How To Be A Modern Mystic In The Real World

Are you having fun in your body?

Being an empath can be exhausting! If you’re sensitive to other people’s energy, you’re most likely wanting to please others at your own expense. You can spend so much time and energy doing things for other people, there’s no time left for yourself.

As an empath, it’s easy to get pulled off center

You’ll start to look around you, and defining your success by other people’s standards. Your left feeling like you can never measure up!

You know you have more you’d like to share with the world, plus you want more time, more love, and more freedom. So how do you create the success you desire, while feeling like you’re being pulled in different directions? The answer is simple…

To change your life externally, you must change your energy!

If you’re looking outside yourself trying to change your circumstances, you’ll exhaust yourself. If you want more joy, you must allow yourself to experience more joy.  Become energetically aligned. Our sacral chakra (2nd chakra) is one of our essential energetic building blocks. It’s all about enjoying the sensual pleasure of your body, and having fun!

As an empath, you are energetically designed for success

When you shift your focus to nourishing your inner life, your external world transforms. So, you begin to create a life that is not only materially rewarding, but as Belinda Davidson says, is also soul purposefully delicious!

If you want to know how to be a sensitive soul in the modern world, and have fun doing it, I highly suggest you listen to Part One of this 3 part series with my mentor, Belinda Davidson.

Listen to Part One of this three part audio series:


You can listen to Part Two of this three part series here.

Belinda Davidson is an international speaker, author, and modern mystic. Her life purpose is to help people change their energy and heal their lives. She travels the world extensively, offering live events and workshops. For almost twenty years, Belinda worked as a medical intuitive and coach.



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