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May Energy Forecast – Reimagine a Better Future

May Energy Forecast – Reimagine a Better Future

Marvelous May is here!

May is here in all its glory! 🌷

Yes, even in the midst of this mayhem, May can be a marvelous month.

There are many more lessons to be learned.

You’re certainly learning how to slow down, appreciate the little things, and do more with less.

2020 astrology has illustrated our transformation and can help you navigate the shifts.

May 2020 begins a wave of retrogrades and the inner lessons they initiate.

In this energy forecast, I share with you insights about the spiritual messages and meaning of this year, as well as how to make May a month of beauty.

Watch your May forecast video below:

Enjoy the 2020 May Astrology and Numerology Forecast and share the love!

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