Gabby Bernstein – Lighting The Path

It’s time for you to rise up and live your purpose!

As a lightworker, you hear a lot about Archangel Michael, the guardian angel. Yet, there is another – Gabby Bernstein (Archangel Gabriel).

As a Lightworker, you hear a lot about Archangel Michael, because he is the guardian for Earth Angels like YOU. Yet there is another Archangel that I also call upon daily to help me share my messages – Archangel Gabriel.

You are creating your life every day. Every thought, word, and image in your mind is painting your world. How you communicate with the world, both energetically and verbally, is drawing people and circumstances to you. Since Archangel Gabriel is the communication angel, I call upon her every day.

Archangel Gabriel on Earth, Gabby Bernstein!

There is an Earth Angel,  named Gabrielle Bernstein who is helping people with both the spiritual and practical aspects of being a Lightworker.  Your name is no accident, so it’s no surprise that Gabrielle Bernstein’s life purpose is to help you communicate your message with the world in a BIG way.

So often, the material aspects of life can feel overwhelming. It’s an interesting era we live in, where if we want to help people and serve in the way our soul intended we need to master aspects of business, promotion, and social media!

Gabby Bernstein has been igniting the passion and purpose of Lightworkers for over a decade. You might already be familiar with her as a Hay House author, guest on Oprah, or through her many television appearances. She’s inspiring people all over the world to rise up and be the spiritual leaders we were born to be.

I’m thrilled that I had an opportunity to interview her! In this inspiring talk, Gabby shares with you how to move past your blocks to being prosperous and confident, so you can live the life your soul intended.

Listen to Gabby Bernstein’s interview below:


Gabby Bernstein was named “a new thought leader” by Oprah Winfrey. A New York Times bestselling author and frequent speaker on stages all around the world. With a background in public relations, sublime social media savvy, and rock solid foundation in kundalini yoga, she is a role model for lightworkers who want to be successful in the real world, while staying true to their spiritual ideals.


Now go forth and light up the world!

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