Kari Samuels

Spirit Guides – Who They Are & How They Help You

Your Spirit Guides want to connect with you!

You are loved, supported and protected beyond your imagination. Your Spirit Guides are always with you directing you toward your destiny.

Do you know who they are?

In this video, I share with you insight into your Spirit Guide team that I’ve learned from doing thousands of psychic readings.

You’ll learn:

  • What Spirit Guides soul connection is to your past life and current incarnation
  • Your Spirit Guide’s chief role to guide you toward your destiny and soul’s purpose
  • The difference between Spirit Guides and Angels
  • Whether you have one Spirit Guide your whole life or if they come and g
  • Whether or not you need to know your Spirit Guide’s name or what that look like

If you want to delve deeper, I’ve created this course for you: https://karisamuels.com/psychic-activation-spirit-guides/

Enjoy and share the love!


Additional Resources for You:

Manifest with Your Spirit Guides

Manifest with Your Spirit Guides – Guided Meditation

You have infinite support in fulfilling your heart’s desires.

With the assistance of your Spirit Guides, your life becomes a magical adventure.  They will help you every step of the way.

In this audio, you will connect with your Spirit Guides for healing and direction as you transform your stress into pure love.

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Psychic Salon

Psychic Salon - Group Reading

2 Live Online Group Psychic Readings
Tuesday, April 23rd - 12pm PDT  &
Wednesday, April 24th - 5pm PDT

Your chance to connect with Kari for a reading. During this live, online interactive event, Kari chooses several people on the call to receive psychic readings, during which, Kari intuitively answers personal questions for those chosen for a reading. Everyone in the group benefits from the wisdom and healing that transpires.

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Psychic Activation

Psychic Activation with Your Spirit Guides

Expand your sixth sense and connect with your celestial support team for divine guidance, healing and support.

In this Masterclass you will connect with your Spirit Guides for answers to any decisions or inquiries, release your past life fears about expressing your psychic gifts, learn psychic protection techniques so you are free from negative energies and held in a high vibration of love, and much more!

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