Life Purpose: You Were Born For A Reason

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Life Purpose: You Were Born for a Reason

The world has so many challenges right now. And if you are just one person, you may ask yourself, how can I possibly make a difference? And we all go through this where we ask ourselves, “why am I even here? What is the point of all of this? Is what I’m doing even making any difference? Does it matter?”

So I want to reassure you and reaffirm for you with a resounding YES! You were born for a reason: your life purpose and your light matter. You didn’t incarnate randomly. If you’ve been in the metaphysical community for some time, you may be familiar with the concept that you choose your life purpose before you’re born. That your soul chooses your circumstances before you’re born.

So yeah, that may seem like why would I choose these circumstances in the world? And that goes for maybe your family or specific ailments you may have or whatever it is. And there’s a part of us that always wonders. Why? Nothing is random. Your soul isn’t random.

You Were Born for a Reason

It’s not just like floating around the universe. And suddenly, like, oops, I’m in a body! That’s not how it works. This is a very deliberate process. I mean, think about it. Do you think it’s just random how you wound up here on this planet? There are a lot of predetermined factors that go into it.

So your soul chooses your body, your parents, your city, your circumstances, and the time and space that you are in. Your soul chose to incarnate in this time and space, not despite what’s happening in the world, but because of it. So you were a very strong soul who chose to come here in these challenging circumstances to make a difference and move the needle in a better direction.

And yes, we can’t do everything at once. That’s why every one of us is important. So the more light you bring into the world, the more that light helps shine a light in the darkness. So I want to encourage you to remember, tune into your gifts, and use your gifts right now because they’re needed more than ever.

Three reminders to be a light as your life purpose

As an empath, it’s really easy to want to hide and isolate. When things out there feel cruel and hard. But that’s why you are needed right now. And if you are an empath, you have an emotional intelligence that’s needed. So don’t let this world get you down. Let this inspire you to do what you were born to do in the world and to be the brightest light that you can be.

So I have some things that you can do right now to remind yourself how to be a light in the world and use your gifts because your soul chose this time and place because your specific gifts are needed right now. So here are some things that you can do right now to help the world.


The first thing that you can do is find your inner peace. Your inner peace contributes to world peace. And you may feel guilty sometimes if everything out there is so hard and other people are suffering; you may feel guilty for enjoying yourself or having a good life or feeling good.

That’s actually what helps other people. Think about it. If someone is in a dire situation, let’s say somebody’s drowning. You want someone strong and centered, and who knows what they’re doing to pull you out of the water, right? So the more calm and centered you are, the more that you can be available to help other people.

And the more peace you find within your heart, the more peace you can bring into the world. I have a video that you can use to help you calm your anxiety. If you need something like that, I’ll include the link to that video. You can meditate, forgive, and process whatever you need to do to find calm every day. Be that calm in the storm. Okay.


The second thing you can do every day is to be kind. One thing that gets us all down right now is the amount of cruelty there is in the world. And even little acts of kindness add up to a lot. You could think about it. I used to do a lot of retail and work in restaurants, and people weren’t always that nice.

And if there was just that one person who left an extra tip or looked me in the eyes and acknowledged me as a person and said, “Hey, thank you.” Or someone who was just especially nice every day. And I’d always look forward to seeing them. That kind of thing means a lot. And so if you could go about your day, bringing more kindness into the world to everyone you meet, it aligns with your life purpose.

You Were Born for a Reason

For instance, imagine that you bring blessings with your kindness wherever you go. That makes the world a better place. Suppose you’re kind online that makes the world a better place.

And please remember that when you’re leaving a comment on this video, please be kind. It makes a big difference. So imagine you’re going about your day, bringing blessings with your kindness. And that is one way you will change the world for the better, fulfilling your life purpose.


Now, a third thing that you can do is engage your imagination to visualize a better world for yourself and others. Visualize world peace. Right? So if you can imagine it, you can create it, but if you can’t imagine it, you can’t create it.

We spend a lot of our time catastrophizing about horrible outcomes. So what you want to do is create thought-forms of what you want rather than what you don’t want for yourself and the world. That changes your vibration because when you visualize something, it changes your energy. So you want to get into that energy of having things be more beautiful and loving, in line with your life purpose.

Now, another thing you can do, which is so important, is to move past your fears. That way, you can use your gifts in the world. You can be afraid of what people think about you. You can have a fear of rejection, fear of failure. And by the way, I also have a video to help you overcome your fear of failure and rejection.

You Were Born for a Reason

And I’ll make sure to include that link as well. Sometimes it’s our fear that can hold us back, right? You don’t need to get over everything at once, but if you take little steps every day, to do more of what’s in your heart. That means you’re getting closer to using your gifts every day, and you can help more people every day with your skills.

So if you feel this fear, go past it one step at a time, and build your confidence muscles. And remember, if you are just one person if you bring more joy and love into just one person’s life. You are making the world a better place. So go forth and shine your light. The world needs you right now.

You Were Born for a Reason

So I hope that this has reminded you how special and important you are. You are so loved. You are so beautiful, and keep shining that light. And if you feel that this video can help and inspire someone else. Share this with them, and I know they will appreciate you for it. I have a lot of videos coming your way, so make sure you subscribe to this channel because this is my part in helping the world become a better place.

So share the love, subscribe to this channel, and make sure it’ll like it. And comment. If you’ve enjoyed the video, I love you so much, and I wish you a beautiful day and every day of your life, fulfilling your life purpose. Lots of love bye for now.

You Were Born For A Reason

You have a soul purpose. You incarnated for a reason.

The world is a challenging place. There are so many external factors too big for one person to change that you may wonder how you can make a difference.

At one point in our lives, most of us have thought, “What is the point of everything? Does what I am doing even make a difference?”

I want to remind you that YES! You do make a difference.

Your life matters. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

If you’ve been in the metaphysical community, you are probably familiar with the concept that you choose your circumstances before your birth.

Think about it.

Incarnating is a BIG DEAL. It is not like the soul is some random particle floating around the Universe, and then “whoops!” you’re in a body!

You have a life purpose. Your soul goes through a deliberate process to determine how you can best share your gifts with the world.

Your soul chose to incarnate at this point in space and time – not despite our current challenges, but rather because of them!

The gifts you have inside of you are needed now.

Suppose you are an empath with so much pain and suffering in the external world. The tendency is to want to isolate and hide.

Of course, it is necessary to process your emotions. Take whatever time you need to do that. Then get back out there and shine your light!

Four Tips For Change

Here are some helpful tips to remember when you are feeling helpless that you can do to change the world:

Bring peace into your heart, aligning with your life purpose.

Your inner peace contributes to world peace.

Use your imagination to visualize a better world for yourself and all beings.

Your thoughts have power. Send a prayer to the Universe as you visualize what you would like to create.

Be kind to others.

Bring kindness into all of your actions. Let your thoughts, words, and deeds be a blessing to everyone you meet.

Share your gifts with the world.

Move past your fears to do what’s in your heart. Use your voice and talents to benefit the greater good.

Even if you bring more love to one person, you’ve made the world better.

Shine on!

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16 thoughts on “Life Purpose: You Were Born For A Reason

  1. Sweet Keri,
    Thank You SO Much!!!!
    I’ve been listening to you and your beautiful offerings for the past few years and I must say in this particular post I really felt your outpouring of intention and energy, thank you so incredibly much for your sweet sensitivity and connection. You are always wonderful and so heartfelt, but this one is profound!
    I can’t thank you enough for your insight as to how desperately this message was needed by myself and I’m sure many many others.
    Please keep the Magic and Love coming Angel,
    Love Laura Samantha

  2. Kerri…… as usual you inspire me. Today’s inspiration… I think was meant for me. I am not in a good place with all that is happening in MY world. I have the… what’s it all about going on in my head.
    Thank you again for this video. I plan on listening to it several times.

    Love…. Ginger

  3. You are such a kind caring soul. Your smile alone lifts others. Thank-you for all you do. You helped remind me of why I do what I do as a spiritual teacher. Bless you.

  4. I’m from New Zealand. At the beginning of this pandemic our Prime Minister said. BE KIND. ( at the end of every speech) and now she needs that support from others. I’m saddened by the nastiness written and spoken to a young leader who is now a casualty of the Tall Poppy Syndrome………thank you to all those who empathise, support and uplift other.
    Aroha to you all.

  5. Kari, thank you so, so much for being such a giving person! Not just giving but loving. I am benefiting so much from all you share. Much love to you.

  6. I wish for you everything that you offer others to help bring joy and peace into their lives. Thank you

  7. Kari
    Thank you for you. Your Light is Illuminously Bright. My Light is attracting Life of both Light and
    Shadows. Your Encouragement is Helping Me to Continue to Shine.
    Jeffrey 💫

  8. I have known I am an empath for a long time but had no idea that the purpose of this gift is to transform sorrow into the light. Now I know why I am here. Thank you so much.

  9. Thank you Kari! You are such a light in this world and I appreciate all your wisdom and tips. They always help me stay more balanced as an empath and I’m so grateful for your important work.

  10. Yes, Kari, you showed me in your video how I can shine in this world. At first I thought there is nothing I can do. You convinced me that there is.

    I have been following you for quite some time now and appreciate your words and energy very much.

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