Live More & Weigh Less with Sarah Jenks

Do you feel heavy and burdened by your body?

In my recent interview with my friend Sarah Jenks, we discuss how you can transform your life and your body, with ease, joy and fun.

Before you answer that question, think about it.  Most people are carrying conscious, or unconscious negative beliefs about their body.

Either you evaluate your body into parts that you like or don’t like, or you focus on what you wish you could change, or what you used to look like or wish you look like. Or if you’re an empath, you’re most likely holding onto other people’s energy or feeling like your body has too many sensitivities.

 Your body has a consciousness

If you truly love your body as the beautiful vessel of your spirit that it is, your life will change.

If you’re treating your body like something that needs to change in order to enjoy your life more, you’re getting it backwards.

In my recent interview with my friend Sarah Jenks, we discuss how you can completely transform your life and your body, with ease, joy and fun. Sarah is a maverick in the weight-loss movement, because she learned how to lose weight by loving her life more. She’s taught thousands of women around the world how to love their bodies and life from the inside out, and have outer transformation as a result.

Interview with Sarah Jenks

In Part One of this two part interview with Sarah, we discuss:

  • The #1 way for you to lose weight that’s has nothing to do with your diet. (it’s not what you think and it’s way more awesome).
  • Your soul lessons are around weight issues
  • What your body wants you to know for you to finally be free from “body jail”
  • Chakra healing to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle
  • How to manifest anything you REALLY want.

This eye-opening discussion is really a lesson in manifesting ANYTHING, not just a healthy fit body. You can apply these principles to everything your heart desires.

Listen to Part One of Sarah Jenks interview:


Listen to Part Two of Sarah Jenk’s interview


Sarah Jenks is a pioneer in the weight-loss movement. Sarah’s helped thousands of women around the world create a healthy body image and lifestyle through joy and self-love. She found success in creating a happy lifestyle, which also resulted in a dramatic weight loss. Her journey of transformation is what led her to create Live More Weigh Less, now the most popular non-diet weight loss program on the internet. It’s not about cutting out crème brulee, it’s about embracing the life you want, right now. Living a full, meaningful life is a great adventure; when you have adventure in your life, diving into a pint of ice cream seems a lot less exciting.

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