Astrology Birth Chart – Understand Your Planets

Discover the secrets within your astrology birth chart! Learn what the glyphs and lines reveal about your personal journey.

Your birth chart is a map of your soul.

If you’ve ever seen your birth chart, otherwise known as your natal chart, you may be confused by the many weird glyphs. It probably creates more confusion than awe.

Your birth chart is truly magical!

Your astrology birth chart begins when you take your first breath.

What seems like random lines and symbols is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born.

Each symbol on your astrology birth chart represents a planet or constellation in the heavens. The lines on your chart illustrate a sacred geometry.

Your birth chart is a map of your psyche.

You may be familiar with the concept that your soul planned your life before you were born.

Your soul has an intention to express your unique gifts and heal your karmic patterns.

Nothing is random. Your soul chose your exact time, place, and name at birth that embody the energies you are meant to express.

Your astrology birth chart offers a detailed blueprint of your psyche. Each planet represents an archetype.

Here are some examples of what your natal chart reveals about you:

The Sun represents how you radiate and express yourself, your conscious drives, and your father.

The Moon represents your inner world, emotions, and unconscious drives. It also illuminates your relationship to your mother and motherhood.

Your Rising Sign represents how others see you and how you show up in the world.

Mercury offers insight into your communication style and how your mind works.

Mars can show us your assertion, vitality, confidence, and sexual drives

Venus reveals what you value and desire.

Jupiter gives us a glimpse into your ideals, philosophy, and need for expansiveness.

Saturn is a stern taskmaster that shows you where you need to create boundaries and structure so you can heal your fears and claim your authority.

Uranus is the change-maker that will urge you to break free from limiting circumstances.

Neptune illustrates your connection to spirit and the divine, and also where you can lose yourself.

Pluto shows us your shadow side, where you have your deepest fears and potential for dramatic transformation.

Astrology Reports

The HOUSES in your astrology birth chart show the areas in your life where these energies express themselves.

The ASPECTS show where the energies within your life are in conflict, tension, or harmony.

Your birth chart illuminates every aspect of your life.

Family dynamics, karmic patterns, fears, gifts, relationships – it’s all there!

It’s the most profound tool for understanding WHY you have experienced your life’s challenges and HOW you can channel your gifts to fulfill your greatest potential.

If you want to delve deeper into your astrology birth chart, I encourage you to learn more about yourself here.

I hope this has helped you realize how precious and meaningful your life is on this planet.

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