Creating A Positive Self Image

The Messages Around Us

I was on a road trip recently when I noticed the license plate in front of me. It was almost the same as mine. Take heed, I thought, your guides are trying to tell you something.

Every time there is a recurrence of letters, numbers, or events, it signals a symbolic message from your Divine helpers.

Within one hour or so, I saw three consecutive license plates that really made me think. The first one read, “IN DEBT.” I almost thought it was funny, but a little alarming that someone would pay extra to let us know that!

The second one read, “IT NERD.” IT, I am assuming for Information Technology, and I thought the self-deprecating humor was a bit overdone for a license plate, and it made me feel uneasy.

The third license plate read, “FAILURE.” Can you imagine? Someone actually paid money to put that on a license plate, to bring attention to themselves, and have everyone read that!

Understandably, I couldn’t find the humor in it, I only felt sorry for the person. Then I wanted to know – what are my guides trying to tell me?

The message was instantly clear.

Expression of Self Image

When we have thoughts about ourselves, positive or negative, we carry those thoughts with us. We create an image of ourselves that is projected outward for others to read about us. And just as those drivers spent extra money for self-effacing license plates, it is often extra energy for us to carry around a negative self-image, than to assume the best for ourselves with a positive one.

Why do we do this? Oftentimes it is to protect ourselves from disappointment. What if we think we are really beautiful and then someone comes along and criticizes our looks? We fear that we will then we feel doubly stupid and embarrassed!

What if you think you are really smart and talented at something, and you don’t get any clients for your craft? Or, what if you don’t do well on tests, or you can’t get a job in your field? It becomes embarrassing to try and then fail, as opposed to never trying at all.

The irony is that a negative self-image, somewhere, subtly, may be keeping us from succeeding in the first place. There may be a little voice inside your head that says you need to live in poverty to be a successful artist, or that you are destined never to have money, or that you are a loner by nature, and therefore aren’t good at meeting people. You get the picture.

Make A Shift

How do we remedy this? First, notice your thoughts! Spend at least one day taking stock of what you are thinking, especially when you are interacting with other people.

When you are talking to someone new, are you thinking “they think I’m an idiot” or “they’re looking at my big nose”? Even a positive self-image can have negative subconscious thoughts – “they think I’m conceited because I’m good-looking.” You will be surprised at how many times a day you label yourself, good or bad.

The next step is, notice your thoughts about other people and how often you criticize them! Perhaps because we know how harsh our critic is, we are so afraid of it in other people. This exercise is very interesting!

Finally, whenever you notice a label or criticism in your mind, try to replace it with something positive. We did a wonderful exercise in theater school once while I was acting. The director had us all walk around the room as if we were in a gown (or fancy suit). We were to imagine the most beautiful one we could think of.

Then we glided around the room with our imaginary gowns and felt the beauty of it, the fabric, the texture, our hair was coiffed, our faces Divine, and experienced that luxury. then we would stop and notice the person across from us, silently admired their exquisiteness and sauntered on. Oh – it was heavenly!

Then, he had us do this exercise as if we were stark naked, and proudly walked about the room feeling beautiful and admiring others. What a marvelous feeling! Because it was a theatre exercise, none of us had any shame or embarrassment in feeling beautiful, proud, wealthy, Divine. Joy filled the whole room!

Create The Best You

I think back on this exercise whenever I need a lift, and try to replicate it in different ways. Try to picture yourself wealthy, happy, beautiful, graceful, kind, and admire the exquisiteness in others.

Become successful by thinking of yourself as such. Create the self-image that you desire. Others see you that way; they pick up on it, and have confidence in you. Always expect the best for yourself. Why not?

Remember, even the wealthiest, most physically attractive celebrities have some people think they are funny looking, or not talented etc. Has that held them back? There will always be people who believe in you, and people who don’t. Who do you want to listen to? Ideally none of them. Concentrate on the Divine spark within you, and you will shine!

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