Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting your dreams into reality with our empowering techniques. Unleash your potential and create the life you desire.

Dreams really do come true!

I’m living dreams that have been in my heart for decades.

I remember one of the first BIG dreams I had manifested. I wanted to be a speaker at a tele-summit, manifesting your dreams. It seemed impossible at first, since I was listening to the show while I was working at my office job in Pittsburgh. And yet, just a few years later I was on the show as a featured expert (and living in sunny San Diego)!

Being a part of that series has been a dream I have had for a loooong time. I listened to it for years. There was a BIG part of me that always said, “You should be on there!”. And of course, being human, there was also another part of me that said, “You’re not ready.”  And of course, another voice that said, “that’s for other people, not you!” But deep down, I knew it was meant to be.

Has that happened to you? You feel great about something you desire deeply in your heart, and then all of those rational voices in your head tell you the many reasons it’s not going to happen for you?

Many of my dreams are coming true this year, and I want to tell you how I did it, manifesting your dreams.  These five techniques stand the test of time.  I can assure you, if they work for me, they can work for you!

Celebrate other people’s success

I listened to people on the healing summits that I wanted to join. But, I did not allow that, “I’m not good enough” feeling to take hold when it arose. Instead, I sent a blessing to them, being happy for their success, and manifesting your dreams.  I then reminded myself “If they can do it, I can do it!!”

If someone is able to accomplish something great, they are paving the way for others to show what’s possible. What a blessing that is for all of us!

Receive inspiration from your Higher Self

Have you ever felt truly inspired? Have you had that feeling that you get when you are filled with creativity and joy about what is unfolding? The Spirit guides you during those magical times. Your Higher Self, Angels, and Spirit Guides want you to fulfill your life’s purpose. They can see your opportunities and will guide you toward them.

Instead of simply writing down your goals and action steps, which might be coming from your MIND instead of your SPIRIT, spend some time in meditation and ask your Higher Self to show you your vision for your future. You’ll know it’s right because every cell in your being will light up with joy!

Tune into your intuition through manifesting your dreams

If you have an image in your mind that pops up frequently, a feeling in your gut that you’re meant to do something or a desire that is deep within you, that is your intuition speaking to you. Your divine beings communicate to you through your intuition so you can KNOW WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU and manifesting your dreams.

When you’re on your path, no matter how far away your destination feels, there’s something inside of you that delights in the journey. You’ll feel every cell of your being light up with joy when you’re on the path of destiny and manifesting your dreams.

If you find you’re making decisions and your body doesn’t feel energized, ask your Higher Self to show you a more inspired action. There’s something better waiting for you and manifesting your dreams.

Listen to your intuition, not everyone else’s

Can I let you in on a little secret? I don’t make Vision Boards! That’s Manifesting 101 right? Everyone tells you that Vision Boards are necessary for creating what you want. Yet, they’ve never appealed to me.

Going through stacks and stacks of magazines full of paper (I’d rather see trees in a forest) with glossy advertising, just doesn’t motivate me. When I visualize something in my mind, it’s specific to what my guides are showing me, not what I see outside of me and manifesting your dreams.

I’m very clairaudient, meaning I hear messages from my Guides as intuitive downloads. I’m also clairsentient, meaning I feel intuition in my body. For years, in my mind, I kept hearing myself being interviewed by the host of that telesummit, as if it was real. I knew that was my Guides showing me that was something they wanted me to manifest and manifesting your dreams.

As I heard these interviews in my mind, I could feel the joy of sharing my messages with the people listening. Because I have had this experience in my mind frequently (I didn’t conjure it, received it from my Guides). This also helped prepare me energetically and manifesting your dreams.

Your intuition is as unique as you are! Honor how YOU see and sense your reality. Don’t try to super-impose someone else’s idea about what’s right on what you know in your heart and manifesting your dreams.

Let your imagination expand by manifesting your dreams

If you can imagine something, you can create it. Yet, how much do you allow yourself to imagine what you really, really want? How often to you say to yourself, “I don’t want to get my hopes up!” or “I won’t expect anything, that way I won’t be disappointed.”

Of course, it’s always great to detach from the outcome, and let Spirit show you the best possibility for you. Yet, you can always count on Spirit to offer something amazing for you!

Expect the best and you’ll receive it. Dream bigger than you usually allow yourself. Expand your imagination and that will expand your life!

It’s your turn now…

I hope that I have inspired you.  The Universe gives you desire, and all that you need to fulfill your dreams.  It doesn’t matter how far that you think your dream is out of reach.

Dream big and live from your heart!

Enjoy and share the love!

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