Staying Positive As A Sensitive Soul

Staying Positive – You don’t need to be afraid of negativity!

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from the Archangels, is that the energy of LOVE is the strongest energy in the Universe and key to staying positive.

There are some beautiful earth angels that are such powerful vessels of love, they can heal others.

One such luminous soul is Belinda Davidson. She’s an incredible psychic and medical intuitive, who is a channel for healing and love using the White Light, as well as the healing power of presence.

Life doesn’t need to be so hard

In this powerful interview, she shares with you how to utilize the power of the White Light so you no longer need to be afraid of negativity. You can actually feel vibrant, radiant and healthy while staying positive.

You will be amazed at how simple yet profoundly powerful this is.

You’ll also learn they mystic’s way to manifest your heart’s desire without stress or strain. It’s easier than you think.

PLUS, she busts the myths of what being a “nice” spiritual person is supposed to be.

Listen to Part Two of the three part by series here:


In case you missed it, you can listen to Part One here:


Listen to Part Three of the series here.

If you know an empath that can benefit from Staying Positive As A Sensitive Soul, please share this with them.

PS – this was recorded during an 8 Universal year, but the lessons are still the same.


Belinda Davidson is an international speaker, author, and modern mystic. Her life purpose is to help people change their energy and heal their lives. She travels the world extensively, offering live events and workshops. For almost twenty years, Belinda worked as a medical intuitive and coach.

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