11-11: A Time For Peace

Have you noticed how divided the world is?

As a collective, we are currently not exemplifying our highest and best for humanity. I still have hope for our future.

It is clear that POSITIVE changes are happening, especially in the realm of civil rights and social justice. Yet, many people are VERY resistant to progress. They will learn.

The Universe will carry us forward, never backward.

Today’s date is a beautiful reminder to cultivate harmony and peace.


11-11 is always a magical day.

Can you believe World War 1 had ended exactly on November 11th. Yes, on 11-11 (in 1918!). They were in the midst of a pandemic then too!

And though sometimes it feels that humanity is at war with each other yet again, let today be a reminder to bring unity and harmony.

11 is a number that brings cooperation, unity and harmony.

11 is a Master Number. To benefit from the elevated energy it brings, you must first master your life.

11 teaches you to stand in your power and take responsibility for your life. Co-dependency is the opposite of this vibration.

If you depend on other people’s approval for your own happiness, you will miss the mark.

Perhaps you are a people-pleaser at heart. Do you make excuses for others’ negligent behavior? If so, you’re taking on their karma and not allowing them to be responsible for their own actions and grow.

On this day of illumination and light, let go of anyone that is weighing you down with their negativity.

2 is a number of diplomacy and peace.

The shadow side of 2 is not listening to your inner voice and feeling as if you are torn in two directions.

Humanity can start listening to their better angels. In the meantime, people are spending a lot of time focusing what other people are doing and demonizing them.

As you practice bringing inner peace to your heart, rather than focusing on what other people are doing, you can start to heal the collective consciousness.

Today, focus on breathing, meditating and radiating the energy of love from your heart.

11:11 is amplified energy between Divine and Mater. Let’s have heaven hear our call for a better future.

Have a beautiful day! And remember to love yourself.

~ Kari

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