Heal Your Past Lives To Change Your Future

Heal Your Past Lives To Change Your Future

Have you ever met someone and felt magnetically attracted to them, all the while feeling like you have known them before?

They become your best friend, or your soul mate.  It feels like heaven on earth because there is such familiarity. Other times the relationship ends in total disaster and you ask yourself how you could have ever felt so comfortable with them!

The reason you feel so familiar with these people is because you have met them before in another lifetime. Perhaps you have been spouses or siblings many lifetimes before in a totally harmonious and loving way.

OR, you can have unfinished business with them, and you have made a pre-birth agreement to heal your karma with each other.

Being in a karmic relationship can sometimes feel like a cruel trick from the Universe.

Or perhaps you feel that your intuition has led you astray, but that is never the case.

Your soul always seeks to develop love and compassion. Heal unresolved issues from past lives as a necessary part of your spiritual growth.

I’ve been fascinated by past lives as long as I can remember (in this life and probably some previous ones, too!). Even after doing thousands of readings, I am constantly astounded by the correlation between our current situations and past life circumstances.

I’m reminded of the young girl currently debilitated by fibromyalgia.  In a past life she begged God to take the pain from her son and give it to her instead.  She’s still carrying it around to this day.

I think of the woman who is constantly dealing with environmental illness, moldy apartments and cruel landlords. In a past life she was a Native American driven off her land into the Trail of Tears.

I remember the man who can’t find love because of his previous incarnation.  He was a woman betrayed by her spouse and is still holding onto the fear of abandonment.

You can trace most challenging situations back to a past life circumstance.

In my experience as a psychic and an energy healer, knowing your past life patterns can help you heal your current life.  Insight into what you’ve been carrying through your incarnations can bring immense relief and often spontaneous healing.

You might feel like you’ve tried everything.  Perhaps you’ve tried to heal your relationships, your body, and emotions but still find yourself in the same negative circumstances.

If this is the case, then it’s worth taking a look at your past life patterns..

You can heal your past lives without reliving them.

There’s a reason you don’t remember your past lives. It’s the same reason you don’t remember EVERY event that transpired in your childhood. It would be overwhelming.

Yet, it’s important to understand the karmic patterns you might be carrying forward lifetime after lifetime. It’s time to set yourself free!

So, how do you do that?

First of all, it’s important to recognize the circumstances and types of relationships you attract over and over again. For instance, do you always attract romantic partners who are emotionally unavailable?

Or perhaps you always find yourself in work situations where you don’t get paid enough yet do more work than everyone else. Or perhaps you find you attract people who disappoint or betray you.

Ask yourself now…what life circumstances have I attracted over and over again?

Do some journaling. Write down some instances where you made choices that allowed these circumstances to happen.

This can be very challenging. Even though things happen TO you, oftentimes you made choices along the way that allowed them to happen. Perhaps you didn’t listen to the red flags. Perhaps you wanted to believe something different than what your intuition was telling you.

Or maybe your need to please others caused you to do things that weren’t good for you. If you take time to look at the challenging situations in your life, you will begin to see a theme.

Bringing these patterns to your consciousness can often heal them.

Yet, you might have some deeper karmic issues at play. It’s possible you took past life vows, oaths, or soul contracts that are keeping you stuck in certain patterns. In which case, it’s helpful to have some assistance.

Hypnotherapists can often help you heal past life issues that are residing in your subconscious.

I also have a Soul Healing series that can help you heal your past life patterns once and for all. You don’t need to do everything yourself.

You don’t need to wait until your next life to enjoy this one!


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