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New Moon Eclipse Magic – Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

New Moon Eclipse Magic  – Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

Supercharge your intentions with manifesting mojo!

Make magic in the New Year! This first New Moon of the year is a super-potent time for infusing the energy of 2019 with what you wish to create.

Join me and participants from around the world as we invite our Spirit Guides to assist us in creating a beautiful, fulfilling, and joyful year.

More powerful than visualizing

You’ll learn how to create heartfelt-soulful intentions that are much more powerful than any manifestation technique you’ve learned before.

These techniques you can use any time of the year to create an amazing life.

If you want an in-depth month-by-month forecast for the entire year, make sure to check out my Yearly Psychic Forecast:

Enjoy and share the love!

Join me for an in-depth intuitive forecast for 2019!

The Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology influences for the entire year are detailed in this 2 1/2 hour live event. You’ll receive month-by-month insights about the entire year so you’ll know when to act, and when to avoid the celestial storms.

You’ll also discover your Personal Year Numerology as it relates to the Universal energies, and your monthly numerology as well.

Plus, you’ll receive insights from my Spirit Guides you won’t receive anywhere else!

And yes, you get a recording!

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