June Energy Forecast – Stay Open To Possibilities

Mercury is in Retrograde!

For the next three weeks, the trickster planet Mercury will bring technical snafus, communication mishaps, and cross-wiring as it goes retrograde.⁠⁠

2020 being the way it is, the effects of this transit are much, much deeper than that.⁠⁠

Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer – the sign of nurturing, motherhood, and childhood memories.⁠⁠ With Venus, the sign of the heart, also in retrograde (along with five other planets this month),you are entering the realm of the emotions and spirit.⁠⁠


As we heal the wounds of our collective psyche, our personal traumas are unearthed as well.⁠⁠

How can it be any other way? Like drops in the ocean, the water element teaches us how deeply connected we all are.⁠⁠

With Venus, the sign of the heart, also in retrograde (along with five other planets this month), you are entering the realm of the emotions and spirit.⁠⁠

This next month will be devoted to learning more compassionate ways to communicate, deepening our understanding of how to nurture ourselves while finding strength through vulnerability, and understanding how to make this planet a safe home for all beings.⁠⁠

Your childhood wounds may make themselves known. This is part of the healing that needs to happen.⁠⁠

The eclipses over the next two weeks will bring many revelations. ⁠⁠

This is a liberating process, not one to be feared. ⁠⁠

Stay open to the possibilities. And as always, bring your angels with you.⁠

These eclipse/retrograde energies call for deep introspection. I’m taking time this month to listen and learn. Instead of my usual video, I’m sharing with you the forecast from my 2020 Illuminated Celestial Guide (read below).



Fasten your seat belt! This is an action-packed month! It’s a pivot point within the year.

You might want to change direction and redefine your intentions. The Sun is in restless Gemini for most of the month, so you can feel scattered if you do too many things at once.

You can have some uncertainty about what you want in relationships. Mercury and Venus are both retrograde this month. These are personal planets that will motivate you to re-evaluate all that’s near and dear to you.

Mercury Retrograde and Your Relationships

Your relationships will be under review, as well as how you make money. You are learning to value yourself more and enhance your self-worth.

You’ll have much more clarity regarding relationships after June 25th when Venus goes direct.

Mercury will go retrograde on June 18th. With Mercury in the sign of hearth and home (Cancer) during its retrograde, it’s not an ideal time to sign a lease or mortgage a house.

Hold off until after July 12th if you can. After that, sign your contracts and buy your electronics. Mercury will be direct.

There are two super-potent eclipses this month bringing many feelings and insights to the surface. Because of the revelations the eclipses will bring, you are waking up to the truth of who you really are so you can release old identities. It’s time to reinvent yourself!

Our June 21st New Moon Eclipse is on the solstice at 0 degrees in Cancer.

This is one of the most powerful days of the year to set your intentions for your home, family, security and love.

The eclipse energies will make you feel more emotional. You might find the need to stand up for yourself more, or assert better boundaries. Perhaps you’ll find yourself speaking before you think.

Be aware that if you find yourself feeling somewhat agitated, it’s because you have deep emotions that need to be expressed.

Mars is moving into Aries for the rest of the year! This will fan the flames of independence and help you stand up for yourself. (This will also fire up your passions as well).

Jupiter and Pluto are having their second powerful conjunction this year (out of three total) on June 30. Pluto always brings an end to power plays and summons the Truth. Jupiter brings joy and abundance.

This conjunction happening during the potent eclipse portal will awaken you to new possibilities. If you’ve been giving away your power or diminishing your worth, your path to self-actualization can now be more clear.

Numerology: June is a 1 Universal Month

1 is the number of innovation, independence and insights. In this 1 Universal Month, you are recognizing that you need to make yourself a number one priority in your life. Set yourself free by expressing your voice and being creative. Liberate yourself from any relationships or circumstances that are stifling.

There’s only one of you in this world. Have the courage to be bigger and brighter than you’ve allowed yourself before.

1 also opens you to receive divine downloads. It would be helpful to keep a journal to write down all of the emotions you are releasing and all the intuitive insights you are receiving.

It’s a time of total transformation. Have the courage to act on your dreams.

June 18 – July 12 Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

As always, during Mercury Retrograde, it is best to wait before signing contracts or buying major purchases, especially electronics. You DO want to fix things that are broken, so if something breaks down, do take care of it.

Mercury Retrograde can also signal extreme weather, transportation delays, technical glitches and communication snafus. It’s best to check everything twice.

You can make decisions during this time, but you will most likely make some adjustments after Mercury goes direct. This is because you are prone to change your mind during Mercury Retrograde.

During this transit, it is time for you to re-evaluate what your dreams really are. Ask yourself if you are truly passionate about what you are doing, or are you doing things purely out of ego (fear) or security.

With Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, you can expect some flooding and heavy storms around the world. Pay careful attention to pipes, plumbing, storm drains, and any appliances that deal with water.

Make sure their structural integrity is intact before the retrograde begins. Hold off on buying or leasing property until mid-July.

Tarot Teacher for June

The Magician (1)

Blessings from the Light:

You are the Magician – the creator of miracles. The Alchemist who can transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. You are recognizing your need to shine more brightly. Make life more magical every day by being creative.

Explore the intuitive arts. Your intuition is speaking to you through inspired ideas. Begin putting your ideas into action.

Take those bold steps to make your dreams a reality. You’ve got everything within you (with the assistance of your divine helpers) to make magic happen.

Lessons from the Shadow:

Perhaps you are afraid of shining too brightly. You might have difficulty acknowledging your good qualities.

When you do this, life seems less than magical – it can feel boring, stifling, or dull. Perhaps you are feeling overpowered by others who don’t acknowledge how awesome you are.

When this happens, remember that the more you allow yourself to shine brightly and claim your authority and true gifts, the more respect and positive energy will be reflected back to you.


Independence, Innovation, Invention, Inspiration, Action, Playing, Creating, Awareness, Will, Rebirth, Renewal, Healing, Regenerating, Vitality, Manifesting

New Moon Scope

June 21st, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer & Solstice

Element: Water Time: 2:41am EDT

Light that solstice candle and make a wish! Today is a powerful day for intention setting. New Moons always initiate new beginnings. Eclipse energy makes that exponential. New Moon eclipses can initiate new fateful events that are life-changing.

Cancer helps you get in touch with your deepest emotions, as well as your need to nurture and be nurtured. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself as your number one priority.

Remember, your well-being benefits all beings. Set your intentions about the beautiful fulfilling life you’d like to experience, and let the Universe do its magic.

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