How Making Friends Will Help You Prosper

Friends are invaluable!

Everyone wants to make more money, contribute to society, and help make the world a better place in addition to making friends. It’s a natural instinct to feel like you are using your life force to create a better life not only for yourself, but for others as well.

This is because long ago we lived in tribes and villages. This was a time before we isolated ourselves in steel cars and private domiciles. Somewhere in our ancestral memory is the recollection of  being part of a greater collective.

Here, everyone worked and played together in community. Everyone had their role to play and people looked out for one another.

Abundance in the modern world

Now in the 21st Century, each one of us is our own little tribe. We have to cook, clean, child rear, co-create, recreate and make a living. Even if your hunting and gathering is now at Whole Foods, you still have to bring home the tempeh bacon!

It can get overwhelming to do everything that needs to be done, while finding time to advance yourself in the world. Making friends can be overwhelming too.

So how do you do it on your own? You don’t! It takes a village. Even if villages don’t look like they do in Merchant Ivory films, you still need community to enhance your emotional and financial well-being.

Success from the ground up

In our energetic body are our seven major chakras. Our most primal chakra at the base of the spine is called the root chakra. This governs all of our foundational physical functions including our bones, blood and immunity, as well as our finances, home, and family.

Just like a tree, each one of us needs a strong root chakra to grow and evolve. If you grew up with a strong sense of family, feeling loved, nurtured, protected and supported, most likely as an adult you will easily find your place in the world. You will be good at making friends and building relationships.

Alternately, growing up perhaps you felt like a stranger in a strange land. Maybe you felt too sensitive or that you didn’t resonate with your family or those around you. You might still have traces of those feelings now in your business and life. Without a strong root chakra, which is your energetic foundation, it’s difficult to grow to the light and blossom.

There is hope! Instead of focusing on everything you need to do all by yourself, (which is most likely daunting and overwhelming), take time to find your community instead. It could be a spiritual group, people to play and recreate with, or both!

Creating and nurturing a feeling of belonging with your chosen community will anchor you into your body, your life, and the world in ways that are infinitely more enriching and productive than anything you can do on your own.

When you do that, magic happens. Doors open. Opportunities abound. You have fun. It’s a good thing!

It’s time for you now to stop struggling and start receiving.

Find your tribe, branch out and grow! Your people are waiting for you!

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