Are You Living Your Soul’s Purpose?

Am I Living My Soul’s Purpose?

The question I get asked the most from clients is whether they are living the purpose of their soul. Sometimes people feel “off” in their life.  They feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled and sense that they are not fulfilling their soul’s purpose. And then…they panic.

Most people get off track when they assume that their CAREER is their soul’s purpose. If you are fortunate enough to find a career that you love, you might put so much emphasis on it that your work becomes an all-consuming focus of your life.

It’s even more challenging if you haven’t found your ideal career, and you feel like you’re wasting your life. And you panic even more…and the spiral continues.

Those of you who have had intuitive readings with me know that my specialty is helping people understand their soul’s purpose. I’ve done thousands of readings for people all over the world, and there is one thing I can say for certain, and I cannot emphasize it enough: YOUR PURPOSE IS NOT YOUR CAREER.

Express Your Gifts

Of course, your gifts will naturally manifest themselves through your career. However, you’re meant for so much more than that! There is a lot of planning that goes into the creation of this miracle that is your life.

Express the unique gifts that are with you from birth to find meaning. Evolve with these gifts through spiritual lessons designed for your soul. If you have brought one iota more love, joy, or kindness into the world, consider yours a life well-lived.

I’ve been communicating with my spirit guides since I was a little girl about past lives, reincarnation, karma, and planning our life on Earth. (Yes, I was a bit “other worldly” some might say.)

When I started doing readings for people 15 years ago, I realized that part of my soul’s mission was helping people understand why they were born, and what they are meant to accomplish in this lifetime. Every single person has unique talents they want to express in the world, as well as challenges that are meant to help them grow. Everyone has a soul purpose.

Soul Lessons

I’ve found that when people discover why they have experienced their life’s challenges from a spiritual perspective, profound healing takes place. To heal, you must do several things. Forgive yourself and the people in your life who have challenged you. Let go of regret. Feel tremendous joy and gratitude for who you are and what you have achieved.

I have helped countless people transform their lives by helping them understand their unique soul story, or soul purpose. Now, I feel called to share this knowledge with you.

I am so freaking excited to share this with you I can hardly contain myself!

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