Drew Brees’ Amazing Record – And His Beautiful Number 9

Even though I spent almost nine years in Pittsburgh, a town that lives and breathes football, I don’t pay very much attention to the game. My husband watches football, so I watch it with him from time to time. I pay attention to some very different things during the game.

I’m always looking at the people’s numbers. Every athlete has a number that they wear that stays with them the majority of their career. Whether they are aware of it or not, that number is affecting everything they do.

Every number has a vibration, and when a player wears their jersey, they are activating that vibration in their lives. Sometimes this number is a karmic debt, balancing their strengths and weaknesses, sometimes it enhances their performance because it has strong energy for them, and often it is a bit of both.

The Number 9

I’ve always liked Drew Brees as a person. He is known for his compassion, selflessness, team spirit, and his devotion to his fans, teammates, and humanity in general. So when I witnessed him breaking breaking a record that has been held for 27 years, and parading around the Superdome with tears in his eyes humbly celebrating his victory, I was not surprise to see the number 9 emboldened on his chest.

The number 9 is known for its compassion, humanitarianism and selflessness. It is the last of all the single digits, and is often known as the number of the old soul. Mahatmas Gandhi was a 9 life path, and represents the true essence of this vibration.


9 is a vibration very strong in Drew Brees’ chart. The name “Drew Brees” adds up to 9 in numerology. His full name, Andrew Christopher Brees has the letter “r” in each name. R carries a 9 vibration because it is the 18th letter of the alphabet (1+8=9) Today, he broke a passing record that has been held for 27 years (also a 9; 2+7=9)

The journey of the number 9 can be quite difficult. They often have challenging childhoods where their emotional needs have not been nurtured and they feel abandoned. Many people know that Drew Brees, at the time he won the Super Bowl in 2009, also experienced the birth of his child. He also had to endure the pain of his mother committing suicide, the ultimate abandonment.

The Number 6

One thing is for sure, Drew himself is going to be an amazing father. Taking responsibility for others is his strong suit, since he has the number 6 running through his life as well. His birthday is January 15, 1979.  We see he was born on a 6 day (the fifteenth day of the month 1+5=6). He is also a 6 life path.

The numbers 6 and 9 all comprise part of what we call the emotional sensitive numbers in numerology (3, 6 and 9). The abundance of these numbers in his chart indicate how sensitive he is.

The 6 life path people love to be responsible for others, to take care of them, to nurture them, almost to the point of martyrdom. That’s why I find it amazing that he is the lead quarterback.  This is a role that brings such great responsibilities to lead his team. (I also enjoy that he does this for a team called the Saints!)

Since 6 runs so strongly in his chart, it is not surprising that the day of this victory for him is a 6 Universal day (12, 26 2011; 1+2+2+6+2+0+1+1=15; 1+5=6). For Drew, this was a personal 17 day for him. In numerology, 17 is known as the immortality number. And that’s just what he did today. He immortalized himself as a record breaking quarterback with the most passing yards in a single season. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

I am sure Drew will prove himself to contribute to the world in many more beautiful ways, even long after his football career is over. I am excited to see what he comes up with next . You go Drew! We’re rooting for you!

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