How To Find True Love

I want you to attract more true love into your life.

Too often, I see people either stay in unhappy relationships way too long. Or, they stay single and give up on love altogether.

You never need to settle! If you desire true love, you can have it!

Love is the strongest energy in the Universe. You are divinely designed to be a vehicle for love.

If you have a desire to be in a healthy, harmonious, and happy romantic relationship, then you have all the power within you to attract it. We live in a benevolent Universe.

You will never be given a desire without the means to fulfill your desire.

3 techniques to attract more true love into your life

Fall in love with yourself

If you want someone to love and adore you, shower you with appreciation, and support you emotionally, you need to be your own BFF. Look at yourself through the eyes of beauty. Instead of focusing on what you’re doing wrong, praise yourself for what you’re doing right, and by all means, lavish yourself with time and attention!

Pursue your passions

If you’re looking for passionate romance, and you are not doing anything in your life that makes your heart sing, your relationships will fall flat. Take time every day to engage in soul satisfying, spirit-soaring endeavors. Attract amazing people into your life with your newly charged energy!

Love yourself as you are

If you feel like you need to lose weight, make more money, tuck your tummy, and tighten your abs in order for someone to love you, then the message you are telling yourself, and the Universe is that you are not good enough now. Remind yourself that who you are right now is beautiful and worthy of receiving love.

Practice these simple steps and observe how differently people respond to you. All relationships are a mirror for how you treat yourself. When you treat yourself with true love, kindness and compassion, others will too.

If you want to take your love life to a whole new level, I’ve created a Soul Mates, Love and Relationships class as I share with you the Universal Laws of love, help you release the energy from the past that’s holding you back, and let more true love into your life.

Love rules!

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