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Manifest Your Heart’s Desires in the New Moon

Everything’s like a sign. When I’m filming my Mercury retrograde videos, it’s always like crazy, crazy, crazy. This happens. I was once filming a Scorpio video and Scorpio is all about death and rebirth. And there was a vulture there.  I always think the way things are filmed or, what happens while I’m filming or, creating something is, indicative of what’s going to be happening. So we are in eclipse season and eclipses bring up all kinds of stuff and they help you go with the flow. And so I really feel like me having trouble getting on this video with you guys to be live right now, I think that that’s a teaching lesson cause everything that happens is always a lesson for us, a teaching lesson. So, let’s unpack this then.

New Moon Eclipse Magic

So I had all this trouble getting on to Facebook with you because it was a new technology and me and Jess, you may know Jess, my Chief Happiness Officer, we thought we should test it and then we just got too busy and I was like, oh, it’ll be fine. I’ll just hit go live. And like you know, I’m trying to be all cool about it. And then thankfully she was here with me and helped me through this and we set it up another way. But right now in 2019, we’re going to be learning a lot of lessons about time management and discipline and preparation because we have a lot of Capricorn energy and we just had this new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn, which I’m going to tell you all about and what this means for you.

But a lot of that is boundaries and time management and all kinds of goodness like that. So I know that doesn’t sound like goodness to have time management, but it is in the long run. So note to self note to everybody that it’s a wonderful time for you to square your corners because that’s part of what Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn teaches us is to square corners and to be prepared and to also have very good time management and boundaries. If you have Capricorn in your birth chart, then yeah, this is going to be an a really amazing year for you because it’s like more Capricorn per capita than you’ve experienced before.

Manifest Your Heart’s Desires in the New Moon

So welcome. So here’s what we’re going to do today. This is going to be a magical time because we’re in a magical time right now at the time that we are recording this and experiencing this live together, we just experienced the first new moon of 2019, which happened to be a new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn.

Now starting off the year with a new moon solar eclipse is pretty spectacular. So I want to tell you all about what these eclipses are about, what eclipses are like in general, what they mean, how they impact your life, and also what this Capricorn eclipses. So it doesn’t matter even if you’re watching this days, months, even years from now, there’s so much to learn about eclipses in general and how Capricorn is your teacher. Because we all have Capricorn somewhere in our chart. Even if you don’t have planets there, it is somewhere in your chart.

Capricorn is a great teacher for us in general. So we’re going to be learning about what those lessons are because they are life lessons that we can take anywhere, anytime in our life. We’re going to talk about the magic of eclipses and how to manage that magical energy. Then we’re going to get together here and calling your spirit guides and angels and defined team so that you have protection.

New Moon Manifesting

So you have guidance and wisdom moving forward throughout this year and every day of your life. And we’re going to do some manifesting. We’re going to create intentions. Now, how I teach you to create intentions is very different than how you’ve learned it before. I tend to disagree with how a lot of people at teach intentions because it’s not always heart-centered, it’s not always soul centered.

I want to teach you how to create intentions from your heart in alignment with your higher self, in alignment with your soul so that you can really radiate positive and attract what you want in a way that’s in alignment with your soul’s purpose. That is very emotionally energized because that is what really moves energy. Okay? That’s what really draws positive people in circumstances to you. I’m loving seeing everybody tell me about recording their chart and all of these wonderful things.

So keep the comments rolling. I’m so happy. It’s just so wonderful to connect with these. It’s so different because I’m usually doing videos for YouTube or whatever and I’m just talking at the camera and imagining you with me. So it’s really great to actually have you with me. I’m going to be doing more of this.

Your Experiences

So also throughout this I’d love to hear your comments about your experiences and your questions if you have them and also moving forward what you want to know more of in the future so that we can do more of this together. I’m really excited. And 2019 is really a year of connection. It’s a year of really connecting with people and emotionally connecting with people. It’s also a year where you’re going to be putting yourself out there more and more and more in ways that feel vulnerable.

This could be in your personal life, this could be in your professional life. Most likely it’s both. You really can’t separate any of it. Can you? Like we live in this holographic universe, so as soon as you change and expand one area of your life and as soon as you are more of yourself then it just affects everything in really positive ways.

Example of Courage

So I know it’s scary when you hear like, Oh, you’re going to be more vulnerable or you’re going to be more authentic, but really like, why would you want anything else? Why would you not want to be yourself? I was watching Ellen Degeneres’ Netflix special the other day, which I totally recommend and I totally love. She’s just such a bright light and she…I’m not gonna, this is not a spoiler. I’m certainly not going to give away any of Ellen Degeneres’ stuff. Besides it’s all in her delivery.

But she was talking about coming out as gay. She talked about when she was coming out and lost her job. She lost her sitcom, brands and a lot of alliances, which is crazy. And she said when she did it her worst fears were imagined at first. Then it was the best thing she’s ever done. Now she’s had this wonderful show for 16 years where she just gets to be herself. And the thing is, when we’re hiding parts of, in one where when we’re repressing all that we have been and you’re afraid of showing the world who you really are. It’s like living in a box. It’s like putting yourself in a cage. You’re totally limiting the joy and expansion that you can have.

You’re not going to find people in your life who truly love you for who you are. And then so yay for Ellen and yay for her to inspire all of us. She helped so many more people in the world by doing that. That is really what the energy is right now. The energy this year, whether you’re watching this now or 20 years from now, these are the same lessons.

Three Universal Year and the New Moon

But it’s happening right now. We’re in a three universal year right now in 2019 when we’re doing this all together live. This is a three universal year and three is the number of self-expression and heartfelt expression and three can make you more sensitive to how other people are feeling about you. Yet, the shadow side of that is self doubt and not saying what you feel because you’re afraid of how people are going to respond to you. You’re going to be afraid of what people think of you. You’re afraid of rejection.

Yet the light side of this number and this energy is to totally share what’s in your heart. When you share from the heart you’re connected to your heart. That is the energy that changes everything. This is how we’re going to create intentions together today as well. It is with your heart so that you’re not just like thinking about what you want and nothing here is connected. It changes everything.

So I’m really excited to share this experience with you and it’s going to be a wonderful year. It’s really exciting and we’re going to have a wonderful time together right now. So thank you for being here and thank you for showing up so much about changing your life is showing up. And again, that’s what the Saturn and Capricorn energy is teaching us is how to show up, how to take responsibility by showing up to do what it is that you’re born to do.

Eclipses and the New Moon

So let’s all show up and do that. Here I am doing something new because I’m not used to this Facebook live stuff and I’m exhilarated. I’m so happy to be here with you. So yes, please, let’s all do more new things. I’m going to take a sip of water. Stand by my favorite cups, Mason jars.

So let’s talk about eclipses and why this year began with an eclipse as well. Because this, you know, nothing in the universe is random. You hear me say that all the time, especially in numerology and astrology. You really see that every letter in your name is divinely destined. Your birthday, you choose when you want to be born because that’s like an alignment that’s going to help you fulfill your soul’s purpose, the planets, the numbers, every letter, letter in your name.

It’s all very divinely designed. So when I look at the start of the year or the patterns throughout the year, you know, you really do see patterns. And so as you probably know, I’m preparing for my 2019 premium psychic forecast. And if you haven’t joined me with that yet, I’ll put a link here for you so that you can  join me for that. Because we’re going to be talking about the whole year.

11 Master Number and the New Moon

I started preparing for that a few months ago. I love to see like what’s coming up, especially since like, Oh my goodness, 2018. What was that about? That was actually new at the beginning of 2018 when I was preparing for that year, the forecast, I knew it was going to be very challenging. The thing is when we have master numbers, it’s just, you know, and then there was all these retrogrades. So what that was preparing us for the 11 master number, which is illuminating and it takes you to the next step of your soul’s evolution in all those retrogrades that we had.

What does that do? That gets you to go inside anytime there’s a retrograde planet. It’s not just to trip you up. Nothing exists to trip you up. You get tripped up if you’re not going with it. It was really to get you to go back and say, what is my soul? What’s connected to my soul? What is my soul telling me? What is inside of me that needs to be shared?.

Oh, and I see Jess, our Chief Happiness Officer just shared that link with you. There is a description here and we’ll put in there too. Thank you Jess. So there was all that going within energy, right? There was all this like, well that’s not what’s working for me anymore.

Super Moon and New Moon

That is a way I’m putting myself in a box. That is a way I’m keeping myself too small. Those people can’t treat me like that anymore. This is not gonna work. So there was a lot of that and I’d love to hear what your experience has been. It was so much of that retrograde energy that you probably were realizing what you didn’t have as much momentum moving forward.

So here’s what happened with this new moon. We began and ended the year with a full moon super moon in cancer, which is very emotional. This is different. Full moons are always about letting go. New moons are always about initiating and starting something new, creating your intentions. It’s always like a new beginning. When I was looking at the energy of 2019, it blew my mind. Because, oh, by the way, don’t you love when people say it literally blew my mind because that’s impossible.

But it blew my mind. Because I it was the synchronicity and the patterns of renewal, energy of energy, of starting. Just like we’re beginning this year with the new moon, that’s a new moon, a solar eclipse, and we’re gonna talk to you about that, but also like we are ending with the new moon.

New Moon Eclipse

Whereas last year was all about the emotion and the super moon and cancer is ruled by the moon as well. So much of that emotion, this is about starting and taking responsibility for showing up. And expressing yourself and really all the things that you were waiting for and realizing that you wanted to do and you wanted to change about your life, not just last year but like the past seven years, the past eight years have been so intense that way. Really since that 2012 gateway that the Mayans had talked about.

Like that gateway opened up a whole other cosmos. So since you’ve been realizing more and more and more what it is that you want out of your life and what it is that you’re not going to tolerate anymore and how you’re going to expand eclipse energy.

So full moon eclipses. Let me go back. Eclipses always bring to light things that have been previously eclipse from your consciousness. They bring up things from the shadows even as far back as your past lives. So let’s say you had many past lives where you have done that. You’ve played too small, you put yourself in a box, you took stuff from other people when you needed to stand up for yourself. It comes up for you during these eclipses. Now, new moon solar eclipses always happened during the new moon.

New Moon Solar Eclipse

So a new moon solar eclipse at the top of the year is the universe saying it wants you two do something dramatic. It’s like hitting the reset button on your entire life. Fateful dramatic events often get initiated during the new moon. Solar eclipse, fateful connections.

You could meet your soul mate. You can. People have babies, some people get married, some people get divorced. You can have a huge revelation, but it’s an incredible time for this initiation for something really new that connected to your destiny. Okay, so the thing is the eclipses are associated with the nodes of the moon. I’m not going to get into the astronomy of the nodes of the moon, but basically the South node of the moon is your karma. This is all the stuff you want to release from your life. The North node is where you’re headed.

Since the South node, which is associated with our karma, is actually activated during this new moon solar eclipse. This awakening, this revelation is what you have been in right now and will continue. Eclipses are always two weeks apart. This whole two weeks is going to be a huge revelation for you about how you want to make your mark on the world, how you want to shine more brightly. Because there’s that moment where the sun’s light is eclipsed and is a total reset. It’s his total awakening.

Uranus and the New Moon

The sun is your consciousness. It’s how you radiate in the world. And it’s how you share your unique light and your magnetism. There’s this revelation happening right at the top of the year. Right after that eclipse happened, Uranus, the planet of revolutionary change, the planet of freedom. Totally. We went direct and from that moment we have two months of no retrogrades.

This is like right after we hit the reset button with this eclipse. Oh look, it’s three my time. Woo. Right after we hit the reset button. It’s like the universe saying full speed ahead. No, go for it. This is your time. Pursue your dreams. You’re like a race horse out of the gate.

Now it doesn’t mean you should trip yourself up in hurry because it’s in the sign of Capricorn. The sun has a once a year meeting with Saturn, which is the ruler of Capricorn. And that happened on the second day of the year. So this is another way of saying we have all this creativity and expression, but Saturn gives you the discipline for your day to day tasks to pursue your dreams. It gives you the boundaries to put around your life and your yourself that you have not disciplined to pursue your dreams.

Intentions in the New Moon

As you can see, this is an incredibly exciting time. This two weeks, especially after this new moon eclipse that we had is now when we’re in the waxing phase of the moon, right? The moon waxes and grows. This is how we’re growing your intentions, right? Your intentions grow with the light of the moon and they grow and they gain late in the game life. So it’s a wonderful time to set your intentions. It’s a wonderful time to really put energy toward those intentions. So amazing, right? Like the universe is incredible.

Now I have a lot more to share with you. Again, that’s part of why we’re going to be doing this psychic forecast for the whole year, the 2019 premium psychic forecast. Like I could talk for hours about what this energy is for the year and the renewal energy and I will be talking for hours during that event. You can’t underestimate how incredibly important and powerful this year is and 2020 is going to be even more potent. It’s an alignment that is once in 500 years that is very much about fate and destiny and everything we’re doing now this year is leading up to that really incredible convergence in the heavens.

So,  sometimes you’ll see me look up like this. That’s me talking to my guides. So I’m asking them what they want me to do next. So take a sip of water. That’s a good idea.

Call in Your Guides

Let’s call in our guides now. Okay, we’re going to call in our guides and let’s get right to our intentions. So before I guide you towards creating, your intentions and really supercharging your intentions for the new year, I want to talk to you a little bit about what we’re going to do with that and what we’re not going to do with that.

So you may write down your intentions at the top of the year and you’re like, you know, this is what I want to do. This is what I want to achieve. And you may even know that the most important thing toward manifesting your intention, not that you’re writing on your hand, but you can, if you want to remember it, the most important thing to manifesting your intention.

You see a lot of people say, you have to feel it. You have to really feel it. I actually, do it a little. I do that but in reverse. We get into our heart and we feel our intentions. Because I’ve taught workshops and I’ll even have people visualize something they’re like super happy about and they’re like frowning. And the whole time they try to picture it so intensely that they’re like, their face is all scrunched up and it’s just crazy.

Feel Your Intentions in the New Moon

I wanna make sure that you are feeling your intentions, that you’re not just visualizing them. This might be very different than how you’re used to creating your intentions. This is very different to how you’re used to doing things, perhaps because it’s not what you might’ve been taught that it’s your thoughts that create your reality. That’s not entirely true. You, you must manage your thoughts and have mindfulness, right? But your thoughts create feelings and that radiate out into the world.

Your heart has a much greater magnetic field than your brain or anything else in your body. I don’t know the statistics exactly. It’s it. I think it’s like several apps. I don’t know why I’m scratching my face. Sorry. Sometimes happens when I tune into my guides, I get all itchy. So anyway it’s your intentions and it’s your energy that attracts people and circumstances to you.

Energize Your Heart in the New Moon

If you’re just picturing it and nothing’s going on in your heart, shocker, but you think you’re feeling something, you’re trying to manufacture some feelings, that is the opposite of what you need to do. The most important thing that you need to do to manifest is to get your heart energized. The most important thing with your energy is to be in the vibration of love. To me, that’s the greatest manifesting tool you can possibly have.

When you’re connected with your spirit guides and your angels, they’re going to be guiding you on your next step so that you don’t necessarily even have to, Oh, I have a hair in my eye. That’s cute. So anyway. That is what’s going to help you manifest.

This is another thing about this year. It’s messy, right? Because three is creative energy and you know what? Nobody’s perfect when they’re creating. So allow yourself to be messy. Allow yourself to be a beautiful, perfect, imperfect self. It’s like nobody wants you to be perfect. How annoying. So just show up as yourself and we’re so happy to see you, so, and be with you.

Set Intentions in the New Moon

So, my guides want me to share one more thing with you before I move on and we get into this whole eyes closed things. And by the way, do not close your eyes or do this exercise while you are driving. If you are driving, you can come back and watch this later. Okay. Promise. Pinky swear. Okay, good. Because, you know, your guides can only protect you so much if your eyes are like in another zone while you’re on the road.

Okay. So close your eyes. Close your eyes and make sure you’re in a nice, comfortable position with your spine straight. Always make sure your jaws relax, cause I see people a lot of time when they’re about to visualize that you know you’ve clicked your job. So don’t clench your job. We’ve nice and open. Your jaw is relaxed, your body is relaxed, your mind is relaxed, and whatever you do, don’t worry about visualizing with your mind or your imagination. All you need to do is experience this energy with your heart. That is your greatest attractor, the power of love. It’s the greatest energy you can possibly have, that energy of love and gratitude.

So take a few moments now to breathe in. You’ll breathe all the way down to the base of your spine and then exhale. Now as you inhale, feel it, caress yourselves and relax every cell of your being and exhale. Does that feel nice? Just to sit and breathe. Take nice, slow, deep, even breaths and connect to the base of your spine. This is your root chakra.

Connect To Your Body

If you want to manifest anything, you have to be connected to your body. You can’t just be up at visualizing. You have to be grounded. So feel this nice grounding breath all the way down to the base of your spine. With every breath you’re becoming more and more relaxed. It’s such a beautiful feeling to just sit and breathe and be or lie down, whatever is most comfortable for you.

Now, from the base of your spine, you can feel this relaxing energy flow down your legs. As you breathe in, you breathe in light and as you exhale, any excess energy gets released through the soles of your feet and they can go down into the earth to be transmuted and transformed into life force energy.

Visualize yourself in a column of light. It is a beautiful column of light and this light feels warm. It feels loving. This is the light of the divine and it draws away a lower thought forms, energies, and vibrations, and imbues you with love, warm healing, and protection. That’s beautiful. So, I’m just going to say a prayer so you can follow along with me. You’re receiving this prayer. I’m setting the intention. Is it safe? We are all saying this prayer together.


Great spirit. Surround us with your love, your light, your peace, your power and your grace. Help us to be at one with you and may we feel your presence in our hearts. We invite the archangels, Michael Gabriel, Rafael, and urial to guard and protect the four corners of our spaces and ensure that we connect only with the highest energies in the love and light of the creator. We invite our Archangels, Guardian angels, highest level spirit guides. Spirit animals, beings of light, benevolent ancestors, elemental nature, spirits, Akashic record guides to surround us, protect us, and share your love and wisdom with us.

We ask that you open our hearts and our minds to receive your love, that we fill our hearts with joy and gratitude, that we receive your wisdom and guidance with grace, love, and beauty.

Then we have the courage to act your guidance and share with the world our unique lights to surely steadily, Walker or earth walk with grace, perseverance, discipline, enthusiasm, joy and beauty. May we see the beauty within and without around us. May we see beauty everywhere and may we create more beauty? Everywhere we go, maybe we open up to the magic and mystery of life with courage and confidence and presence. Maybe we know you are always with us and feel your presence and receive your guidance and have the courage to act on it with every step.

We look forward to the adventures of the year of every day and may we be connected to you, to the divine, to each other as we recognize that we are all one for the highest and best of all. Thank you. Amen.

Feel Divine Presence

So keep your eyes closed so you can feel this divine presence within and around you. This beautiful divine presence. Yeah, you are divine. You are a co-creator of the divine. Your life purpose is to learn how to create through love and transmute fear by being yourself, by shining your unique light.

Take a moment in your heart to feel so much gratitude for yourself. Feel how grateful you are to be here right now in your body, in your life, for whatever health you have right now, for whatever resources you have right now and mostly for whatever courage and presence and love you have right now for moving through your life. How much you have learned and how much you have done. Make this world more beautiful in your heart. Feel that gratitude for yourself, and from your heart.

Send out a of love and gratitude for your spirit guides who are with you right now are leading you here. Were leading you on your path of your divine earth. Walk every moment, how much gratitude you have for them, for being with you and your angels, for protecting you and sharing their love with you and for all the earth angels in your life. Whether they are people or pets or plants from your heart. Send a message of gratitude for all those beings that share their love with you. Impulse that gratitude far and wide throughout the universe. And the universe responds by saying yes, we will give you more to be grateful for.

Heart Chakra

Keep that energy in your heart, that beautiful energy of love and gratitude. And as you are in your heart chakra, feeling the energy of love, you’re also going to connect with your third eye chakra where you can visualize. So your heart and your mind are connected, yet stay in your heart. Did that feeling of love and gratitude. Now, while you’re here in your heart, simply visualize yourself exuberantly happy or feel it. You don’t even need to see it. If you cannot see it, simply feel yourself exuberantly happy and joyful. And if you are visualizing something, what did you see yourself doing?

As you are jubilantly happy who and or what is around to where do you hear? What do you see? And most importantly, notice how you feel in your body as you were exuberantly happy. So as you’re visualizing, if you’re visualizing, feel that energy from your heart and you can identify how you’re feeling. You can say to yourself, I feel loved.

Make sure you’re using the present tense. I feel loved, I feel recognized, I feel important, I feel like I matter because I know I matter. I’m making an impact. Whatever it is, I feel connected. Whatever that feeling is reinforced that for yourself. You can say it out loud or to yourself, I am or I feel in the present moment as you’re visualizing this, as you’re experiencing this now, this scene might change for you. Notice another area of your life now. You can change the scene if you’d like, where you are in another place where you are exuberantly happy. Whatever it is you’re doing, whoever you’re with, take notice and make sure you are connected in your heart with this joyous feeling.

Imagine Colors Pulsating

Pulsate that feeling throughout your heart. Pulsate that that joy and the feeling of being loved, the feeling of being connected, recognized, or whatever. That is. Pulse that out with gratitude. Pulse that in all directions from your heart front and back around you. And imagine this as late or rainbow colors being pulsed out into the universe far and wide. And that light, that energy is igniting more of that energy in the universe. You can even see sparks of light around you throughout the universe as that light is radiating outward from you. That feeling of joy and gratitude, whatever that feeling is for you radiating outward.


Commit To Yourself

Now, while you’re in this feeling in your heart, ask your guides, your highest level guides, what actions you can take right now in your immediate future to manifest more of this energy okay. Right now in your heart, make a commitment to yourself to take action every day. Okay, good. Line yourself with this energy every day. You can remember what this feels like. And if you’re not feeling this, you can remember to align yourself. You can create this feeling any time and make a commitment to take action, to create more of these feelings, to create more of the life that you really want and emit to yourself now.

Well, align yourself with your highest and best. I connect with your guides through your heart and ask them to show you every day how you can manifest more of what you truly desire. You can always feel them through your heart. Don’t worry about how you can hear them better. You can always communicate with them through your heart and through your imagination. No, with a nice deep breath. Breathe in light and love and joy and gratitude. Inhale and exhale more love. You’re breathing love in and out, you’re grounding this energy in your body, you’re grounding it to the earth, you’re filling yourself with light. Whenever you are ready, you can open up your eyes.

Write Down Intentions

Okay? Okay.

So I just want to make sure that you are still with me. So if you can say some comments to me about what your experience was like, I’d love to hear it. I’d love to hear about your experiences. I’m just so happy to be here with you sharing this experience with you. I am making sure that you’re with me. Yay. Yes, I’d love to hear about your experience so you feel the difference,

I hope that you have really felt the difference. What that is like writing down your intentions rather than feeling your intentions and the difference between this and a lot of ways you’ve been taught manifesting. And again, I’m going to teach you more and more about this moving throughout this year moving ahead because this is my soul’s purpose is to help you co-create the life that you love. Co-create the life that you want.

So you can see this as very, very different. You can feel this is very different than simply writing things down and thinking about them manifesting through your heart. Raising your energy to the vibration of love is the most important thing that you can do to manifest. And you didn’t even need anything specific. Like, I’m going to make $1 million or whatever it is. It’s like you can feel that sense of prosperity and wealth and richness.

Find The Feeling

You can simply feel it and don’t need to detail it out necessarily. You can as long as you’re feeling it, but what you want is simply a way to help you figure out how you want to feel. So if you go straight to the feeling and then your guides and angels can give you a divine download of your images of what it is that they want you to manifest, that they want to help you manifest for your soul’s purpose. Cause a lot of times when we’re just writing down our intentions, it’s ego intention.

I remember it was about eight years ago, I was living in Pittsburgh and I was about to quit my job and move out to California and do this basically. So I remember I was writing my new year intentions and I was like, I want to work full time as a psychic and my whole body like didn’t feel good about that.

And I was like, huh, why is that? Well maybe I don’t want to work full time. It made it seem like I was constantly working. So I rephrased it to something that felt really energized for me. I rephrased it in a way that it was like, I want to fulfill my soul’s purpose of being a channel for the divine. I want to reach more people and to really share my message of divinity and love with more people and have that be my livelihood.

2019 Resources

That lit me up inside. So it’s really important when you are creating your intentions. That is from the heart and this is one of the ways I know how to do that. This is just a taste of what’s to come. We have, I have so much more to share with you when I say we, I mean me and my spirit guides.

We have so much more that we want to share with you. And again, I’m going to be teaching two and a half hour live event, my 2019 premium psychic forecast. This is an incredibly powerful year and there are so many spiritual lessons. There are so many nuances. And by the way for that I created just for that and exclusive energy healing and soul infusion that’s going to help you manifest your soul’s purpose. Just that.

But I’m creating a 50 page guide for you with all of the transits of the year, all the numerology, astrology and synthesize in my own special magic. So,  that’s a two and a half hour event. And with that event, it’s only when you sign up for that event, you also have an option of signing up for my psychic salon as well, which will be some more intimate connections between us, where I’ll be doing readings for people.

It’s Going to Be Amazing

There’s so much I want to share with you about this year about how to truly manifest your purpose. I am so passionate about helping you and the energy’s this year are, like a once in a lifetime kind of culmination of energies. I really encourage you to be prepared. This premium psychic forecast that I’m creating for you is one of the most powerful ways I can help you get prepared with all these virtual lessons, all the divine timing so you’re not missing opportunities and you’re not going headlong into a celestial storm.

I’m going to be giving you all the tools that I know to create an amazing year. So I hope that you joined me for that. I wouldn’t want you to miss it. So there’s a pinned link, there’s a pin comment at the top where you can sign up for that.

I’d love to hear about your experiences right now. I’d love to hear a bit more also about what you want to learn from me and share experience with me and my guides moving forward. So please leave a comment about that as well. And I am wishing you the most amazing 2019 and beyond.

I’m so excited that we get to share this energy together. So this has been really, really wonderful to share this experience with you. I love you so much, and I will see you again soon. Bye everybody.

Supercharge your intentions with manifesting mojo!

Make magic in the New Year! This first New Moon of the year is a super-potent time for infusing the energy of 2019 with what you wish to create.

Join me and participants from around the world as we invite our Spirit Guides to assist us in creating a beautiful, fulfilling, and joyful year.

More powerful than visualizing

You’ll learn how to create heartfelt-soulful intentions that are much more powerful than any manifestation technique you’ve learned before.

These techniques you can use any time of the year to create an amazing life.
Enjoy and share the love!

New Moon Eclipse Magic
New Moon Eclipse Magic
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