Supermoon Eclipse Magic – For Intuitive Guidance And Success

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Supermoon Eclipse Magic – For Intuitive Guidance And Success

Hello. My name is Kari Samuels. I am a psychic and intuitive counselor, an energy healer, and a numerologist. I’m also talking about astrology here. I have so much to share with you. Wow, this is an incredible time of year. This is an incredible year and this is a life changing year. I’m going to be coming to you with more broadcasts, videos, energy management tools and intuitive insights about how to navigate the incredible energy of this year.

The Power of Eclipse Energy

This is a life changing year and I want you to have all the tools. So this is what we’re doing today. I’m going to be sharing with you some tools about the eclipses. I’ll share why the eclipses are so magical. There is so much magic happening now. It’s an incredible year. I keep using the word life-changing.

Last year, the word that I kept using was intense. This year there are some intense elements. Yet overall the energy is completely joyful. And this is a time of renewal. What we’re going to be talking about today is why eclipses are so magical. Also I will be sharing what messages the universe is sharing with you in eclipses in general. And in these specific eclipses, I will be sharing what the karmic lessons are and how you can really tune in to these messages. You will learn how to tune into your intuition and how to move forward moving ahead in your life. There’s messages here for you and I want you to have as much information as possible.

The thing about astrology and numerology is, and even psychics and energy forecast, because I am a psychic and, and that’s what I do, I tune into energy and I’m using all of these things to forecast energy for you.

Celestial Weather Forcast

Anyone who’s doing astrology or numerology or any kind of psychic readings are tuning into energy and looking at probabilities. It’s so important to remember that this doesn’t tell you what will happen. This is a celestial forecast. It’s telling you the energy that is happening. Also, it tells the kind of energy, the quality of energy, and what that means for you moving forward.

So this is a celestial weather forecast with a supermoon. This is an energy forecast. Just like any forecast with any weather, when you listen to the weather on TV or you’re looking at it on the internet, it’s not telling you what’s going to happen. It’s telling you what the energy is around you so you can make good decisions, make empowering decisions. That’s what we’re doing now. So it’s eclipse magic. I want to share with you a little bit about why eclipses are so powerful and why it’s so amazing how this year is starting with an eclipse season right away.

So you’re probably getting a feel for this year as energy already in that, it is a sense of renewal. Like I really feel, and I’d love to hear from you too, how you feel about the energy of this year moving forward if you do feel this sense of renewal and the sense that yeah, I’m really going to do things differently now and I’m really going to change my whole way of being moving forward.

Supermoon and Eclipses

Then there’s also this sense of very busy energy like, I keep saying it’s like a race horse getting out of the gate. That’s how this year feels. And there’s going to be a lot of that this year as well. There’s a lot of discipline involved in the year and, and some work yet it’s ultimately very liberating. Ultimately setting you free to be more of who you want to be.

So let’s talk about the eclipses of 2019 and the energy of 2019. Before we do that, I want to go back a little bit about the energy of 2018 because there was a lot of retrogrades and master number 11. So there was a lot of soul searching. All that soul searching from several years of soul searching.

But last year it really culminated this sense of, okay, I am keep going back in my soul and realizing where I need to play bigger, where I have put myself in a box or, or repressed who I am or the type of expression that I am. And now it’s time for me to really like burst forth with more of myself. So it’s not like a different version of yourself, it’s just more of yourself than ever before. And it’s, more of, you’re sharing more of your light and you’re not repressing yourself as much, at least I hope you’re not.

Supermoon Eclipse Magic – For Intuitive Guidance And Success

That was part of what that lesson was about last year. There’s this sense of like, yeah, I’m really going to do it now. The way this year is starting out actually, and many of you know, I’m preparing for my 2019 premium psychic forecast. I look at the whole year ahead and it’s been startling to me the amount of renewal energy that we have, that kinds of energy and what the universe is telling us. The universe tells us a story with all of the planets and all the numbers and how that interacts. The universe is always telling us the story.

So the story or the universe is telling right now is that you may need to play a bigger game. I don’t love that expression. Go big or go home. Because you may want to stay home and play big, you know, but the whole point of that is, there’s expression inside of you that is waiting to come out. So we’re gearing up for this eclipse on January 20th and you may be watching this in the future, but this is still relevant because this is telling the story for the whole year.


Supermoon and Eclipeses

Eclipses come in pairs. They’re always two weeks apart. There’s a new moon eclipse and new moon eclipses are always solar eclipses. Because they’re new moves, they’re always a time of new beginnings. So it makes sense that there’s this solar energy because there’s that sense of how are you shining, what seeds are you planting to radiate more of yourself in the world and more of your light in the world. Those are seeds that get planted at the new moon solar eclipses.

Then two weeks after that, well sometimes opposite in terms of whichever it is, they’re always in pairs two weeks apart. So then lunar eclipses, we’re having a lunar eclipse two weeks after that solar eclipse at the top of the year. Lunar eclipses because they’re always full moons or time of culmination and a time of letting go.

Supermoon Eclipse Magic

Okay, so here’s the thing. The first three are full moons of 2019. So this first full moon of 2019 happens to be a full moon super moon lunar eclipse, and it’s also at zero degrees. So the first three moons of 2019, the first three full moons of 2019 are all super moons. At zero degrees in their respective signs. So we begin the year with the new moon solar eclipse, which is basically the universe’s way of saying this is a reset. We’re resetting our life. This isn’t just a new moon. This is like a total reset cause he clips his reset energy. Okay?

And then they’re magical and there’s a sense that there’s dark and there’s light and there’s that lifting of the veil between heaven and earth. And there’s that sense of having this veil lifted and anything that was eclipsed from your consciousness.


There’s that stillness when there’s that darkness of the eclipse and then there’s the light and then there’s this tense of renewal. Okay? Then there’s this sense of awakening. So this period of eclipses, all eclipse seasons are this magical time. It’s called eclipse season between the two eclipses. It’s this magical time when the veils are lifted and anything that was eclipsed from your consciousness comes to the surface to be recognized and acted upon.

Clarity and Letting Things Go

Okay, so eclipses always are a sense of endings and beginnings and the lunar eclipses are typically when you have endings and culmination for many years, sometimes many, lifetimes. And that’s how we’re starting this year in this between worlds kind of place where we have a sense of things coming to light recognitions that even with all of this soul searching we’ve been doing for the past several years, there’s an awakening now a clarity. So you may have realized that this beginning of the year isn’t exactly like the same as other years in the sense that you have absolute clarity about what you want to do.

You might be feeling it out more. You might be discovering more about how you want to embark upon this new adventure of this year. You’re realizing more and more how it is you want to say your light and things that you need to let go of. I think it’s really, really funny that Marie Kondo, is that her name? The clear your cutter clutter person is that this year kind of thing because that’s so much the energy of the year. It’s like letting go of all that isn’t serving you for clarity. It’s not a painful process, but a very liberating process.

No, it is painful. I mean, apparently I didn’t watch the documentary yet, but apparently like people cry when they have to let things go. At the same time, there’s this sense of freedom and joy and liberation so that everything in your life is here for your joy.

Supermoon Eclipse Magic

This is how we’re starting the year. This is the energy of the year that comes with this supermoon. I was looking at the, the whole forecast for the entire year, it was blowing my mind that the correlations, the patterns, well, we’ll look at these first three full moons, super moons, all at zero degrees. And the first one is a lunar eclipse. So lunar eclipses are always endings of big, big projects in your life. Like projects that could be emotional or spiritual projects, right? So so what are you ending now?

This is what the universe is calling you to understand. It’s like that zero degree zero isn’t nothing, zero is wholeness, zero is protection from the universe. Zero is the number of infinite possibilities. It’s great mystery from which all things spring and this is where we are right now. This is where we’re headed. This is what you are called to do right now.

Now if you look at the number of the year now it’s a three universal year. It’s also 2019. So 19 in the taro is the sun card. We have all this energy about the sun and about shining your light and about liberating yourself. And then you have this energy of these eclipses, these, so these three super moons as well, all at zero degrees. So a supermoon will, amplify energy and the amplify psychic energy because moons are your intuitive energy, your emotions, and at zero degrees it’s like as you’re letting go, you have this fresh start and 19 is also made of the numbers one and nine.

Number 9

One is the number of beginnings and nine is the number of endings. So everything in this year is telling you, you have to start something. You have to start embarking on something where you are allowing yourself to radiate more, where you’re allowing yourself to be a leader in some way.

This brings us to this next eclipse as well. The one coming up on the 20th. So this eclipse, so all eclipses come in pairs and then they last two and a half years. If they there, they have to do with the nodes of the moon. The South node of the moon is your karma. What you’re letting go of and the North node of the moon is what you’re going towards. So letting go and starting, right?

That’s what you know, that’s what it clips is always are these eclipses this year, all in cancer, Capricorn cancer being how you nurture yourself. Capricorn being how you have your status in the world and your career and work and how you balance those two. What’s interesting though, this lunar eclipse coming up on the 20th is not in that pair. This eclipse is finalizing a set of eclipse, exactly.

Supermoon Eclipse Magic

Alpha and Omega. This eclipse coming up on the 20th or like I said, if you’re listening to this later, it still applies. This eclipse is in Leo. So our sun will be an Aquarius and our moon is going to be in Leo. So what is that telling us? What are we wrapping up that’s wrapping up a set of eclipses that have started since 2016 where you’ve been working on this polarity between Aquarius, which is all about our ideal vision with how we’re helping humanity as a whole in groups and Leo, which is about radiating your light as an individual. How do you balance those?

So I’ve been pondering this because this has been one of the biggest lessons in my life. And Lightworkers this is for you. And I know it was an impact. This is so hard for you to be like shiny or the center of attention, yet the Capricorn, what Capricorn is teaching us all this year and what this Leo eclipse is teaching us.

And this is saying, get this lesson right now. How are you going to allow yourself to shine brightly and allow yourself to in a way do that as yourself, not just how you are doing that in the group. So I’m going to give you an example in my life, how this is applied to me and let me know how this resonates with you. So here you are. You know, you’re on the Kari Samuels page, whether you’re watching this on Facebook or YouTube. This is my channel. It has my name on it. My website has my name on it.

Supermoon Eclipse Magic

I remember when I first started a website and I was very late to the game starting a website. Because again, I wanted to hide. I was like, ah no. That just seems too something I kept trying to think of a name for my website that was about like divine your destiny or something that had to do with like something woo, but that wasn’t my name and I couldn’t think of the right one.

Ultimately I put my name there as like a placeholder. So here’s the thing. As I started doing more and wanting to help more people, I realized that it needed to be about me being the vessel of communication, not me hiding behind some other name. People needed to know who I was personally in order for me to help them because they learned to trust me as a vessel for communication. Me as a vessel for the divine. So I had to be okay with being Kari Samuels. Dot com

I had to be okay with that. This is coming from me as the intuitive channel. I had to be okay with like putting myself on video and doing all of those things that the part of me that’s an empath and a part of me that prefers to be more introverted has been very uncomfortable with.


It’s been liberating because, and by doing so, I can help millions of people. Do you see how this Aquarius Leo eclipse right now is helping you? Right? It’s saying that it’s basically the universe’s way of saying, okay, what are you going to let go of now so that you can allow yourself to claim your authority.

Now Capricorn is all about authority too. So how are you going to claim your authority and allow yourself to be the vessel, the unique vessel, not the vessel that hides in a group, but the unique vessel of spirit that shines your light brightly as your unique self. And that is so much what this year is about. It’s about allowing yourself to be your unique self and shine as brightly as you can. And that is the way that you can help humanity. So it’s going to take a commitment to yourself and it might actually feel it will most likely feel very scary.

Here’s what I’d like to share with you, and you’re welcome to ask questions about it if you’d like. I’ll be tuning into that as I’m sharing this information with you. Here’s what I’d like you to do to reflect on this as we’re in this eclipse season, as you’re preparing for this, this full moon eclipse that’s all about letting go of what you feel you owe other people or what you feel is your responsibility as the small self so that you can embrace the part of you.

Supermoon Eclipse Magic – For Intuitive Guidance And Success

That’s the shiny stuff. Because that’s how you’re going to be a Lightworker, isn’t it? You can’t be a light worker if you’re afraid of shining your light. So just take a moment right now if you are not driving. Okay, and tune into your heart because Leo is actually, Leo is the ruler of the heart and astrology.

This is how you’re going to move forward. This year and every day of your life is by tuning into your heart. 2019 is a three universal year that begins with a supermoon. Three is also associated with heartfelt expression. So it is your heart. Okay? It’s going to give you the answers, so tune into your heart now. So take a moment and close your eyes. If you’re not driving and if you aren’t driving, you could come back to this to take a moment and tune into your heart. That means imagine your mind is in your heart as you’re breathing in your heart and also ground this energy to the earth.

Our beautiful earth mother grounds us, protects us, keeps you nourished. So as you’re tuning into your heart, you can ask yourself, what can I let go of now so that I can allow myself to be the leader, the confident leader that I was born to be? What can I let go of? And maybe it’s a fear of what other people think of you. So we’re going to let that go. Now just let it go. A fear of embarrassment. Maybe you let that go, a fear of rejection, a fear of not being good enough.

Supermoon Eclipse Magic

You can let that go. Whatever that is for you to take a moment to tune in. I know I came up with my top three right. So let it go and you can actually tune into the raise of the moon and the sun to shine upon you to shine upon your heart to let all that go with for the, their light will release any of this darkness from your being.

So you’re allowing that light from the sun and the moon to shine down upon you and to fill your energy field. And you can do this with your eyes open now because the sun and Leo is all about being conscious. So if you’d like to keep your hands on your heart as you make some promises to yourself, you can promise yourself that no matter how scared you might feel, you’re going to take some steps to move forward.

Yeah, with doing what it is that you love. You can say to yourself, I commit to my dreams and I promised myself and my higher self, then I’m going to have the discipline, the courage, and the fortitude to take the bold steps to shine my light brightly, to claim my power and authority so I can use it for the highest good of all, and to allow myself to be a unique vessel of light. And I allow myself to receive any praise or rewards and w and reciprocal response to that and whatever else you want to promise to yourself right now, do that now. Make a commitment to yourself.

Supermoon Eclipse Magic

It feels so good, doesn’t it? It feels great to shine brightly and light up the world for others. And this is the Leo Aquarius opposition by you learning to shine your light more brightly, that is what helps the greater good even more. And that’s what we’re all learning now and we’re, we’re finalizing this set of karmic lessons.

So I encourage you, as you move forward, to listen to your heart and to pay attention to whatever images or coming your way. Pay attention to whatever thoughts come to you, what memories and as they come to you, these are, it’s all intuitive guidance for you. Anything that comes into your memory field instead of rejecting it and saying, I thought I worked on this. Shine the light of love onto that. And that will help you accept who you are and two into your intuition so that you can move forward with a sense of wholeness and a sense of completion.

So this is what I wanted to share with you tonight. Now I’d love to hear your comments and also if you have any quick questions I can answer those for you. Oh, look here on creator studio. They have ’em here. I didn’t realize I could see you here. There’s a to two places that I can hear you. So, let me see if I can see some comments from you or questions. I can answer them very quickly so you can type them in. Now I see a lot of people doing, I don’t know how you do that on Facebook, but there’s all kinds of bubbles and hearts and stuff coming up. So people were saying thank you. I’d love to hear this.

Supermoon Eclipse Magic

I’d love to hear from you, your comments and what promises you are making for yourself and what commitments you are making. I also want to remind you that there is a lot more than I want to share with you about this year. I mean, this is a life changing year. We talked a lot just about the the eclipses.

And yes, someone was asking me is how is this for someone who’s a double Capricorn anytime the eclipses are in your sign? It’s a big year of awakening for you. It’s, everything I’ve said and even more exponentially. Someone else just emailed me and they asked me will they be successful and I want to point this out and this is why I do these forecasts.


I cannot tell you if you were going to be successful. I can tell you that if you do what the universe is telling you to do, if you are dedicating yourself to being the leader that you were born to be, if you have the courage to apply these principles, if you have the courage to speak your truth, if you have the courage to express yourself, if you have the courage to be an individual, then yes of course. But I can’t make you do that and there is a lot that the universe is telling you this year. We are only getting to the very beginning of it.

Supermoon Eclipse Magic

I have so much more that I want to share with you. So if you haven’t done this already, I encourage you to join me for my 2019 premium psychic forecast. I’m going to put the link below. I’m also gonna put some other links for you below that are some other resources that I have for you that might be helpful, that will be helpful. This forecast that I’m doing, we’re going through month by month. There are a lot of nuances to every year. There’s timing for everything.

The thing is, when you understand the divine timing, when you understand the spiritual lessons that you have, first of all, it helps you to know why things are happening so that you understand what to do about them and also what is the best energy for you to do. And the thing is, is a very small investment. When you can plan out your year, it can help save you a lot of time, money and frustration because you know, okay, I want to buy a house or I want to do this or I want to, I want to move whatever it is that you want to do.

Supermoon Eclipse Magic

Or even put yourself out there romantically or take more time romantically with the partner you already have. Whatever it is, it’s important to know when it’s time to act, when it’s time to maybe step back. One are the emotionally charged times because there are going to be a few points this year that are really emotionally charged. And you’re going to want to know those ahead of time so you can really plan for them. And you can do that.

So anyway, that is my 2019 premium psychic forecast. If you haven’t joined yet, like I said, I encourage you to join. It actually includes a 60 page celestial guide. So this guide, you can print it out and use it throughout the year. I use it almost every day throughout the year and I definitely use it to plan every month. It’s a really good investment for you to really make the most of this year ahead.

So again, I’ll put that link below for you. And in the meantime, really take this time now to tune into your heart and make these commitments to yourself and you can do some journaling about what it is that you want to let go of and how it is you want to move forward more boldly and more courageously for the highest and best of all and for your own happiness. I love you so much and I will be seeing you again soon. Bye for now.

Supermoon Eclipse Magic

The Universe has a map of the cosmos.

This Supermoon is an opportunity for guidance and success.

The patterns created by the planets and numbers are like a celestial navigation system.  They can guide you toward fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

2019 has had an extraordinary beginning. We started the year with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. On January 20th, we will experience the first in a series of three Supermoons at zero degrees.

Eclipses are so magical and have powerful messages for you!  Learn how to move forward in your life with vital information from this celestial energy forecast.

Do you feel a sense of renewal?  This year feels like there is a lot of energy ready to set you free to be more.  The Universe is telling us a story with this Supermoon Eclipse, that you are ready to release the desires inside of you and express yourself in a big way.

The stars have a message written for you.

In this video, you’ll Discover:

  • How to tune into the Moon for intuitive guidance and divine timing
  • The message from the Universe about the eclipses of 2019
  • The karmic lessons of this Leo Supermoon Lunar Eclipse
  • Why this is your year to transform your fate into destiny

Enjoy and share the love!

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  1. Dear Kari,
    You have an amazing website. Thank you so much, I feel honored and blessed to have been given the chance to cross paths and learn from someone so special as you are. You are a beautiful soul. The kind that you felt so moved by when you met Dawn Clark….you might as well have been looking into a mirror.I love everything you stand for, believe in and offer the world.

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