Shine Your Light! How To Act Like A Spirit Guide

Spirit Guides are hilarious!

I’m often amazed and delighted when my Spirit Guides show up during an intense reading to make me laugh.

Seriously, I could be talking about the most heart-wrenching subject, and my Guides will stand behind my client dancing like a jester or making funny faces. Why would these wise beings do this?

It’s because I’m beginning to get wrapped up in my client’s pain, and by doing so, I can no longer help them. When my Spirit Guides lighten my heart, I can be a light for others.

As difficult as it may be to understand the human drama, there is, without a doubt, a higher purpose for all our challenging experiences. Our Higher Self knows it, and so do our angels and guides.

As humans, part of our task here is to transmute negative energy (fear, jealousy, hatred, guilt and shame) into the pure vibration of love. If we get wrapped up in our story, we can feel like victims. However, if we view our situation from the perspective of our soul, we can see the higher purpose and move through it with grace.

If you truly want to help your loved ones, you must raise your vibration to love, instead of entraining to their energy of fear. For instance, if someone was drowning in the ocean, you wouldn’t want to jump in and get pulled down with them, would you? You would want a life vest and a raft, something buoyant to pull you both back to safety.

That’s why Spirit Guides have such a delicious sense of humor! They live in the light, so they teach us to BE light.

The next time you start to feel sorry for someone else, here are three things you can do instead:

  • Detach from their drama –  If you feel sorry while they feel bad then you both suffer! Raise your vibration and hold the space in the energy of love and you will both feel better!
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously – No matter how dire a situation, sometimes humor is the best medicine. It brings light to dark places.
  • Visualize a successful outcome – Rather than focusing on challenges and problems, focus on solutions. This begins to expand your energy and open you up to divine possibilities which are endless.

These 3 simple, yet powerful, steps will amaze you. Soon, you will be acting like a spirit guide and being a true earth angel for those in need. More importantly YOU will feel good too. When you have a light heart, you can shine your light for all the world.

Lighten up and enjoy the journey!

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