Soul Urge Number – Your Heart’s Desire Written In Your Name

Vowels breathe life into your name.

In Numerology, your Soul Urge Number, otherwise known as your Expression Number, is encoded in your name.

Did you ever notice that certain cultures that are known to be passionate and emotional have lots of vowels? The vowels are frequency of emotions.

Every letter in your name is a sacred symbol for your soul’s mission on Earth.

In decoding your Soul Urge Number, derived from the vowels in your name, you can find insight into what you absolutely must express in your life in order to be happy. It indicates what drives you deep down and motivates your soul.

Find your Soul Urge number!

Step 1

Write down your FULL NAME AT BIRTH

Step 2

Separate all the vowels in your name.

(You can circle them, or write them out beneath where you wrote your full name).

Step 3

Give each vowel it’s correlating number in numerology:
A = 1
E = 5
I = 9
O = 6
U = 3

And…Y = 7

Is Y a vowel or not?
You might have heard this little jingle about vowels, A-E-I-O-U and sometimes Y. Numerologists differ on whether Y is a vowel or not. In my opinion, it is ONLY when it is in between two consonants in the same syllable and NOT near a vowel.

For example, Y is a vowel in the names:
Jenny, Gwyneth, Lynne, Gerry, Tyrone, Henry, Bryan, Carolyn (in the names Bryan and Carolyn Y is considered a vowel because it is in a different syllable than the vowel next to it.

Step 4

Add the numbers together, then keep reducing until you get a single digit.


Lynne Gertrude Polly Wallingford
Y E       E U   E     O Y       A I O
7 + 5 + 5+3+5   + 6 +7 +  1+9+ 6   = 48

48 reduces to 3 (4+8 = 12, and 1+2 = 3)
The Soul Urge Number for Lynne Gertrude Polly Wallingford is 3.

Master Numbers are an exception!

If the sum of your name adds up to 11 or 22, don’t reduce further, those are Master Numbers!

Find your Soul Urge number meaning!

1 Soul Urge Number

You are a born leader and destined to be the master of your destiny. 1s are the one in charge that call their own shots. As a 1, you are the one others look up to for direction and guidance.

You are creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative and are meant to use those talents to create a life of independence and freedom. You desire freedom and self-reliance, always striving to better yourself. As you learn to follow-through on your immense creativity, you feel more joy and attract more opportunities to you.

1 Soul Urge Shadow

Your creative urges are constantly thwarted by you second guessing yourself. As a 1, you have trouble with authority, feeling that they are exploiting or controlling you.

You feel you are meant for more but always wind up without the status, money or power that you deserve. You can be creatively frustrated and lack the freedom in your life you crave. Your inner drive encourages you to overcome your fears and self-doubts so you can be the natural leader you were born to be.

2 Soul Urge

With this soul urge number, you are a peaceful, gentle soul with the desire for love, harmony and partnerships. With natural psychic and intuitive abilities, you can pick up on the emotions of other which makes you an amazing friend, partner, or parent.

You have a vivid imagination and can often see what others cannot, reading between the lines and sometimes know what is going to happen before anyone else. Your emotional insight makes you a wonderful diplomat, caretaker, writer, counselor and guide. You thrive in relationships and are meant to share your incredible emotional intelligence to nurture and guide others.

2 Soul Urge Shadow

You can feel uncomfortable and uneasy in your own company, needing affirmation from others rather than finding it within. If you become overwhelmed by other people’s energy, you can retreat into yourself causing you to feel lonely, isolated, and shy.

So, if you are not tapping into your innate psychic and spiritual gifts, your amazing imagination can conjure a future of fear, rather than love. If you are not utilizing your intuition, you can second guess yourself, constantly wavering about your decisions and never feel like you can make the right choice – always fearing the worst.

Your sensitive nature, when not grounded in self-love, can cause you to take things too personally and feel like a victim, or that you give too much and receive too little in return. As you learn to trust yourself, you will find a deep sense of calm, peace and connection.

3 Soul Urge

Your cheerful, happy, exuberant personality can light up a room! You’re a joy to be around because of your inspiring words and uplifting energy and optimistic personality.

Emotionally engaging, funny, and witty, you make people laugh and have a beautiful smile that has others feel good just seeing you! Extremely creative, emotionally sensitive and expressive, you can be anything you want to be.

Your soul thrives in creativity and joy. Always resourceful and positive, you know can find a creative solution to anything so you always wind up on top! You seek joyful emotional connections wherever you go.

3 Soul Urge Shadow

With this soul urge number, your positive optimistic attitude can have you look at the bright side of everything, often ignoring your feelings and sacrificing your well-being. You can wind up feeling confused, taken advantage of, or depressed. Your creative energies can scatter your energy, leaving you with lots of unfinished projects and ideas that never manifest.

You can lack the discipline to put your creativity into practice, and feel as if your talents are underutilized. As a result, you feel unfulfilled and under-utilized, and your bank account will reflect that. Once you learn to express your creativity and directly speak from your heart, you will find the deep connections you crave.

You must also learn to overcome self-doubt with loving words, so you can share that love with others.

4 Soul Urge

Loyal, dependable, and discipline – those positive traits are rewarded with a stable home and family life, a full bank account, and emotional security. You are the go-to person for anyone who needs a helping hand, someone they can trust, and a strong person to support them.

You create the stability for yourself and your loved ones to have the freedom to do what you love. A born leader, you are in charge of creating your destiny on your terms. Others benefit from all you have built to make the world a better place.

4 Soul Urge Shadow

You can feel restricted and constricted by life, never having the freedom that you crave, always feeling like you need to work too hard to receive too little. Your life can feel like an exercise in discipline and struggle, never getting a break. You can feel as if others have control over you, rather than you being in control of your destiny.

As a 4, you can feel burdened with too much responsibility, and pressure to take care of everyone else. You can feel as if you cannot depend on other people, so you need to take charge of everything, leaving you with little support for your efforts. When you learn to let go of your need to control, and have patience with your process, your life will unfold beautifully.

5 Soul Urge

Freedom is what motivates you. Always on the go, ready for adventure and excitement, you’re up for anything! You crave experiences, wanting to explore the world through your five senses rather than hear about it through someone else. With your enthusiastic, vivacious, and fun personality, you are the life of the party and people are naturally drawn to you.

You’re tuned into the collective consciousness, knowing what will be popular and are always one step ahead of others with style. Witty, charismatic and a gifted story teller, you’re a natural entertainer, counselor and entrepreneur. With your multiplicity of talents, you have the ability to create a life of fun, freedom, adventure and wealth.

5 Soul Urge Shadow

With this soul urge number, your desire for freedom and change can make it hard for you to settle down and focus your talents. You can feel scattered, unsettled, and confused.  5s are afraid to choose from too many options. You can fear commitment so much, your relationships and finances suffer as a result.

Your independent nature can lead you to do too much yourself, feeling unsupported. Or you wind up with people depending on your or you depending on them and feel resentful. Because of your lack of follow-through you feel creatively and financially frustrated. Once you learn to commit to your decisions and be flexible with change, there are no limits to your life!

6 Soul Urge

You live for love! As a 6, you are a natural nurturer, caretaker and friend. You are the one everyone will turn to for advice, counseling, healing and understanding. Your emotional sensitivity lends itself to creativity in all forms, and your love of balance and harmony make you an excellent designer with an eye for beauty.

Because of your sense of perfection and detail, you can excel at anything! You have a masterful combination of creativity and management ability that can propel you to success in whatever you desire.

6 Soul Urge Shadow

Your perfectionist nature can make it difficult for you to complete things, fearing you will never be good enough. Since you are so sensitive to what other people think and feel about you, your desire to please others causes you to make everyone else happy at your own expense.

You can martyr yourself so much that you never have time for yourself because you’re too busy doing things for other people. This can leave you feeling depleted and resentful, and not experiencing the prosperity that you desire.

You do love luxury! Yet don’t often have the means to indulge your desires because you give so much yet lack the ability to receive. It is paramount that you don’t take responsibility for everyone else happiness. Once you let go of the idea that you or anyone else can be perfect, you can experience a beautiful, balanced life.

7 Soul Urge

With this soul urge number, you have amazing insight and intuition that is like X Ray vision. With your penetrating mind, you can pierce deep into the truth of things, and seem to know things from thin air. Your sixth sense can be uncanny, giving you the ability to know about people’s motivations without any prior information about them.

You strive to seek knowledge about the world, the Universe, and beyond.Your incredible mind and other-worldly intelligence can make you a leader in any field. You have a strong connection to the ocean, and feel best when you are in nature.

This connection to the natural world makes you in tune to the rhythms of the Universe, and have an understanding of spiritual laws that can make you a great success. Your material success can afford you the inner peace and privacy you crave.

7 Soul Urge Shadow

Your other-worldly qualities can often make you feel like a stranger in a strange land. There are times you can feel you aren’t like other people so you retreat into isolation and want to escape through fantasy or perhaps even addictions. You don’t trust your intuition so your deep spiritual insights can lead to anxiety and a restless mind, always analyzing instead of trusting yourself or others.

You can feel betrayed by people or even life itself, waiting for the other shoe to drop instead of believing, trusting and knowing that you are safe and everything will work out in divine and perfect order. Make sure you are tuning into your intuition, and not relying solely on your intellect to guide you. Take time alone every day to process your intuition and emotions, and you are sure to thrive.

8 Soul Urge Number

If anyone is meant to have material prosperity it’s YOU! Manifest wealth so you can use it to benefit the greater good. You’re a born leader. With a mind for managing, you love to take on responsibilities and see the big picture. You’re a true visionary. Work and career will always be a big part of your life and can offer you immense emotional and financial fulfillment.

You are strong, courageous, and magnetic. There’s nothing you can’t achieve. When you use your power in harmony with the laws of the Universe, you are unstoppable!

8 Soul Urge Shadow

Though you secretly crave money, power and status you are afraid of what others will think of you. So, you overcompensate for this by being indirect and too humble. You fear that others will see you as conceited or arrogant, so you dim your light to make others feel comfortable.  This leaves you in situations where you are controlled by other people when you’re really meant to be in charge.

If you hide your natural leadership abilities, you will wind up feeling taken advantage of and undervalued. If you resent others for having what the money and status that you want, you will restrict your natural flow of abundance and love.

9 Soul Urge

You have a desire to help others because you’re a natural counselor, teacher and guide. You draw other to you as a 9 with magnetic qualities.  Everyone asks for help and guidance. You are an old soul and have the wisdom of many lifetimes of experience. This gives you an intuition and inner knowing that is profound.

You seem to know things about people and situations without any prior information. Somewhere in your awareness, you recognize that you have all the answers within you.

You know you are meant to have a great impact on the world.  You want to make the world a better place and know that you can. As a compassionate humanitarian you strive to make this world a utopia. When you are listening to your penetrating inner guidance, you are a charismatic leader, healer and guide. You can achieve great financial prosperity with a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose.

9 Soul Urge Shadow

When you are not listening to your deep inner wisdom and connecting to your spiritual source, you can feel isolated, confused and misunderstood. You can feel regret for the past with an inability to let go and be in the present. Because you are so sensitive to other people, with an acute intuition, you can be so concerned with what other people’s opinions of you are, that you begin to doubt yourself.

You are an old soul. 9s go through many rigorous tests. Learn to love yourself unconditionally without the affirmation of others. If you continue to seek other’s approval, you will find yourself feeling abandoned. If you are not listening to your intuition to pursue your higher purpose, you will not receive the emotional and financial rewards that you deserve.

11 Soul Urge Number

You are a born visionary and leader. Your role on this planet is to inspire others and guide them with your inspired ideas. With your highly-tuned intuition, you have an uncanny ability to pick up information from the ethers, always enlightening you with insights that are ahead of your time. 11 is a master number, with great potential to show others the way, guiding them with your light.

You have magnetic energy. You are meant to receive spiritual, emotional and financial abundance for mastering spiritual lessons. Because you are mastering advanced spiritual lessons, you can achieve anything!

11 Soul Urge Shadow

As a master number, you have greater potential and therefore more challenging lessons. It can feel overwhelming sometimes. You can feel burdened by the responsibilities of leadership.

You can feel different from others, overly sensitive and misunderstood. This can lead you to withdraw and hide from others instead of leading them. You can seek approval and fear rejection. As a result, you never share your creative insights with others.

If you doubt your intuition and always seek affirmation outside of yourself, you will miss the opportunity to guide others with your unique contribution to the world. If you live in the world of ideas without the courage to implement them, you will not fulfill your ultimate destiny that would allow you to reap spiritual, emotional and financial rewards.

22 Soul Urge

You are a master of manifesting! You can achieve anything by combining the spiritual insight of the 11 and the practical grounding of the 4. This number is the Master Builder. Because you are creating structures that others will benefit from. You mean to leave a mark on the world!

Using your inspired vision in combination with your logical mind, you are unstoppable. You are ambitious, responsible, loyal, and disciplined, with an entrepreneurial edge that will guarantee your success. As a 22, you are a born leader and are meant to be in charge.

You take on more responsibility because you can handle more than others. You thrive in roles of authority and leadership. As the Master Builder, you can build the a life of freedom, security, wealth and fulfillment. When you listen to your intuition and take practical inspired action, you can feel immense pride knowing you are fulfilling your destiny making the world a better place.

22 Soul Urge Shadow

As a master number, you will have more challenges than most. You can feel burdened with the weight of your responsibility, with a constant workload. Often, you can feel as if you never get ahead or receive a break and that you must constantly work, and take care of others. You can feel restricted by circumstances and never feel that freedom you crave so deeply. If you are not owning your immense power and claiming destiny as a leader, you can clash with authorities leaving you feeling controlled or disrespected.

You’re meant for great things! You must have the courage to stand out. If you are not taking a chance on yourself and acting on your creative inspirations, you can feel unfulfilled, unworthy and unappreciated. Your life and bank account will reflect those feelings of low self-worth.

Make sure you are sharing your abundant gifts with the world. You have so much to share because your soul strives to leave a legacy. You are here to make a mark on the world!

Soul Urge Numbers
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