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Intuition is as natural as breathing

They call intuition a sixth sense. It is as essential to our joy and survival as seeing, touching, or hearing.

If you didn’t have intuition you wouldn’t be here now, reading this blog post. Perhaps you would have been eaten by a crocodile or fallen down a rabbit hole. Or you would have succumbed to something equally rash and dangerous.

You may think that it is logic alone that keeps you making good decisions. But, your intuition is active 24/7 in subtle and profound ways.

For instance, we are not aware of pheromones affecting our behavior because we can’t smell them, but they are still influencing everything we do (and making some folks act a little crazy :)).

Perception of Intuition

I use my intuition every day in every way. It is not only used in my personal day to day life, it’s what I use in my profession to help people. In fact, I help thousands of people using this gift. Every day, I receive emails from clients telling me how much our one little hour together changed their life for the better. It’s a gift and a blessing.

And yet, why is it every time someone asks me what I do for a living, I feel a little uncomfortable? Sure, we can harken it back to some past life where I was stoned to death or accused of being a witch and burned at the stake, but this feeling I have is very real right now. Somehow, I still have pangs of fear and even embarrassment about what I do.

Oh yes, people are nice most of the time. In fact, mostly they are intrigued. They find me to be a novelty, like I work in the circus as a flame thrower or contortionist. Or, I can tell that they are trying to be nice, when in fact they think I’m totally deluded.

And, just like people will say, “some of my best friends are…”, they’ll say to me, “I believe in intuition.”. As if intuition is something Ray Bradbury invented that we somehow managed to replicate here on earth. How can you not “believe” in intuition? That’s like not believing in hearing, seeing, or smelling!

These are nice people. There are also some others that feel that using your intuition, your sixth sense, (which is essential for your well being and survival), is evil. Friends of mine don’t want other people to know that they practice and study intuition because they will be ostracized.

I hid my interest out of fear that my office coworkers would not understand and ridicule me. Then, I was so far deep into that walk-in Carrie Bradshaw style closet I didn’t see any way out.

Compassion For Yourself And Others

Thankfully, I found my way out of the closet!  I had an epiphany. I realized that the more comfortable I am with who I am, the more other people would be too. And that’s when my life turned around. I “put myself out there”.

If someone had a problem judging me for who I was, it was THEIR problem, not mine. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I help people! As difficult as it was, if they judged me, I maintained my love and belief in myself and didn’t take it personally. How sad for them that they were only utilizing five senses instead of six! I needed to have compassion for them instead of fear.

By doing this, I began to gain more confidence in myself personally and professionally. My life and business flourished!

Express Your Gifts

The same can happen for you. Are you expressing who you fully are in the world? Are you being totally authentic to yourself, or are you making safe choices that you think are more secure or socially acceptable?

It’s a Universal law that your external world is a mirror for how you treat yourself. If you believe and accept yourself, because you are intuitively honoring your true nature, you will be supported by the external world and we will celebrate you for it!

So what are you waiting for? Your intuition is your greatest gift to realize your life’s potential. So get your psychic groove on! Honor it, listen to it, don’t be afraid of it ‘cuz it won’t bite you. And let the world know you are living large with all sixth senses!  Shine on you crazy diamond.

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