Take Back Your Divinity!

Take Back Your Divinity!

As an intuitive counselor, I have the opportunity to work with many people very personally. It is a blessing for me to share in people’s lives so intimately.

I have often found that my clients reflect the very thoughts and feelings that are within me. My experience has shown that many of us are overcoming our issues simultaneously. It is as if through our collective consciousness, we are transcending the same lessons together as a group.

New Boundaries

Our task of late seems to confront the core of our spirituality. We long for direct communication with Spirit, while seeking guidance and communion with others. Though ultimately liberating, the self-directed path can often leave us conflicted. We are caught between our personal beliefs and a self-imposed view of what we think our beliefs should be.

This makes sense. We are coming out of the Piscean Age and into the Age of Aquarius. Boundaries of self are changing and we need to learn to think for ourselves in a unique way. Please take heart that though your struggle is unique and personal, you are not alone!

Many people here in the west, disenchanted with the constrictions of our Judeo-Christian heritage have either turned to Eastern religions such as Buddhism, New Age spirituality, or have abandoned religion altogether. Religion has become a dirty word for many of us, carrying with it a sense of guilt, shame, restriction, rules, patriarchy, or just plain wrongness.

Why? Because through our religions we were often taught we had to be/think/act/feel the way the priest, minister or rabbi told us to be. If we questioned, we would soon learn that if we prayed more, sacrificed our passions and beliefs, and repented from our sins, that we would truly know God.

So many of us, who could no longer ignore our inner stirrings gave up “religion” for “spirituality”. We were drawn to something more personal that allows us the belief that God, Christ, Buddha, Source, lies within each one of us. Embracing a vast perspective that, beyond our naked eye, are Spirit Guides, angels, divas, nature spirits, and vibrant dimensions beyond our comprehension.

Old Wisdom

This is a bold step! Since the inquisition against Goddess culture nearly 3000 years ago, people in the west have been conditioned through brutal tactics. There has been purging, burning, intimidation, and Crusades to relinquish power to authority figures. Church and government officials, slowly, brutally, and successfully, established patriarchal dominance.

Presently, thankfully, as the Age of Aquarius is dawning (I couldn’t help but use that expression!) we are seeing the reemergence of Goddess culture, respect for Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine, the Source.

After 3000 years of inertia, we are waking up to the fact that Divinity, Christ Consciousness, the Buddha, perfect, whole, wise, complete, lies within each one of us. Perhaps you are feeling this yourself.

However, it seems that even those of us who know this to be true are afraid of it. We are afraid of claiming our divinity, our wisdom, our psychic gifts, our truth. We are afraid we will be wrong or embarrassed at least, or eternally damned at worst.

Why? We are fighting against 3000 years of oppression, remember? 3,000 years where people were forced to give up their power to the patriarchy or suffer dangerous consequences.

So, even though many of us have turned to beautiful practices such as Buddhism or Spiritualism, or have reclaimed the beauty within our Judeo-Christian heritage, we have retained our guilt, shame and fear.

If our favorite Lama, Rinpoche, guru, psychic or teacher states something as their truth, even though in our hearts minds and spirits it doesn’t resonate with us, we are afraid to disagree, for fear of the eternal consequences.

However, most of these Lamas, Rinpoches, gurus, psychics and teachers will encourage you to use their teachings only as guidelines, and remind you to follow your heart to the Truth that lies within your Self.

A Path Forward

Here is a good litmus test; if you feel something strongly in your heart, ask yourself – does this desire or belief benefit not just you but others as well? If the answer is Yes! Continue. Am I doing any harm to anyone? If the answer is No! You’re doing great!

Try a little experiment for the next few weeks. Tune out everybody else’s opinion but yours. If you notice someone else’s opinion, acknowledge it, honor it, then put it aside. The best way to tune into your own inner voice is to tune out everyone else’s.

Spend the next few weeks listening to your heart. When you reclaim the truth inside yourself, you will never waver in your step. There will be no need to question who to trust, because you have unwavering trust in yourself.

Trust your Divinity. Trust yourself. Now THAT is devotion.

Blessings on your journey!

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