant for instance. In order for that plant to thrive, it needs to be in the proper sized container. If the container is too large, that plant cannot take root, receive proper nourishment, or grow.

Too, the earth itself has a natural boundary. Our ozone layer helps filter harmful rays from our life-generating sun. So even though we need the sun, we also need to protect ourselves from the sun! Our intuition helps interpret what is healthy for us and what isn’t.

Sometimes, with those close to us, you have an impulse to pull away or draw boundaries, even in situations where that person seems to need us the most. In those situations, your intuition is speaking to you through your feelings. You can have faith that the other person will express their highest and best, by seeing their true self, which is pure love, while you maintain your space and give them space to do so.

The Higher Self and Unconditional Love

We often feel guilty about creating boundaries. We feel obligated to always be there for the other person with unconditional love. It is easy to be confused about unconditional love. Often, we interpret that as meaning we accept everything someone does to us and forgiving their actions. Perhaps another way of viewing this is viewing that person from the perspective of the Higher Self.

When a healer is helping someone else, they allow Divine Love to flow through them. They do this while maintaining a loving space through Present Time Consciousness. Whereas if the healer were to identify the other person’s pain with pity, rather than maintaining the vision of their true self as being whole and pure love, then they would inhibit that person’s healing.

Too, in our personal relationships, when someone is mistreating us or acting in a way that is not in alignment with their Higher Self, and we allow them to continuously do so, then we are doing both ourselves and the other person a disservice.

Unconditional love is holding the other person responsible for their actions with the belief and the vision of their highest and best, knowing that they, with the help of their Higher Self, can find the path towards healing. If we do their work for them, we inhibit their growth.

Grow and Learn

So when you have those feelings of mistrust, or needing space, that is often your intuition speaking to you. It is speaking through your Higher Self letting you know that their energy needs to be filtered for you to thrive and be able to love. It is saying that the balance in your relationship is not in harmony, and you need to pull back so that they can find their strength within themselves, rather than you giving them your power and energy.

If you find yourself feeling guilty about this, try viewing the other person from the perspective of their Higher Self. The Higher Self knows the meaning of all of our life’s struggles, challenges, triumphs, and joys. We are all here on this Earth to grow and learn!

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