Past Life Connections With Your Family

Nobody can push your emotional buttons like your family

You may love and cherish your family very much. Your time together is wonderful.

Or, you feel that they misunderstand you and you want them to appreciate you more. Or, you long for a sense of family you never had, (or maybe a combination of both).

How you feel about your family permeates every area of your life. That’s because we all long to be part of a tribe. It’s essential to our well being.

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s worth repeating. You choose your family before you are born. Besides your romantic partners, your family relationships are your most potent opportunity for spiritual growth.

We’re on this planet to learn about every aspect of love. What better way to learn how to love than to HAVE to be with people your whole life?

There is a reason the words family and familiar have the same root. You have known your family before. You have most likely had past lives with every member in your family – multiple lifetimes.

It’s very common for souls to incarnate together over and over again, in different roles. You have all agreed to be in each other’s lives with the same intention – to learn how to love. Sometimes that means you challenge each other, sometimes you support each other, and quite often, it’s a combination of both.

Fill you heart with love

When you learn to love and accept your family members without judgement or wanting them to change who they are, something amazing takes place. You liberate yourself from being burdened by what they say or do. You can live your life on your own terms and experience true compassion.

I encourage you to view your family members as your spiritual teachers, offering you whatever lessons your soul desired for you to grow. By doing so, you take responsibility for your own life and happiness. You will open your heart to experience love on a much deeper level. And when you do, you will feel at home.

When you have a spiritual perspective about your family dynamics, it can really change how you feel about yourself and your life. Remember, the more love you have in your heart, the more love you feel from others.

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