Intuition In Action Is Not Wishful Thinking

Intuition In Action

Some of the most intuitive people I know have difficulty making decisions.

Many of my psychically sensitive clients come to me confused and feeling stuck. Their energy is scrambled.

Usually when I see this they have abandoned their intuition in exchange for some kind of illusion of security. They stay with a partner, job, or situation because they are afraid to listen to where their intuition is leading them. This leads to justifying and second guessing themselves.

When this happens, the heart and mind start playing energetic ping pong and the person doesn’t know what to do. Usually what happens is they start justifying by listening to their rationalization and NOT listening to their intuition (which takes a lot of energy!). They then wind up exhausted and even more confused than ever.

Be Honest & Empower Yourself

This often goes one step further where the person WANTS a different outcome than where their intuition is guiding them because they are afraid to give up their security. They wish, hope, attempt to manifest and law-of-attract their situation to be better.

And no matter how much they try to wish that their partner, job or situation is going to change, because they are hoping and visualizing, their intuition is telling them that something is not right, and they need to respond accordingly.

What needs to happen in these situations is for you to clearly and calmly ask yourself, why am I feeling confused? What is my intuition telling me is not right about my situation and what steps can I make to change?

It’s as simple as that! By doing so you are empowering yourself to make a choice rather than waiting for change to happen TO you.

Listen to where your intuition is guiding you. Step by step, moment by moment, you will find yourself moving away from disharmonious situations and into more positive ones when you have your intuition in action.

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