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Life Path Numbers: Numerology and Your Soul Purpose

Hi, it’s Kari here and I’m popping online today because I have so much to share with you about numerology life path number. I’ve been writing about numerology and soul contracts and there’s so much I have to say about numerology life path number. So I thought why don’t I just say it with actual words. I am speaking to you about two of my favorite topics, numerology and soul contracts. I have so much to share about this, including insights related to numerology life path number. I’m so passionate about sharing the information that I have received from my spirit guides over the course of over 20 years doing thousands of readings and thousands of courses for people, , which often involve discussions about numerology life path number.

I want to share some of my insight with you because I know it can help you understand your numerology life path number. You probably know me as from my forecasts, right? I do these monthly numerology and astrology forecasts and I also incorporate tarot and information that I received from my spirit guides, sometimes related to numerology life path number.

And when I do these forecasts, everyone always says to me, you’re talking directly to me. How did you know this about me? Cause it’s really personal and there’s an art to this as an art and a science to interpreting numbers and symbols. But the thing is it’s universal. It feels very personal. How does this even make sense? I’m talking about universal themes and somehow they always affect you very personally.

Numerology and Life Path Numbers

This is one of the things I want to talk about with numerology, especially because we have 12 life paths, essentially, which directly relate to numerology life path number. There’s one through nine and then the master numbers 11, 22 and 33 and it’s one of those things, it’s like, well how can this be personal if they’re general. So I want to explain to you how I came to this and what makes variances with this information and what it has to do with your past lives and your soul and your soul’s purpose.

So once again, you probably know me from these forecasts. Well, you might not know that I am very, very psychic. In fact, for over 20 years, I’ve been doing psychic readings. Now I stopped doing personal one on one psychic readings many years ago because what happened was I kept seeing the same themes of people’s lives over and over and over again. And my purpose and my passion is to help as many people as I can in this life that I have this time around, right?

I wanted to become a full-time teacher, sharing insights about numerology life path number. So I became a full-time teacher. This is what I do full time. I love it and it lights my soul. And this is one reason I’m sharing this with you right now, including insights about numerology life path number. So even among psychics, I’m actually pretty different. Go figure because, there’s so many different types of psychics out there, , each with their own unique connection to understanding things like numerology life path number.

Your Chosen Life Path

It’s such a rare profession and each one of us is very unique just like with anything else, including our perspectives on numerology life path number. And when people think about psychics, they think about fortune telling or seeing the future. But that’s actually not what we all do. And that’s definitely not what I specialize in, though my insights often involve aspects related to numerology life path number.

Now, obviously if you know my forecast, you know I forecast the future not by telling you what, what is definitely going to happen to you, but by discussing probable energies, sometimes influenced by numerology life path number. I talk about the energies, the probable energies in the future and this is how I use these numbers and planets and symbols and the information I received from my spirit guides. However, as a psychic, my specialty was reading your past in particular past lives and your life planning, including insights into numerology life path number. So what you planned before you were born. So if you’ve been around the metaphysical community, you most likely know that you’ve heard about.

We choose their life before we’re born in and yet that, I mean, what do you even make a bat? Right? It’s kind of confusing and you know, sometimes you would think like, why would I choose that? Why would I choose this body, these parents, this, these circumstances, these hardships.

Look for Patterns

And that’s what I specialized in. Why you chose your life and how your soul is growing from that. And I’m also an energy healer because I studied a lot of energy healing techniques because I didn’t want to just leave people in this quagmire of, like what? But let me tell you something about the healing. And this is why I love numerology and this is why I find it healing. Because when I was studying these these past lives and how people were planning, one of the most important tools that I use is numerology to look at what the soul has planned in this lifetime.

Also the subconscious fears and karmic lessons that we have in that. And I have found that numerology is like the gateway into the soul. It is basically like reading a map of the soul. And as a psychic, when I did these readings, how dozens and thousands of readings for 10 years, the life path number was the only number I looked, they may have even been longer than 10 years because I wanted to study this. I wanted to study this in actual people, not from a book. I didn’t learn this from books. And, I learned this from seeing patterns in people’s lives and what they all had in common for each number and also what the gifts are.

Be Happy in Your Way

We all express ourselves in very unique ways. And one reason that numerology has been so helpful for me as a psychic and understanding people is that we do have unique ways, but it’s kind of like when you have you know, if you’re about to adopt a dog and I hope you get one from a shelter if you do adopt, you know, when you’re about adopt a dog and there’s different kinds of dogs and they’re each good at different things and they’re, they each have different, different things that they need to do to be happy.

For instance, a pit bull, you’re gonna want to play tug with the pit bull. Cause I’ll need to use that great jaw. If you’re getting a Chihuahua, they may need to be held, you know, a Husky needs to run and they all need, every, all dogs need to exercise. But you know, they each have a very distinct way that they need to be happy. And that is what neurology teaches us. It’s what we need to be happy, how we experience the world.

And each one I found through these thousands of readings, the neurology very much teaches like what? What each number must have to be happy. Also what their past life circumstances are coming in. So I want to talk to you a little bit about this process of choosing our life before we’re born because I don’t really think there’s a lot of information on it and it’s really important because I have found that knowing why you choose certain circumstances is very healing.

Learn from Within

Because if you are just feeling like the universe is random or like why me? What did I do? Did I have some bad karma? Like what did I do wrong? It’s usually not like that. It’s usually your soul wants to learn a set of lessons and you choose your life before you’re born to help you learn those lessons. For instance, you choose your parents to help you not only nourish your gifts but also karmic lessons.

Let’s say for instance you need to learn how to believe in yourself in this lifetime. Well, you might probably choose parents who don’t believe in you who are negative or critical toward you. But that seems counterintuitive, right? But on a soul level it makes sense because what you’re meant to learn is what your greatest challenge is. If you are just kind of given something. If something is just like a golden spoon or you just are born with something that’s easy for you, there’s no need to learn.

When you don’t have something, you would need to find that from within and then you strengthen that and that becomes through this process of learning how to gain something from within. If you have parents that didn’t enhance your self esteem and you want to learn how to believe in yourself in this lifetime, your going to choose parents sometimes that don’t reinforce this for you so that you learn from within to find your self esteem from within to affirm yourself.

Overcome Challenges

This is one of the ways we’re making these choices on the other side before we come in and this is what my spirit guys mostly shared in readings and of course I help people make empowering choices because that again is my passion and my purpose is to empower people with this knowledge and it becomes a very healing process when you have to heal yourself from within.

It’s like the person who is a was a drug addict for instance, and then they found their healing and they healed themselves through the dark night of the soul and now they want to help others, right? And that’s so much what their life purpose is. You would think that your life purpose is okay, you have these gifts and so you’re born into a family and environment, a body, whatever it is that’s going to just make those gifts easy for you. And sometimes that’s the case.

Oftentimes your greatest gifts that you share with the world are the result of you overcoming your greatest challenges. And this is one reason we choose the whatever bodies we’re in, the parents, we have the city you’re born in, you choose all of this before you’re born. So I hope you’re gaining some kind of understanding of, Oh, okay, I see.

Subconscious Patterns

Now you may notice that life here isn’t always easy, right? So things that are easy, those are gifts that you don’t need to work on in this life. And so those are meant to be shared joyfully and easily. And what you came to do is often the result of your greatest challenge, right? Because it’s strengthened from within. So one of the things that I noticed in doing these thousands of readings for so many people, now again, I didn’t learn numerology from books. I learned numerology from the sessions I had and the information that came through with my spirit guides about each person’s life and the life path numbers.

I started to see some past life traumas for each number and subconscious patterns. It’s actually even in my birth chart, I have a lot of 12 house in my birth chart and 12 house. The 12 house is the house of subconscious mind and psychic energy. So I can actually read subconscious thoughts and those are what I help heal as well. When you hear someone’s psychic you don’t know that. Some psychics don’t do that and some psychics are really specialized in helping see the future. We all have our gifts and psychics talk to departed loved ones. And isn’t that amazing how we’re so unique?

Share Your Gifts

And that’s the whole point. This is what I share and I teach in everything I do is helping people understand their uniqueness. Because when we come down here, we have all this conditioning about really that we’re all meant to be exactly the same, that you’re supposed to enjoy certain activities and flock in the same kind of groups and have a secure job that means that it’s like a regular paycheck that’s coming from somebody else.

None of these things are accurate for all people. And so when you understand, you know, we have these tools, right? So we have astrology and numerology and our spirit guides and our intuition. They’re all tools that help us decipher why we came down here and how to get to our destiny. So your circumstances that you chose before you were born, that’s fate, and your destiny is what you make of it.

There are certain gifts that you’re meant to share. There are certain people that you’re meant to meet and you don’t have to. It’s when you’re listening to your intuition, when you’re listening to the clues and the universe, it’s like a map, right? It’s guiding you, always guiding you towards your destiny. You can stay in that fateful place where you can go towards your destiny. The beauty is we have tools, and this is one of the reasons that I love numerology. In addition to choosing your parents, choosing your place of birth and choosing your body, and again, I hope I’ve given you more understanding of like, why would I choose that?

Life Path Numbers and Your Birth Chart

In addition to did that, you actually choose your time and place of birth. You choose your name because actually your name is no accident. Every letter in your name has a number, which contributes to your numerology life path number. You choose your first date because of the planetary alignment of your birth date and the numbers in your birth date and a specific life path number that you’re meant to have as well. These are all clues. Now, they’re not just clues, they’re actually the chemistry that you’re made up of. Because if you actually look at the sacred geometry, the energy of each number or each planet, it has a certain energy. So it’s like what ingredients are getting baked into your cake, including your numerology life path number. Kind of mine was a gluten free cake.

What ingredients are being baked into yours? So each one of these symbols and planets and numbers there, you’re there and eat the letters in your name, their energy. So when you look at a birth charter, you look at a life path number, you look at a birthday or even a name. This gives you an idea of the energy that you’re meant to manifest, the energy that you’re working with, including your numerology life path number. That had gives you an idea of the kind of how you experienced the world, what you’re meant to do, what you need to be happy, considering your numerology life path number.

You Chose Your Birth Date

And again, we’re taught we’re all the same. I don’t know why there’s manuals for different breeds of dogs, but not different breeds of people, there are though. These are the tools. Astrology is one, numerology is another, particularly focusing on your numerology life path number. And of course your intuition is one. So you choose your birth date to give you a certain kind of chemistry.

And the beauty is this like a gift from the heavens because your birth date then becomes a clue as to what you need to be happy and what your past life circumstances were that made you choose this kind of direction, including your numerology life path number. And there’s so much healing that comes from just understanding that. But in addition to that, you know what you need to be happy.

So for instance, a seven life path has to have time alone. They have to find a job where they get to research and dig into things, which aligns with their numerology life path number. They just really need to have that time to process this incredible psychic energies. You know, again, you know, seven life paths also come in with some past life beliefs that the world might slip out quickly beneath their feet or they may be betrayed. One life paths need to be independent and foster a sense of independence and they have all these ideas and they need to learn how to manifest them.

Life Path Number 5

So they make great entrepreneurs. There’s certain numbers that are geared more toward being an entrepreneur. There’s certain numbers that are geared more towards security and don’t like that kind of risky business. If you’re a five life path, you live on risky business and it will be so bored if you don’t have it.

So there’s 5 life paths. There are clients of mine, you know, they’ve had maybe multiple spouses or multiple types of jobs, but their life path numbers are about a variety of experiences. For instance, that letters N, E , and W in numerology all add up to five. Each one of those letters is a five. So the five life path is always has to be doing something new. So if you are conditioned to think, wow, I meant to like just have this kind of job and there’s something wrong with me, so I can’t move on to another job because people will think I’m flaky, but that’s actually your life path.

Then if you are five, you’re meant to have variety. For instance, the nine life path they have life lessons around abandonment oftentimes, or they’re old souls, right? So it’s like if you’re an old soul in a fairly young soul world and now you can be an old soul of any number and there’s plenty of young soul life, half nines, I’m sure.

Life Path Number 9

And yet, they have that feeling of the old soul of being different because the nine life path has to learn to get their wisdom from within. It’s the hermit and the tarot that, you know, that Zoso album, the hermit looking inside, on the cover of Led Zeppelin, Zoso. So, when you have someone who’s a nine life path, oftentimes they’ll have parents or an environment where they grew up feeling like nobody understands me or my gifts like had never been nurtured.

When you find out that there’s a reason for that, that your soul chose that, so that you can find that from within. Another example, the four life path. So the four in the tarot is the emperor. The four life paths have to learn how to father themselves. So oftentimes I know a lot of for life paths whose fathers passed away when they were very young because they had to learn how to not have that father and, maybe their fathers were emotionally unavailable or maybe sometimes even abusive or they just idolize their father and never felt like they could live up to them.

Whatever that case is before left have often has this sense of my dad wasn’t there. They often passed away and so when you realize if you are one of these people and your dad passed away when you’re younger and you realize, yeah, you know what, that was part of your soul contract so that you would look, now they’re going to be with you.

Know Your Partner’s Life Path Number

They’re always communicating with you. On the other side, you can be the spirit guide, but if you realize like, wow, my soul chose that because I am meant to learn how to be that authority within how to father myself. That was a choice. It brings so much healing, so this is why I am so passionate about people understanding their numerology. Here’s another thing too. Children, spouses, partners, we all speak different languages. So if you understand what your partner is like, you can speak their love language.

So if you know you’re married to a five life path, who, who craves freedom, you’re not going to be like, Hey, can I put you on a tracking device where I know where you are every minute. You just know you got to speak these people’s languages and opposites attract. So you have to know the love language of your children, your parents, your spouses, your coworkers, every single person on my team. I know they’re numbers so I know what they need to be happy, right?

Me and my partner, I mean we get it right. So I understand, my sweet husband, one life path. So this is why it’s so important to understand what your chart is what course you’ve charted. And this is why I’m so passionate about sharing numerology with you. It’s not just a tool for forecasting and it can be used for that. It’s also a wonderful tool from when your spirit guides want to communicate to you.


If you understand the numbers then you have this whole other language to communicate with your spirit guides and learn your life path. I really feel that understanding your life path, I cannot imagine not knowing that. And for all of my clients that is how I started every single reading. I really looked into those life path numbers and there are so many patterns that are similar with all of them and it’s tremendously healing.

It’s tremendously helpful for knowing each other with knowing how to communicate with people. And know what you need to be happy because we’re not taught that. We’re taught to be like everybody else and sometimes it’s confusing. So right now I have my Numerology Illuminated course at a very deep discount right now only through the end of the month.

I don’t know how to put this mildly, but I really feel like everyone should understand their life path numbers. And you should understand each other with this because it can be very life changing. It’s on sale right now and this is a three hour masterclass. I go through all of the life path numbers, one through nine, 11, 22 and 33. It will help you understand yourself and every single person in your life. It will completely change the way you look at the world. And the other thing is that you really develop a sense of profound gratitude for the universe and how amazing it is that like our name, our birthday, all of that is planned.

Numerology Illuminated

Nothing is random. You have so much help and so much support. So I hope that this has helped you. And I hope that this helped you understand how special and unique you are. And I hope you take advantage of this numerology illuminated course. There’s also two additional Q and A’s in this. And I teach this in such a way now, have you been with me for any amount of time? You know, I make things very clear. Numerology as it is.

Well, some people would make it very boring, it can be very heady, but it is not. It’s really fun. I make it very fun because it is fun and it’s easy. It’s really easy. And I teach it with the tarot. So it’s actually a course in the tarot and numerology at once. It’s because that’s how I learned it. Because when I was doing readings, I learned the life path numbers by the archetypes of the tarot, and there was so much wisdom that went into the tarot. So I hope that you take advantage of this. I hope that you learn more about yourself so that you can live the life your soul intended.

And I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you take advantage of this. This is on sale just through the end of the month. And I poured my heart into this because I love sharing this information so much. I love you, and that’s all for now. Bye for now.

You might not know this about me but I’m VERY psychic.

I’ve been doing intuitive readings for over twenty years. Yet, even as psychics go I’m pretty different. (Go figure?).

While I do see future probabilities, my specialty is in helping people heal their past. That way, they can make empowering choices for their future.

My team of Spirit Guides specializes in Soul Contracts, those choices you make before your birth.

You chose your life circumstances before you were born.

If you’ve been around the metaphysical community, you’re most likely familiar with the concept of planning your life before you incarnate.

With the help of your wise council of Guides, you choose your physical body, family, soul mates, location of birth, and environment.

You do this to help you nurture your talents, as well as create the challenges for you to work through to heal your karma.

The gifts you are born to share are most likely the results of working through your greatest challenges.

It’s all part of your soul’s plan.

When you transform your greatest challenges, they become your greatest gifts.

One of the easiest and most accurate ways I have found for understanding people’s gifts and challenges is looking at their Life Path Number.

In addition to choosing your family and circumstances before you’re born, you also choose your birth date.

Your Life Path Number is a gift from the heavens.

Life on this planet can feel scary and disorienting. From the moment you come down here, you are conditioned to be like everyone else and fit in.

We’re conditioned to think there is only one path as if we all have the same gifts, talents, desires and karmic lessons.

And yet, there are 12 distinct Life Paths. Each one has its unique way of experiencing the world.


Knowing and understanding your Life Path Number is like having a manual for your destiny.

It can help you interpret WHY you chose your parents, as well as why you’ve had certain experiences, fears and karmic lessons.

It also helps you make choices based on what’s best for you, not what you’ve been taught.

For instance, the 5 Life Path craves freedom and variety. Yet, we’re taught to find security through security and structure. For a 5 Life Path, that can feel like suffocation.

Once the 5 Life Path realizes they NEED change as an essential aspect of their soul’s plan, they can make choices that embody that sense of freedom.

Perhaps that means having a few different jobs at once, or changing careers every few years, or becoming an entrepreneur so you can work from different locations. That might make them happier than staying in the same job because that’s what they’ve been taught to do.

Another example is the 4 Life Path. This Life path number is associated with masculine energy and authority.

Oftentimes 4 Life Paths will have fathers who pass away while they are young or simply were emotionally unavailable to them. This is so they learn how to father themselves, which brings inner strength.

When people learn that their challenges are all part of the divine plan, they can accept their circumstances and move forward with love.

Knowing WHY things have happened to you brings a tremendous amount of healing.

Understanding your true nature can help you make empowering choices.

Understanding other people’s Life Path Numbers can make you a better parent, friend, spouse, partner, co-worker, counselor or healer. You get an in-depth view into other people’s experiences.

In my Numerology Illuminated course, you learn about ALL the Life Path Numbers  – 1 through 9, and the Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33.

Life Path Numerology gives you a tool to communicate in other people’s love language.

I’m passionate about the power of numerology. I’ve seen how people’s lives have been transformed with this time-tested ancient wisdom.

I’ve learned so much from my Spirit Guides doing readings for people over the past twenty years. That’s why I’m so excited to share these insights with you.

I hope you take advantage of it. It can change your life and relationships for good.

Numerology Illuminated

Life Path Numbers reveal the key to happiness, success, and love.

Transform your life’s challenges as you align with your destiny and fulfill your purpose.

My Numerology Illuminated masterclass covers all the Life Path Numbers so you can have loving relationships with all the people in your life.

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