written in your birth date

Discover Your Life Path Number to Reveal Your Keys to Happiness Success, and Love...

Numerology Illuminated

In-Depth Masterclass with Kari Samuels
Over 5 hours of Content
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Before you were born, your soul mapped out your destiny
. . . . .
Prior to birth, your soul planned the circumstances of your life. The Sun, Moon and Stars aligned in a combination of planets and numbers unique to you. 

Your date of birth isn’t random. 

Encoded in your birth date is a divine message to help you fulfill your purpose. It is offers a roadmap of your life’s plan.

Your soul chose your birth date for a reason.
In numerology, this sacred number derived from you birth date is known as your Life Path Number

Your Life Path Number is a gift from the heavens. 

It illuminates the unique opportunities and obstacles your soul chose in this lifetime.
You're one of a kind. Yet you’ve been taught to be like everyone else...
  • You’ve been conditioned to think there is only one path... as if we all have the same gifts, talents, desires, and karmic lessons. 
  • You’ve been taught that success means having stability in a boring job.
  • You’ve learned to believe that being creative means you will be poor.
  • You’ve been programmed to conform with other people's expectations of you.
As If There Is Only One Way To Be Happy And Successful...
The Truth Is, Every One Of Us Is Different
The limited way we’ve been taught to express ourselves has led us to the wrong jobs, people, and places - and a great deal of unhappiness.
You are a rare and beautiful being. 
Your soul has acquired many spiritual gifts over multiple lifetimes. 

Your divine gifts are within you longing for expression, and experiences you’re meant to enjoy. 
You have a clear and easy map to living your
fullest potential that is true to your uniqueness.

Ancient wisdom for modern times...
The ancients knew there was much more to the complexity of our consciousness. 

There are 12 unique Life Path Numbers.

Each one has a distinct set of gifts and challenges.

When you understand the messages and meaning of your Life Path Number, your purpose becomes remarkably clear.

Your Life Path Number is a blueprint of your soul’s gifts, challenges, deepest desires, and karmic patterns.
For thousands of years, numerology has proven to be astonishingly accurate.

The time-tested insights of numerology have helped millions of people throughout millennia. 

Understanding your Life Path illuminates WHY are experiencing certain challenges, and more importantly, what choices to make that guide you toward your destiny.
Numerology & Tarot
is a match made in heaven.
Illustrations in the tarot are unmatched. The Major Arcana of the Tarot depict the journey of the soul through its various tests and triumphs. Embedded in the cards are archetypical imagery full of depth and meaning. 

Your Life Path Number also has helpful Tarot Teacher.

In this in-depth numerology masterclass, you will learn about each Life Path number and its Tarot Teacher.

It’s an easy way to learn Tarot and Numerology simultaneously. The way I learned it.
These divination tools were born to be together.
Numerology is easy and profoundly accurate
no convoluted 
charts to learn
No unrecognizable symbols
Learning numerology is as easy as 1-2-3
Divination tools for the real world
Over twenty years ago,  I began doing professional psychic readings... 

When I serendipitously stumbled upon Numerology.  It completely rocked my world.

I had been using the Tarot for in-depth psychic readings, with remarkable results. The Tarot has a numerology system of its own - deeply rooted in the Kabbalah. 

When I began talking to clients about their Life Path number, it opened up a realm of profound understanding.

The results were mind-blowing.
My clients and I were astounded by the accuracy of insights in their Life Path number about their past (including past lives), present circumstances, and how they can make better choices for their future.

For over two decades, I have been exploring the breathtaking correlation between people’s birth date and their life’s circumstances. 

And now I am sharing those life-changing insights with you.

When you tap into the power of your Life Path Number you can:
 live Confidently
Make choices based on what’s best for you, rather than other people’s expectations.

Understand on a deep profound level WHY you have experienced your life’s challenges, and how they are benefitting your soul’s growth.
be fulfilled

Value your challenges as a gift, so you can accept and transcend them.

Release fears
Know why you have certain fears and move through them with more ease. 

love yourself and others
Make empowering choices that align with your destiny (and away from chaos and drama).
Communicate with more compassion while understanding yourself and others more fully.
discover harmony in relationships
. . . . .
Your Life Path Number is like your love language. 

If you want to have harmonious relationships, you must understand people’s deepest desires. Numerology can show you the way.

Each one of us has a unique way of experiencing the world. 

One of the challenges of communicating with others, is that we expect them to understand us. And, we think we understand everyone else! 

Knowing the Life Path Numbers of your loved ones helps you be a better parent, sibling, spouse, partner, and person.
Numerology enhances every aspect of your life - your career, finances, relationships, happiness and your health.

Numerology Illuminated

In-Depth Masterclass with Kari Samuels
Over 5 hours of Content
Download  & Enjoy Forever
Access on Any Device
✓ 3 hr Video Numerology Masterclass
✓ Two 60 min MP3 Q & A Sessions 
✓ Life Path Numerology guidebook
✓ ​Instant & forever access 
​✓ MP3 recordings of all sessions
As a 9 life path, I've always wanted to help empower people, and when I was younger, I bumped into others who didn't understand why it was such a priority for me.

Now, I feel like I have so much more clarity about what drives ME (and also my husband, who's a 6). It gives me a lot more confidence in the choices I make when making major life decisions.  For example - what do I need to build into my business in order to have it be soulfully fulfilling, what things does my husband also need?

Before this course, I was often confused about how life paths worked, and why I had my life path. After listening to this class, things just started clicking - it was like a missing link helped click everything into place.
Oh my goodness - I can see things about my past so much more clearly now, and it's definitely helped me understand my friends and family much better. I use the knowledge about myself to make better-informed decisions, and the deeper understanding of others to see them with a different lens. I've always been an empath, but this has helped me take that to a whole other level.

This course fun and full of very clear examples. And she's really funny! She breaks down the information into understandable steps.
- Ginger Turner
In this inspiring 3 hour masterclass you will learn: 
LIFE path number Meanings
Discover the deeper meaning behind all Life Paths including master numbers so you can fulfill your soul's purpose and understand others

Tarot card insights
Tarot card insights for each Life Path Number for intuitive guidance and a greater depth of understanding
tap into unlimited potential
Unleash your unlimited potential so you can live in alignment with your soul’s purpose
What you absolutely must do to stay happy in your life path, and what to avoid
have loving relationships
Life Path Numerology can help you understand others more deeply so you can have loving, joyful, harmonious relationships 
Kari shares Numerology insights that you will not learn anywhere else! You'll learn about your numbers from a soul's perspective
Kari has done life-changing readings and healings for over twenty years, and has taught thousands of happy clients around the world. Yet, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your experience, you can receive a full refund on your purchase within 14 days.

We're confident you'll love your experience. 
what people are saying...
I first discovered Kari when she shared her numerology and astrological expertise on a podcast. I was so taken with her authenticity and sincerity, something I feel the spiritual community is often and ironically missing. I ended up becoming a follower and or groupie of her monthly forecasts. 

When Kari offered her Numerology Masterclass I jumped at the opportunity. As a psychic it is hard to validate recurring hunches and hits, so I loved numerology instantly as it validated many of the personality traits and people I was working with. Learning about the Life Path numbers gave me an additional and beautiful guide to offer my clients. It helps them understand themselves and appreciate just how incredibly unique they are. 
Kari is a wonderful guide and resource. I feel blessed to have 

- Willow Bradner, Psychic
I apply what I learned about numerology everywhere from my daily tasks to chart interpretations in my astrology business. It has been particularly meaningful to gain insight into the meaning of master numbers, and how to calculate the numbers properly, I am more confident now knowing my life path number after this in-depth masterclass and truly knowing its meaning.
- Willanna Morris
Wow, Kari is wonderful teacher! She is the first person that i trusted to understand all the synchronicity in my life she’s given me so many insights. Since I knowing my life path, I now understand and accept myself. I can and read people feelings with this knowledge.
- Perian Lustra
Numerology Illuminated reinforced my own intuition and beliefs about my life path. Throughout life, It is so easy to be thrown off-course. This gives me a tool to pull out and listen or re-read and get me back on course.

For me and my own Life Path number, it is incredible reinforcement of my own intuition & what I have learned about myself on this journey. Whenever life throws that curveball, I get out my Life Path 6 page and reread it or re-listen to the recording. My next step is to use this to learn about others. 

Kari is my first and only numerology teacher. Her knowledge is incredible and her teaching of that knowledge is 2nd to none.  It is why I connect with her so deeply. Kari delivers her message across all mediums, with love, light, compassion, empathy, excitement and joy. It draws you in. And, it is all with the purest of sincerity and authenticity. I can't say enough about this beautiful messenger.
- renee roberson
Fulfill your soul's purpose
& enhance your relationships too!
About Kari Samuels
 Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach 
For over twenty years, Kari has been doing in-depth psychic numerology readings. From her experience after doing thousands of intuitive readings, she discovered some remarkable correlations between people’s Life Path numbers, and their karmic past life patterns.

She learned numerology through first hand experiences with her clients around the globe.   

She discovered that through numbers, she can illuminate your destiny as well as your past life memories, childhood programming, and the specific beliefs and experiences that are blocking you from abundance. 

It is her passion to help people understand their soul’s plan so they can share their unique gifts with the world. 
She has become a go-to resource for people around the world seeking to apply astrology and numerology to their daily life, and discover practical tools for magical living.

It is her joy to use her gifts to help you discover yours.
Is this course for beginners or advanced numerology students?

This masterclass is for ALL levels, whether you are brand new to numerology or a seasoned professional. I make this fun and super easy for anyone to learn.
I already know numerology, will I still benefit from this masterclass?

Absolutely. I learned numerology from my experience doing psychic readings for over twenty years. The insights here are not something you will find in books.
Will we learn about Master Numbers?

Yes! Life Paths 1 through 9, 11, 22 and 33 are all covered in depth.

Can I learn about my children, spouse or loved ones Life Path or just my own?
You’ll learn about all the Life Path Numbers that you can apply to anyone at any time. Numerology is an amazing tool to understand yourself AND everyone in your Life. I highly recommend you do!
Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! I am certain you will benefit immensely from the insight you learn about yourself and your family in this course. If for some reason you are unsatisfied, you can return it within 14 days for refund. 
What format is the course & do I have lifetime access?

You can access the video course on my website or download the MP4 file on any device. You’ll also have a PDF guidebook, and two MP3 audios of the Q&As.  Yes, you get lifetime access!  You can download the materials to keep and enjoy forever.

Numerology Illuminated

In-Depth Masterclass with Kari Samuels
Over 5 hours of Content
Download  & Enjoy Forever
Access on Any Device
✓ 3 hr Video Numerology Masterclass
✓ Two 60 min MP3 Q & A Sessions 
✓ Life Path Numerology guidebook
✓ ​Instant & forever access 
​✓ MP3 recordings of all sessions
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