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Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

There’s confusion out there about the Law of Attraction, manifesting, and creating your reality that may confuse you as well. Maybe you wonder why you’re not manifesting anything you want or why you don’t feel happier and fulfilled.

So what I want to do for you today is clarify these concepts and help you understand how this works in a very actionable way that is probably different from what you may have heard before. So before I do that, I want to say that there are spiritual teachers who are teaching these things very well.

And if you have found a technique that has worked for you, then great, but there’s also a lot out there that’s just overly simplified and leads people on the wrong track. So I want to help you. I want to help you understand these concepts.

So, the way things are taught is that you think about what you want, and your thoughts create your reality. You create your reality, and you can get anything you want. Then, you keep focusing on what you want, keep focusing on it, and then put your feelings into it.

Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

And then, great! You manifest everything like the universe is a candy store, and you want it and ask for it, and then you get it. That’s not how it works because it’s not just your thoughts that create your reality; your thoughts influence how you feel. And it is your feelings that generate energy.

And it is your energy that draws things to you. But there’s so much more to the Law of Attraction, which means that what you think about you attracts you. First of all, that’s oversimplified, but that is not the only law in the universe. There are a lot of laws in the universe that you need to take into account.

I mean, lots of them! So we live in an infinite universe with infinite possibilities, yet you are a soul that has incarnated into a body for a specific purpose. First, there are different laws in the universe, such as the Law of Karma, the Law of Balance, the Law of Free Will. It’s endless, so. It’s not just, “oh, I want this to happen. That’s going to make it so.” You incarnated into a body with a soul history of karmic, imbalances, karmic patterns, and also gifts. And you are born to manifest your specific gifts.

Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

And you’re also meant to learn spiritual lessons, specific spiritual lessons. It’s part of your soul’s plan. That’s part of your soul’s intention.

And so you can think you want something, but your soul may have another plan for you that’s probably even better than what you think you want. And, and when we’re here looking around at everybody else and comparing ourselves and looking on Instagram and looking at social media, what everybody has and how everybody’s presenting things.

You and everyone, it looks like things can be better than they are. So you think to yourself, “oh, I want that. I’m going to manifest that.” Or your mind may think this is what I want to have security in my life. So I’m going to manifest this, or you may think that you want certain material things, and then when you get those material things or accomplishments or successes, it’s not what you want.

Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

You may think you want it, but then you get it, and it doesn’t feel good. Here’s another thing, when you don’t get what you want, it’s often because your soul has a better plan for you, and by you not getting it, you have to change course in your life and find your true soul’s purpose and what your true gifts are.

You know, even in the past week, I have heard about or read about so many people who thought they wanted to be actors or athletes or anything, and then they get injured, or they get sick. And in the healing process, they discover that they have a passion for helping people. They have a passion for being coaches or counselors or healers or finding true love on that path of healing.

And you don’t think you want to go through that, and you never want to go through something challenging to get to where you want to be. Except that’s what the soul does. Sometimes your life creates a fork in the road so that you change course.

Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

Even if you think you want something, it can take you in another direction that’s better than what you imagined. So when you don’t get what you want, there are a few things at play here. You may not be valuing yourself enough. And so the universe is telling you that you need to expect more for yourself, or it could be that you’re meant to take a different path.

They say that rejection is God’s protection. Or that when one door closes, another door opens, and that’s why that is. So when you dare to express your true soul’s gifts, when you’re really in the zone of what you’re meant to be doing, when you are truly sharing your gifts with the world, that’s when opportunity abounds.

But when your ego or personality thinks it wants something and does everything to create it, you do everything… you focus on it. You think about it all the time. You strive for it, and it’s not working.

Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

Often, you are meant to redirect course, or like I said, in those instances where you get injured or sick or something like that, or things don’t work out, it’s because there’s something in the process of not getting what you want or having to heal from something that opens you up to your true gifts to the world.

So do you see how that works? So when you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose, yes, you can and will manifest so many opportunities for yourself. But the difference between that, and then just like an ego idea of what you think you want, feels fulfilling. You will most likely have material and financial rewards.

You’ll have spiritual and emotional rewards as well. And that’s so much better than just manifesting some success that feels stressful or empty for you because truly, the greatest gift we have on this planet is our capacity to love and to share love and to help each other. So that is the Law of Attraction in action.

Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

When you are combining all the laws of the universe in a way that you’re in harmony. So how do you manifest with your soul’s intention?
Now, there are many ways to figure out what is more in alignment with your soul’s purpose rather than what your ego thinks you want.

First of all, it’s very important to keep your energy as clear as possible throughout the day. We pick up on other people’s influences, emotions, and energy, which can cloud your energy, that can cloud what you think you want that can cloud your ability to listen to yourself.

So if you can, every day, bring light into yourself. Meditate. If you can clear your chakras, I have some resources for you that I’ll share in the description. Just make sure that you are calm and clear and centered within yourself every day. And that’s going to help you receive divine guidance.

Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

Now, when you’re clear and when you are receiving that divine guidance, listening to your heart and not just your brain, not just what your mind thinks you want… your brain and what you think you want is sometimes detached from your heart, your body, your intuitive faculties. This is what’s picking up on the information from your intuition: your connection to your body and your heart.

So if you’re thinking, thinking, thinking all the time, what you think you want. It’s maybe disconnected from what your soul wants. So the more you connect with your heart, the more you connect with your body, the more clear you will be about your path, the more you can hear your intuition.

So how does your intuition talk to you? It’s those divine downloads that you see those visions for yourself of your future, that you may get a glimpse of, but that’s showing you what’s possible.

Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

Or it could be a feeling that never goes away. One way to tell what you love and what you’re meant to do is to remember what you wanted to do as a child. What made you happy as a child? Do you remember what you love to do? Do you remember what you would say? “This is what I want to be when I grow up!” That’s a glimmer.

That’s a hint about what you were meant to do now when you are grown up! So please pay attention to those desires that may be buried, but really uncover them and express them as much as possible. And that’s always going to be guiding you toward your purpose.

Now, another thing that you can do is to imagine yourself as fulfilled and happy, and confident as you would like to be. That’s different than thinking of something that you want. And then try to imagine yourself feeling a certain way. Imagine yourself feeling a certain way, and then see what comes up for you. I have a free meditation to envision your future with your Higher Self. That’s going to help you receive your vision from the divine.

Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

It’s going to help you feel into your future in a way that’s more fulfilling than perhaps some way that you may have been taught before. So you can access that free meditation using the link below. And as you imagine yourself fulfilled and joyful. Take that with you; remember how that feels.

And as you’re going through your day, ask yourself, is this leading me more toward that feeling or away from it, and keep guiding yourself to actions that help you feel more joyful and fulfilled. And that’s one way always to be joyful and fulfilled is to have those feelings and cultivate those feelings every day.

Now, I know that you can become more confident as you do these things. You can start to attract more opportunities where you are fulfilling your soul’s purpose in a way that feels fulfilling.

Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

So I hope that this has helped you. I’d love to hear about maybe some consciousness shifts or some ways that you’re seeing things differently now, and please share them in the comments below.

But I also want to hear from you; what else do you want to learn from me? I’m going to share more about the soul’s purpose and empower yourself, your intuition, and astrology numerology.

Let me know what you’d like to learn from me in the comments below because I want to share it with you. I love you so much, and I am so excited for you to feel more joyful and fulfilled and know that you deserve the very best for yourself and are doing what your soul intended. I love you so much, and I hope to see you in the following video.

Lots of love. Bye for now.

Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

We live in an infinite Universe with infinite possibilities. It makes sense that you can have and be anything you want, right?

That’s what the Law of Attraction is about, isn’t it?

Yet, there are many other laws in the Universe. These are just a few laws that govern our life on earth:

Law of Karma
Law of Entrainment
Law of Balance
Law of Free Will

The list is infinite…

Most importantly, you have a destiny.

Your soul choice to incarnate at this point in time, in your body, for a specific purpose.

While you are in a physical body, you are confined by certain limitations, and that’s a good thing!

Everything on the physical plane is energy that has been contained and shaped into form. Structures, boundaries, and restrictions help focus energy with intention.

While the idea that you can have anything you want seems very enticing, it is not what’s best for your soul.

Sometimes you think you want something, based on your ego, yet your soul has other plans.

Your soul is incarnated to express your unique gifts.

Your soul also incarnates to learn valuable spiritual lessons.

Though you can always manifest material things, it’s more important for you to have intentions that align with your soul’s purpose.

When you align with your purpose and have the courage, dedication, and persistence to pursue your passions, that’s when opportunities abound!

Doors will open up for you!

You will receive material and emotional rewards.

Vision boards work great for a lot of people. They can be very effective in fulfilling true hearts desires. But not always. It depends on where your intentions are coming from.

You can visualize houses, cars, and money. You can definitely manifest those things. Yet, that doesn’t mean you will feel fulfilled.

If your intentions are purely for material things, it will not bring you happiness.

What will bring you happiness is expressing your gifts and surrounding yourself with people who love you for who you are.

Here are some simple steps to ensure you are co-creating your future from a soulful place, rather than your ego.

1) Clear your energy so you can receive clarity about your future from your Higher Self

2) Pay attention to your feelings and inner desires (those persistent ones), not what your mind “thinks” is a good idea.

3) Remember what you loved to do as a child, what you imagined you wanted to “be when you grew up”

4) Imagine what the happiest, most fulfilled version of yourself is doing

5) Tune in to how you FEEL when you imagine your ideal life

6) Attune to that feeling throughout the day. Do activities that cultivate that feeling

As you receive your vision of your future from your Higher Self and listen to your true heart’s desires, you can co-create a future that feels fulfilling that also benefits the greater good.

Now that’s a real blessing!

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